1. Eh, that was pride moreso than courage. Mark Saunders said just as much while not speaking to it at all and resigning.

    2. @Mitch Holder But this guy didn’t resign, did he? Time will tell whether he was sincere.

  1. “Well your opinion comes from a place of PRIVILEGE so you just dont understand.” – Every BLM retort

  2. I would like to hear just ONE example of “systematic racism” that exists in Canada….just one

    1. @Sam Mcturk cops are extensively continuing with an inquiry, I live near the highway of tears and know personnel personally invested in this investigation on our end. Try again.

    2. I decided to simply google it and within 10 seconds managed to find a Ontario human rights commission that criticizes toronto policing for alleged racism. You’re telling me you couldn’t have googled it yourself?

    3. @The Menagerie criticizing police for being racist isn’t “systemic racism”. Name one rule/law or any institution that has policy or etc that is racist?

  3. We dont need to defund, we need to disarm. Most police should not need a gun to do what we pay them to do

  4. A cop fired for misconduct or Illegal act’s should be just that fired. Changing his address should not allow him to get his job back!

  5. The RCMP are taught to be bullies, and they’re only thinking about reevaluating the chokeholds how about just stop the chokehold but wait let’s go back to my previous comment the RCMP are bullies

    1. The RCMP have not allowed any form of choke hold for a couple of decades. There certainly is no training that includes a choke hold.

  6. What about more than 7 million Hong Kongers🇭🇰 who Can’t Breath?
    – because of the Chinese🇨🇳 regime’s suffocating their freedom?

  7. The most accepting and diverse nations of the world are the most racist? That doesn’t pass my smell test.

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