Sept. 1: Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole on infrastructure 1

Sept. 1: Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole on infrastructure

Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole discusses his party's plan in regards to improving infrastructure throughout the country.

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    1. He did talk about pipelines. He was talking about how he wants to do infrastructure projects that will not necessarily have the most green effect but the biggest economic effect. That is a politician way to say pipelines without saying pipelines.

    1. He is corrupt and in the pocket of the rich. He wants to privatize healthcare in the middle of a pandemic. F that. Eat the Rich!

    1. actually it takes a vote away due to vote splitting, and also minutely increases the possibility of getting the NDP a seat

    2. A vote for the NDP in the GTA especially but also in Montreal, helps the CPC, as it bleeds the LPC vote away from winning critical ridings/seats. And that’s what we want.

  1. Canadians will do what is right and vote conservative. Canada needs O’Toole and his team more then ever. O’Toole is Educated, Experienced, A Veteran, Pro Choice for woman and Loves Canada. That’s all I need to know my vote goes to him, I am not giving my vote to The Liberals ever again. Fell for them twice in a row never again

    1. @Warren Tusker maybe he is…but at this point in time the cpc is the only party with a realistic chance of forming government. Trudeau must go!

    2. @Warren Tusker yeah , right .Read O’Toole’s background . Enlighten /inform yourself if you can read. Nothing like Justin Trudeau.

    3. @Warren Tusker noooo. we go ppc we split the vote and give the liberals a chance. vote pc and we get bernier by default.

    4. @Helga Formo voting otoole IS VOTING FOR ANOTHER TRUDEAU.


  2. Why are we spending millions on foreign oil. When all these electric cars going to happen how the hell are they going to get recharge.

  3. At this point pick any random person off the street tk run Canada and it would still be better than trudeau.

  4. Can’t this guy just tell me his plans without going into great detail of criticism for current government.
    Just pisses me off, just tell me WHY you are better!!!! Stop wasting my time. I know JT sucks. So far so do you.

  5. O’Toole’s former career as a Captain in a sea rescue helicopter has trained him to practice until competent, to check his gear, to communicate clearly and to act as a team player to achieve a common goal – and to be on the helicopter in 90 secs. He will likely expect the same from his cabinet. It will take him about 90 seconds to react and coordinate support to fight BC fires. Currently our over-promise under-deliver adolescent 50 year old who has never had to work – and still won’t has forgotten to raise the flags from half-mast. I am guessing that Trudeau is done recognizing the Residential School Tragedy because he is focussed on the election. Perhaps the half-mast flags are a symbol of how the Liberals have abandoned all Canadians to call an election. I am hopeful.

  6. Anyone who actually believes that a conservative government will commit money to infrastructure spending is delusional.

    1. @john pijano Otooles policies are LITERALLY LIBERAL POLICIES LOL.

      CPC is just blue coloured Liberals. PPC has ACTUAL policies that will help move away from Trudeaus policies.

  7. O’toole’s values and common sense are more in line with Canadian values and common sense in comparison to Trudeau’s nonsense and out of touch values of a poor little rich out of touch with reality.

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