Senators Rally To Pressure Manchin To Back Voting Bill 1

Senators Rally To Pressure Manchin To Back Voting Bill


Democratic lawmakers are shifting their attention to Senate Republicans who are blocking the For the People Act, as Sen. Joe Manchin, D, W.Va, has said he will also oppose the bill. NBC News’ Leigh Ann Caldwell reports from Washington, D.C.
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    1. What’s funny is they’re going to alienate Manchin so bad he could switch parties. Then they have no majority at all. Apparently they want their own way so bad they’re willing to do that.. he represents a state that overwhelmingly voted for Trump— apparently the democrats don’t understand that.

    1. @Political Mind not every Democrat is a crazy leftist. Some are moderates until you all push them all out.

    2. @Paul C What is Racist and suppressing about proving who you are to vote? I had to prove who I was when I got a covid vaccine. Then I was given another form of ID. I have prove who I am to buy beer and Newports. Wait menthol is Racist now just like soap dispensers, a certain brand of rice and pancake mix. Very confusing time to be in. Apparently I need white people tell me what is racism now.

    3. @Gary Mowrer I keep asking that same question, and no one can ever give me an answer. Who is being suppressed?

    1. Wah Wah Trump lost…lets storm the Capitol & threaten
      the lives of fellow lawmakers because we want Trump as president

    2. @Voodoo Child Someone had to show you lefties how to do it. You spent all summer burning down chicken shacks and got nothing for it. In 1 afternoon they changed Washington.

  1. I’m sure the “stories” about covid’s origins & the pangolin thing were an honest mistake. I just wonder how many other “honest” mistakes these masters of disasters have made the last few years?

  2. In order for a democracy to work well, one of the necessary components is a broad population of educated & informed citizens. Bye bye, America.

  3. I will contribute to his campaign IF he follows thru and doesn’t give in to the Dem goose-steppers…

    1. We don’t want everyone to be able to vote cause then we’d lose everytime.- Every republikkkan in America

  4. I mean say what you want but Manchin really has stuck to his guns. It’s just his goals are to block Democrats in pretty much every thing they do. So basically a Republican but pretending to say he’s a Democrat.

  5. I like how all of the sudden corporations who buy representatives, are concerned about “fair” elections

  6. Your title is misleading. She clearly states that the senators put pressure on the Republicans, instead of pressuring Manchin.

  7. Since when did senators have to vote on party lines? I thought they represented their voters, not the Democratic party.

    1. @Adrian Dev Yea thats his point. This crap was just as egregious when Republicans wanted to get rid of the filibuster, and democrats were saying no. The difference is, it wasn’t ever a majority opinion for Republicans – even though Trump also supported it.

  8. Many believe it is in West Virginians’ interest to have fair and honest elections. Uncorrupted!

  9. Good ol’ Joe Manchin, the last bastion for legitimate elections and stopping socialist totalitarianism

  10. “Senators rally to pressure manchin to back democrat takeover of national elections.” There, I fixed it for you.

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