Chris Bosh Speaks Out On Student Athlete Rights

The Senate committee is debating whether or not college athletes can profit off of their name, image or likeness. Chris Bosh, two-time NBA champion joins MSNBC’s Craig Melvin to share what he believes should be done.
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  1. Whose rights?
    The top women athletes in the world losing track meets, scholarships, Medals, etc by 20 meters to mediocre biological male athletes?

    1. Liar. The gender rights thing has nothing to do with competition and everything to do with paying for separate bathrooms…oh, and religious zealotry.

  2. Average tuition at an in-state college in the United States averages between 20 and $40,000 per year. Add in books for classes and this is a guess on my part but I’m going to say that’s another $5,000 per year. An athlete on a full scholarship gets all of these for free along with room and board. For somebody who is not gifted enough to be in athletics, that does not have Rich parents to put them through these colleges that then have to pay back their student loans when they leave college I would say is on a fair footing. I won’t deny that colleges make tons of money off the athletic programs but I would say that they are pretty much a private business and it’s a fact of life that businesses are in it to make money. I’m not making a judgment either way but these are provable facts so it’s not like an athlete is being forced to live the life of say indentured servitude.

  3. Considering the amount of people who can even qualify for athletic scholarships it’s seems kind of ridiculous that they should be allowed to profit while in school. And every sport has different NCAA rules. I’m a fan of gymnastics and per gymnastics NCAA rules if you go pro, you can’t compete in college gymnastics because female gymnast peak when they’re 15-18 year old which is when most get signed by sport agencies, but now more aren’t doing pro and try for worlds and Olympics then go to college because you can get an injury that ruins your career then all those indorsements just fade away. Look at what happened to Rebecca Bross. Look at Jordyn Wieber.

  4. College students need to start having the courage and tell the schools, if you won’t pay me, I won’t play. ✊🏻

  5. A overwhelming majority of college athletes receive the royal treatment from their schools. without ant doubt they receive vastly better treatment than non athlete students. Sounds like spoiled brats

  6. hey, look at the greed grow. football, soccer, hockey all will be next. hahaha. glad i don’t watch that crud. sports are for people who have limited attention spans.

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