‘Shameful:’ Rep. Demings On Marco Rubio Cutting Off Extra Unemployment 1

‘Shameful:’ Rep. Demings On Marco Rubio Cutting Off Extra Unemployment

“Government’s primary responsibility is to help the American people during some of the toughest of times. Marco Rubio chose not to do that,” says Rep. Val Demings. 
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  1. Shameful does not even begin to adequately express Rubio, Scott and De Santis actions with the Convid relief funds. Rubio does no work. He should be on unemployment.

    1. If yall think you didn’t make enough money before, just wait until inflation peaks…you’re savings, if you actually have any is being devalued right in front of your eyes. It’s the give give give policies that are driving us into the ground…don’t be mad at me because your democratic politicians insisted and still do insist that you keep your business closed but it’s OK for Amazon and Walmart to remain open, and get covid relief…..those measly checks we got were a drop in the bucket compared to what corporate elitists got in funding and tax relief. Instead of coming together and supporting each other from the ground up, you all want to have the government pay you, and give you permission to live…therefore you are and forever will be a slave to the political class.

    2. Austin Rountree God forbid we force corporations to pay no less than a wage that keeps you out of poverty for full time work. Its sick that billionaires have peasants doing there dirty work for free.

    3. Rubio, Scott and De Santis actions with unemployment is wrong it’s just a small issue…when you go to most retail stores you see self checkouts..one Wal-Mart near me had 13 lanes of check out with a actually person now only it has 2 checkout lanes with a employee and now one or two employeea now watching self check out ..unemployment now is bad just watch when more and more move to this bussiness model…

  2. I guess no one is surprised to hear that. But have to admit Val Demings is a very intelligent person.

    1. It won’t be easy South Florida will always vote Republican and north florida they love powerful rich men here, and it doesn’t matter what crimes they commit….shame a Democrat President helped the Cubans and then they turn their backs on Democrats …..Demming won’t win South Florida she’s a female…and an African American…..but at least she’s trying…

    2. We will. I’m in Florida and I can say this will be Rubio’s toughest opponent. I’m donating every week

  3. Rubio: “Whoever the Dems run against me is going to be a law enforcement-hating, crazy liberal!”
    Demings: “Hold my 27 year police career.”

    1. Rubbio’s a Chump munchin acolyte looking for a ride to more power and influence. Such a waste of space. Pathetic

    2. As I recall the ones killing and beating cops with blue lives matter flag poles were crazy Republicans which Trump told his sheep to march down to the Capital. Never forget about the 150 cops who fought for hours to keep folks inside the senate alive. Trump didn’t even call the mother of the capital cop that lost his life. What a coward!!!!

    3. She was the chief of police in orlando
      Love her super intelligent
      Rubio has to be one of the worst representation in florida

    1. No we don’t, she’s a bad seed. She spews the same nonsense as the other Dems. We have too many people that business’s rely on that refuse to work and remain on unemployment. It is now doing the opposite and creating a shortage in the workforce.

  4. Wait, but I thought Rubio was an “economic populist.” I guess that just means he hates immigrants.

  5. We the People need you to run for Governor of Florida, Representative Val Demings! We will support your campaign.

    1. @Sunny73 Why is no face the highlighted comment? I don’t usually reply to trolls but I’m trying to get to the bottom of this …

  6. Rubio’s family escaped Cuba from a dictatorship and born out Rubio just for him to help aid an insurrection to install a dictator for life and acquitted the man that caused the insurrection.

  7. Little Marco with the pea-brain grey matter only looks for ways to keep his job and he won’t let his constituents get in the way of that. Despicable

  8. I really wonder what the Trump cult would say if the Dems said “We’ll fund the wall if we get an investigation to Jan. 6th?”

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