Sept. 6: Singh promises paid sick leave, universal childcare 1

Sept. 6: Singh promises paid sick leave, universal childcare


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh outlines his party's plan to support workers, which includes a paid sick leave program and childcare funding.

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  1. Yes you’re right! When a worker can’t afford to be sick it’s most important to provide him with that privilege of paid sick leave. I mean forget actually providing an economy where that guy could have a job where he makes a decent living! You schmuck! Who buys this small minded trajectory?!?

    1. Lucky for you that you have the privilege to live in Canada… In the top 10 countries that balanced Pandemic control and the economy and limited joblessness; the 3 ARE related. Top 10 out of about 200 countries

    1. @Mary Bell o tool just released his platform and it’s almost identical to trudopes. Check out the people’s party of Canada platform.

    2. @Maureen Wagg Jagmeet Singh is Justin Trudeaus partner in the Coalition Liberal government a Vote for NDP is a vote for the Liberals and our rights and freedoms gone and the fall of bankrupt Canada into a 3rd world hell scape ..

    3. What’s wrong with “government workers are coming out of these election battles just laughing” ?? That’s about 10 million Canadians!! Do you hate Canadians that much?

    4. @Ghazi Abu-dayyeh So using your logic the cost of “government workers are coming out of these election battles just laughing” ?? the private sector Taxpayers can pay to create a two tier middle class. Brilliant logic.

    5. @George Simon And where did you get the idea that government workers don’t pay taxes just like the private sector and do a lot of similar jobs and more? You seem to be ignorant or lack basic logical skills!! Or simply don’t know anything about Canada!!

    1. @Evan Dugas everything the government gets it’s greedy hands into turns to crap, all it would be is another way to funnel taxpayers money into party supporters and contributes hands.

    1. @Doggod John is one of those lined up with his hand out. He doesn’t give two craps if his freebies cost $900B. It won’t be him that has to pay for it all. Freeloaders and the greedy don’t understand finances, nor do they care that everyone else gets thrown under the bus so they can sit on their behind doing nothing.

    2. 150 yrs & 22 PMs = $630 billion in National Debt
      5 yrs & 1 JOKE of a PM = $660+ BILLION* in additional National Debt = $1.2++ TRILLION & wants another $700+ BILLION over the next 3
      *Can only account for less than $175 BILLION of it so far – the rest? Who the Eff knows
      sing & the ndp? Will make the Turd’s SYSTEMIC SPENDING PROBLEM look like a Sunday Picnic

    1. COVID-19 excess profit tax that puts an additional 15% tax on large corporate windfall profits during the pandemic. go after large corporations that took publicly-funded COVID-19 wage subsidies and turned around and paid out executive bonuses, executed stock buy-backs or paid shareholder dividends.. thats one of the ways

    1. @TourCaddie Why soend $12.5 billon on a pipeline and $18 billion on Oil industry subsidizes, $30.5 billon before all the reat of CORPORATE WELFARE! $6.5 billon more than servicing the interest on Canada’s debt! But thats all okay with you?

    2. @TourCaddie South Korea Economy

      South Korea shatters national debt taboo to tackle inequality

      Old-age poverty and youth unemployment spark crisis fears despite recession rebound

      South Korea may have hauled its economy out of a coronavirus-induced recession, but there is little celebration in Seoul’s corridors of power. Instead, focus has shifted to a plight that has become too widespread to ignore: inequality

    1. Question all Candidates …Why have our Universities failed ? ( Aug 30 ) in a period of **TWO MONTHS ** … Israel UNIVERSITY scientists figured out Double vax asymptomatic mutations AND !!! …natural immunity 10 times +++ better than vax …WTF …seriously gentlemen …

    2. Where’s the Human Rights Jagmeet? Decriminalize Mentally I’ll Dude! Cut police services dude nobody needs them. Are you ever going to get it??!! Right now how are you different by way of human rights?

    3. @Private Confidential Its not about science , numbers , rights … …prepare to defend your self …you may have become extreme

  2. “Vote for me and I’ll make you pay for your own sick leave!” Wow, these campaign promises are just so enticing!

  3. Yeah the guy who supported Trudeau for 6 years. Nope , no way is he getting my vote. If your platform is based on more spending….get lost. we need some one who will be responsible with tax payers money. Some one with a clue. or at least an inkling of a clue.

  4. who is going to pay for all this? how about affordable living/rent for everyone? so we can actually save $$$ and use that for hard times.

  5. Anybody see the rest of the clips of the other party leaders on here today? Of course it was Trudeau accusing O’Toole of saying anything to get elected..I almost fell off the Queen of Surrey today reading that on the TV. Is this not a play right out Trudeau’s own playbook every single time he speaks himself???? OMFG gimme a break!! The Liberals count on voter stupidity. That’s also part of their playbook. They are behaving so desperately this time.

    1. @Bird Brain Being a sikh or not, doesn’t matter. What matters is to not use your religious card to dictate policies and having national interests over the religious interests.

    1. I repeat. Where does the money come from???? Government has no money, just racked up a lot of debt on our Children and Grandchildren. Our son is working his heart out trying to establish a small IT business. He came to me the other day exhausted and very discouraged. “If this work does pay off and I become financially successful”, he said, “I will be giving it all away to the Government who will in turn give it to those who have not sacrificed like I have”. What could I tell him but “your right” Sad what we have done to our kids.

    2. @Dennis Locking LMAO@U! How many decades has the DEBT CLOCK been scaring you? And is the alarm broken?
      So why would you pay off the debt? How much will it help the economy to have Canada in a surplus?

  6. Trudeau will be trying to make the rest of this election about guns.
    Even his record on guns is abysmal. City gang crime up so all he does is go after legal gun owners to make it look like he’s doing something. Sends out Bill Blair who knows exactly how to really solve the problem but he’s sold his soul to the Liberals.
    Never reward poor performance.

  7. You had them you take care of them. Children are parent’s responsibility do you hear Parents plural. You keep giving single mothers more money and the children suffer more.

    1. Yeah what about a single fathers. There are tons of deadbeat mothers out there. I raised my daughter almost all by myself.

    2. Exactly, I was a single momma worked my butt off to just survive. Never took any handouts. If you keep offering handouts it will be generational, the kids will expect them also. Let’s keep the economy rolling…PPC !

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