Sex Crime Probe Takes Weird Twist: Gaetz Taps Indicted MAGA Megaphone Roger Stone For Help 1

Sex Crime Probe Takes Weird Twist: Gaetz Taps Indicted MAGA Megaphone Roger Stone For Help


Rep. Gaetz is once again scrambling as the DOJ probe against him continues, paying $5,000 to Trump ally Roger Stone’s firm for “strategic consulting.” The firm is the same feds allege Stone is using to hide income. Gaetz denies all allegations against him. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the updates in the case. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 04/21/2021.
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Sex Crime Probe Takes Weird Twist: Gaetz Taps Indicted MAGA Megaphone Roger Stone For Help


    1. They went to the authorities and said that the Governor asked if he could kiss me. And I said no. So he didn’t kiss me.
      So They are still trying to figure out how to make that a crime.

    2. Attorney Client Priveleges do not Hold when Both parties are Guilty of the same Crime. Lord knows how many other Politicians are involved in this prostitution ring!?

    3. @Annie Warbux
      Where have I heard about a ring of politicians trafficking underage girls.
      Seems as though the Qanons may have been onto something, just the wrong party.

  1. Interesting how there”s not a single person in the T**** circle who could EVER be described as a ” solid citizen “

    1. @Richard Miller james caporale’s comment still holds true when you look back at everything that has happened in the past 5 years. The orange liar and thief surrounded himself with other thieves and liars. The insurrection on January 6th showed the world that most of his circle are not the sharpest tool in the shed.

    2. @Douglas Matthews; No moron, this is not FOX Affirmation Entertainment, these are responsible adults, you really are an irresponsible fool!

    3. They are all criminals that sat up there and missused funds and now we hear this. Geez I hope it’s not true but time will tell and if he’s guilty throw him in the slammer. We need investigations on all these republicans holding onto his apron strings something is rotten in the republican government I want to know who took and missused funds is it Cruz? Is it Greene, Graham Hawley? These republicans that shove their selves out there in defiance of everything seem to be guilty of things. I think these embezzling republicans try to get the negative focus off them by exaggerating problems at the border or in any way they can to keep the focus away from their hands in the pot.

    1. Well pardon sir considered an admission of guilt they are not given only when a person is found guilty. They have even be given for all criminal activity during a range of dates without specifying particular activities.

  2. The most incriminating part of this clip is Matt Gaetz being scolded by Meghan McCain of all people

  3. Their all giving each other reach arounds, freaking weirdos…all their B.S. is going to catch up to em watch..

  4. “I’m innocent, so I’m going to pay a convicted criminal to consult me.”

    – Matt Gaetz, fighting for the soul of the nation because Donald Trump bought his

    1. Johnny English, By the way Stone and Gaetz swooned over each other in those vids, you’d think they were going to start swapping spit with each other.

  5. Can you imagine if Roger Stone is convicted of a new crime and goes back to jail after getting pardoned?

    1. @the5thYearSeniors Accepting a pardon is the key phrase. Not in terms of our perspective alone, but legally. He can be forced to testify now because the pardon deletes the pleading the fifth option. Yes, there are consequences to accepting a pardon.

    2. @Heather Shaw There’s more to say. Bannon hasn’t been tried and got a pardon. He forfeited his fifth amendment rights accepting it. Who knows how the process or accepting works…does he go before a judge to accept? Can be delay his acceptance?

  6. They’re in the business of throwing smoke grenades all over the place so they can dip their paws into your pockets.

  7. I bet as investigation goes further we will find more republicans are involved. Plus somewhere Epstein and friends involved.

  8. Rodger Stone wouldn’t be involved in this unless some of this could be traced back to him or Matt Gatez was involved with other illegal activities with him

  9. You can’t blackmail someone, unless they have done something you can blackmail them for, so how is that ever going to be any kind of credible proof of innocence?

    1. It makes sense if think like a crazy person……

      ….Or take some cocaine, you know either or….

    2. You can lie about them, like Joel Greenberg did to his opposition, or , well, threaten to release false infornation that would harm them. I guess that’s extortion.

  10. Roger Stone once won a school election by claiming his opponent would make students go to school on Saturday.

    True story.

    1. Totally unrelated but “…the company you keep” makes me think, without any knowledge if either of these two are married, that Ari and Michele are the single cutest couple ever – and would make a great TV news “entity” like Joe and Mika! Yes? Yes!

  11. Frankly I hope the DOJ find some sort of connection between Geatz and Roger stone since they both belong in prison for a very long time.

  12. I guess Matt’s strategy is to be side by side with the only creepier looking creep than him?

  13. It just gets more horrifying more embarrassing and worse and worse we need to remove these crazy people and get back to the country good God please help us

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