1. In Mariupol, there was a major concentration of neo-Nazis who, under any pretext, did not release civilians. Kiev has lost control over them. Now America is grieving for its students, whom it taught in Ukraine.

    2. That’s what you get for handing out ranks based on loyalty to the regime and social status (East) rather than abilities and achievements (West)… The result is absolute joke of a military strategy that you have to make up for with indiscriminate destruction. Putin’s ego also plays a big part… he thinks he’ll appear weak if he budges now. Self-obsessed people are like horses with eye covers, the world may be burning around them but all they can do is go forward completely oblivious to it.

    3. @FRANCI MERRY as opposed to ”spreading democracy?”

      Ever see before and after’s of Bagdad? Mosul? Tripoli? Benghazi? The bombing of North Vietnam.

      For what? America really needs to sit this one out, because we look like serious @$$holes in all of this.

    4. To keep missiles off Russias doorstep? Thank zelensky and
      corrupt company and 8 year war
      killing Russians. For what

  1. What ever the outcome of this conflict, the Ukrainian people will for ever be known for their bravery and resilience.

    1. @Fanfeck Perhaps, but just like they lie to you, you automatically become Nazis and fascists, believe more in your media and the state!

    1. Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are left wing socialists, to be clear. They believe in socialism. They want socialism. Socialism is left wing, not right.

  2. Stalin’s famous quote “Single death is tragedy, a million deaths are a statistic” I’m sure putin feels same.

    1. @Travelin Troy weren’t those sanctions initially put on Iraq in the 1990’s but why?

      I’m sure in 30 years from now you’ll post a comment saying “a million, the same amount of Russians killed by US/nato sanctions.

    2. @Diego Haro Putin can feed his own, which I very much doubt! Russia will go down in history as a monster…

    1. Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are left wing socialists, to be clear. They believe in socialism. They want socialism. Socialism is left wing, not right.

    2. 🔥 🇺🇸 Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State has died.

      This is the evil woman who said USA sanctions on Iraq that killed 500,000 children was “Worth it”.

    1. @Thomas Scott It’s the hate against the Russians that a whole world feels, now. That country, Russia, will not exist, by the end of this conflict.

    2. @george mihaita is that a fact? Hate is always wrong. Not everybody feels it. I pray for those with hate in their hearts. I pray for Putin. I pray for Ukraine. God is love. Good bless the world leaders. Give them wisdom.

    3. @george mihaita btw it’s the media that wants you to feel hateful. CNN hasn’t had these viewership numbers since the election. They are hate mongers. Russians are people too. They deserve dignity because they are made in the image of our maker just as we are. I pray God will open the world’s eyes and hearts to feel love instead of hate.

    4. Only way to relive it is to go kill Russian Soldiers. Thats why so many go to fight for Ukraine. If I would be younger I would go to as I have military training…

    1. People who still support trump should be ashamed 👎🤦‍♂️
      because trump said that this war was a good idea for Putin to do.
      Lets never forget that trump same as Putin are both horrible monsters 👎

    1. @hussein hussein none of them were destroyed by the US, and the US spent billions helping them. Afghanistan was left a much better place, just a pity the people wouldn’t fight to keep it that way, now girls can’t even get an education there

    2. @Radical Mind it’s none of your business what a sovereign country does. How would you like if an outside country poked their nose in your country

    3. @Fanfeck If they keep up at this rate I wonder if the world court charges for more than this in damages.

  3. Scorched earth tactics.
    Who needs nukes when you can level this kind of destruction without them?

  4. Absolutely horrible. Putin targets civilians for what?
    Many Ukrainians fight and stand up for their country and their people. A bravery I’m deeply moved by.
    I hope Ukraine will restore it’s sovereignty and it will be rebuilt. Let’s hope Putin’s days are over soon.

    1. @Rex Alip Palestine is not 1 nation is a mix of tribes and only reason why they are in this mess is because 1 is shooting missiles for half a century. They deserve everything they got.

    2. On March 24, 1999, NATO struck the former Yugoslavia, firing about 2.3 thousand missiles, 14 thousand shells, including cluster and containing depleted uranium.” “The United States and NATO are not in a position to judge the moral principles of any country until they apologize and compensate for the damage and suffering they have brought to the peoples of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.”

    3. @Андрей Суворов And therefore Putin is at least equally bad and should be held accountable for his war crimes and his invasion?

      Or is it whataboutism and distraction you’re after and you’re using the pain of others to do that?

  5. Great perspective with the airiel video. Pure devastation! Now the funds to rebuild should be provided by the ones who busted it all up.

    1. @Eli Harp you wouldn’t mind but since your Country isn’t going to do any of this Russia won’t pay either

    2. @Sumeer Samarat It’s making a mess. Garbage, there’s enough already! Not to mention the lives impacted.

  6. Heart breaking… saddens me so much as sickens me to the stomach that mankind… “kind man” could commit such evil cruelty. Why are peoples lives so insignificant, and for what! Only a human with no soul could carry out these evil acts .

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