Sept. 6: Erin O'Toole announces support for workers 1

Sept. 6: Erin O’Toole announces support for workers

Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole explains how his party will expand the Canada Worker's Benefit if elected.

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    1. How is that rewarding them? Families with lower income will benefit from cheap daycare (especially in Ontario where daycare is the most expensive)

    2. @john pijano why not go for a more reasonable approach and stop inflation caused by bad politicians making bad decisions and thus the cost of living offsets to what an earn able wage is…… just a thought.

    3. Bottom line is trudeau has to go , you think the USA is bad bring trudeau back in and we will be at each other’s throats

  1. The government has eliminated every legitimate reason to start a business in this country. The taxation is beyond ridiculous. As a business owner you basically become a slave to their excessive overspending, including handing the money over to pay their pensions and benefits. Next business I start won’t be in Canada.

    1. Bingo. This is why nothing ever gets invented in Canada. Apple, Tesla, Microsoft are all USA USA USA because of less government meddling and a culture of pride in business and innovation. Canada only appeals to those who are lazy and want gibs me dats.

    2. @Elizabeth Ellis “Highest standards of living in the world” lol such nonsense. You call paying 2 million for a shack in Toronto a “high standard of living”, or how about how the working poor in Toronto live? with 10 roommates. Is that a high standard of living to you?

    3. @Elizabeth Ellis not all of canada has health care….. health care is provincial and not federal, also plenty of countries that have way better policies than Canada and that’s for employees and employers.

  2. Please forgive and bail-out $40K business loan to small business for COVID relief as the business did not pick up and small business is already closed or struggling to survive. Thanks

    1. @yodatagz it raises the cost for all consumers, the working poor just get the pinch worse, while the middle is just pushed down into a lower effective bracket. The truly rich will never notice

  3. I was just wondering when the government is going to hand over my payments for the electrical grid and the creation of the newer form of components in the digital field.

  4. The forrest was shrinking but the tree kept voting for the axe, for the axe was clever and convinced the tree that because his handle was made of wood. He was one of them

  5. O’Toole will say or flip on anything for a few more votes. But past party practices speaks far louder than empty promises.

  6. O’Toole doesn’t seem to be firm, honest or consistent. He only says what everyone wants to hear . No thank you.

  7. i had 3 conservative signs in my yard, on sunday; by monday, they had all been changed to ppc! o’toole’s speech did it for me. someone who drastically changes their party platform, 2 weeks before the election, this is not being very honest, and, might be the kind of person that will easily bow to pressure – not a leader!

    1. Seems like a smart political move since only the most degenerate freaks, racists, and loonies will defect to PPC whilst moderates will be way more likely to vote PC than lib.

  8. I thought you were different than the Liberals. Too many similarities which is scary, especially when it comes to vaccines! Was going to vote for Conservatives, but not so sure now.

  9. He wants Canada to become like the USA and take away health care but he should make it fair for all Canadians who travel across Canada and need to see a doctor and their health care from their province covers them

  10. Time to disclose, copy and paste pictures of the living demons responsible for the thousands of unmarked graves at the Indigenous residential schools. Those monsters need to be prosecuted. A.S.A.P!

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