Congress Launching Official Investigation Into Trump DOJ ‘Surveillance’ 1

Congress Launching Official Investigation Into Trump DOJ ‘Surveillance’


The House of Representatives is launching an official investigation into the Trump administration and his Department of Justice's use of subpoenas to spy on Trump's political opponents.
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    1. @Nancy Ross the president we have now is far worse. And a lot of people didn’t like trump and arent brained washed or think he is some savior or whatever. Some people simply know we are worse off today and it’s not because of trump. If you believe leaders to be corrupt and you know history then arent you curious as to why the establishment are so against him? Why does he make them so angry, scared, crazy? In my life time ibe never witnessed such hate. And in history if the establishment is against you then you might be doing something right.

    2. @hwan hee then leave the USA – no one is holding you here. You ran once, you can do it again. Go now.

    3. I was impatiently waiting for a Senate investigation of AOC’s claim that racism caused climate change until I realized every time Joe or Hunter dropped the “Enn-Word” it started to rain Hennessey

    4. @Shelly N. Hey, iam a researcher who adores this country and so do my colleagues and we’re committed to great efforts everday for a great nation. Leaving this nation is not an option , however, you might consider it. A snarky female as yourself would fit in real well within a socialist society say, Denmark. In where, women walk around with an air of made up superiority. Wait a minute, that’s happening here in the USA. Hopefully men of good faith and intellect always stay away from this type of imagined superiority as you display. Disgraceful putz !!

  1. You know Chris I am really trying to be patient with the stupidity but I am not proud of those who endorse it

    1. The government are nothing but a bunch of liers can’t believe or trust a thing they say or do

    2. I was impatiently waiting for an investigation of AOC’s claim that racism caused climate change until I realized every time Joe or Hunter dropped the “Enn-Word” it started to rain Hennessey

    1. The World Health Oragnization?

      I would like to know who is going to how them under the bus.

      Anthony Mengele Fauci won’t be able to walk the streets unattended.

    2. @Mark Fiutem lol i’m sure he was emphasizing the word ‘who’ and not referring to the W.H.O.

    3. @Raymond Cervantes

      I’m sure that the buzzing that is in his head is perceived to be ‘noise’ from the outside.

  2. The wealthy will “investigate” each other till the cows come home. Are any of them ever held accountable? It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.

  3. So a whistleblower complaint was confirmed by a DOJ investigation and a Grand Jury and Judge confirmed to subpoena phone records. So why are they blaming Trump?

    1. They are not blaming Trump yet… but you gotta look at the tactics and who would benefit from it the most. Does make him look guilty so far.

  4. Because when you’re a party in power with no real plans or ability to get things done, the best solution is to just keep talking about how terrible the former president was…

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