Senator’s heartfelt remarks leaves Ketanji Brown Jackson in tears

During Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) took a moment to defend the nominee against some of the questions raised by his GOP colleagues, and gave her a message of support invoking Harriet Tubman. #CNN #News


    1. Yeah, where are the Asians on the SCOTUS? If you didn’t support an Asian or another Hispanic you’re a racist!

    2. Maybe he should tell this idiot the truth about the difference between men and women she can’t decide that but will be a justice making decisions affecting the entire country cmon man you know the thing, greatest affirmative action nominee from the worst president in history

    3. These pedophiles deserve to be out touching and looking at toddlers and such, she’s the best justice we’ve ever seen in our lifetime

  1. She the most woke candidate in the history of the Supreme Court. It’s about law not about sexual orientation.

    1. @Ashton, that’s all they know, can speak to or hide behind, and they know that race and gender victimhood is a card to play that a Libtard will cater to and pacify.

    2. @Chase Phillips what about the white victim complex that conservatives keep going back to? what about the “damage” that gay marriage was supposed to do to hetero relationships? or the built in martyr complex of christians?

  2. Wish America would get back to hiring people based on their abilities and accomplishments. Not because of their race or gender. Quality is quality. The American people deserve quality.

    1. What’s quality? Kavanaugh or Amy Coney Barrett? Anytime I need a laugh the comment section never lets me down lmao… Ridiculous. We get one black in the Supreme court in over 240 years John Q Public loses his mind lmfao

  3. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land.

    1. @Sadie Nailed it For some reason, YouTube is not showing all comments on threads these days. So, I still only see your “Amen” comment and your quote of Romans 1:22.

      And, even though I see your quote, now, I don’t see how it applies. Perhaps, you can elaborate on how I am being “sincerely ignorant” or “conscientiously stupid.”

    2. @Richard Owens Look up the definition of each word you will understand my meaning. It applies perfectly to your mocking comment of someones else’s beliefs.

    3. @Sadie Nailed it As an atheist, I am regularly mocked by people – like you – who are uncomfortable with the fact that not everyone believes that MEN from the Bronze and Iron Age spoke for the Creator of the Entire Universe. So, spare me your pearl clutching.

      Furthermore, I don’t even believe in God, but I definitely have more FAITH in God than you do. YOU have faith in the MEN who wrote the Bible. You believe that they actually spoke for the Creator of the Entire Universe. And, you are completely unwavering in that faith you have in those MEN. And, if anyone else made the same claim today, you would dismiss them as charlatan, a liar, and “of the Devil.” The idea that anyone other than the authors of your Bible – many of whom were completely anonymous – could speak for God today is beyond your ability to comprehend, much less would you be able to muster any faith in what they might have to say on his behalf.

      Furthemore, if God himself came to you in a vision or a dream and told you that your Bible did not speak for him, you would dismiss him as the Devil himself, wouldn’t you? Of course, you WOULD! That is because you have chosen to place your faith in MEN and not God.

      As for myself, if there is a God and he has anything to say to me, I have FAITH that he knows where I am and how to say it so I know it is really him. Therefore, I ignore ALL the clowns who pretend to speak for him – especially, if they lived and died thousands of years ago. This is called, having FAITH in God without actually believing in God.

      Also, beliefs are not facts. They are ideas that are held despite evidence or the lack thereof, rather than because of evidence. Yours is a faith-based belief system. That means, you will NEVER be able to prove that ANY of it is true! Indeed, the Bible teaches you that if you need evidence, you have no faith, and if you have faith, you need no evidence.

      Faith is the tool of deceivers and those who would allow themselves to be deceived. Doubt is the tool of those who would earnestly seek the truth. If someone, anyone, demands your faith, look to why they might be trying to deceive you – because, they are.

      The truth always proves itself and never requires your faith. Only lies require your faith. The Bible demands your faith and demonizes doubt. This indicts it as a deception.

    4. @Richard Owens You are the one who saw someone’s beliefs and chose to mock not the other way around. You are not the victim here my friend. You clearly hold your dogma near and dear to the heart and I understand that….However I will comment on one thing you said the Bible does not demand blind faith that is your understanding of scripture but in fact it asks you to seek for the truth for by it you will be set free. Have a nice life. ✌🏽

    5. @Sadie Nailed it YOU mocked me for my lack of belief, just as I mocked Gail Carey for her beliefs. We’re both guilty of it — you and me, both. But, I admit I was mocking her beliefs – they’re idiotic and asinine. And, she makes a fool of herself by trotting them out here.

      And, I have no dogma – you do. I present to you no demands under threat or duress. I merely point out the obvious truth that those who demand your faith are trying to deceive you. For, if they could prove their claims, they would not need your faith. Furthermore, those who would deceive you do not have the truth – they have a lie that they must get you to believe. So, they insist that you have faith in their lie in order to deceive you.

      Let me put this in another context. Science does not function on beliefs or faith – it functions on facts, evidence, and proof. And, science is ALWAYS willing to be INCORRECT. The cornerstone of discovery is the willingness to be INCORRECT. For, once you believe yourself to be correct, your process of discovery ENDS.

      Finally, I will leave you with Hebrews 11:6

      “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

      This is a demand for your faith. Rather than offer you proof of its claims, the Bible demands your faith. And, it tells you that God requires your faith in order to please him. A real God would understand and respect your doubts and prove his claims to you without requiring your faith.

  4. I loved Senator Booker’s coding that was understood by Judge Jackson and the rest of us who know the arguments, hypocrisy and logic of evil men.

    1. Blackburn: what is a woman? Jackson: I don’t know. Hey Dumborats, It is WOMANS HISTORY MONTH!!!!! You people are soooo dimwitted.

    2. Senator Booker acting is much worse than Jussie Smollett! And Mrs. Jackson is a pedophile sympathizer and do not even know what gender she is! She does not deserve to be in the Supreme court! Kids must be protected!

    3. Cory booker is the definition of white privilege…. Wait his skin color means he can’t be privileged?

  5. I have wondered this week after listening to the totally ignorant questioning of some of the people how their wives and husbands can stand to be around them these are not real people their actors trying to get ahead and don’t care about trying to destroy a real, caring human being to get there what a waste they are

    1. @Painkiller Jones well when Justice “I like beer” Kavanaugh SCREAMS & YELLS like a madman like as if HE KNOWS he did rape CBF ( Christine Blasey Ford) during EVERY single ? that Dems asked of him tells me & every person with an ACTUAL brain (not you & the “base” of assclowns) that in FACT he DID RAPE HER b/c you wouldn’t scream & yell like he did IF & ONLY IF he did RAPE HER!!!

    2. @Painkiller Jones Like I said, the GQP way. Letting criminals off because they suit your agenda. The Trump campaign is one of the most blatant examples of this to date.


  6. Gotta love Spartacus’s performance, never ever disappoints
    American politics is my favourite American soap opera

    1. People like you have ZERO idea of how black peoples have fought tooth and nail for every single concession they have ever received from the degradation and deprivation that had zero to do with them. Those of us with the same history understand perfectly where he is coming from and just how shallow and privileged YOU people are who will never get it

    2. @mercwindow omg. Do you even know how rich both their families are? They went to private schools their entire lives. Both, have never had to need. Whatever they wanted, they got. Looks like somebody knows nothing of insight, and research, but understands everything about empty platitudes. Go check yourself!

  7. If judges are partisan “on the right or left”, then they should be elected. Appointing them is undemocratic

  8. I cried the whole time Senator Booker was speaking!! Well said Senator 👏🏾 👌🏾 👍🏾 🙌🏾 😌 🙂

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