Sharpton Says The Country Is Seeing ‘A Culture War That’s Been Inspired By The President’ | Deadline 1

Sharpton Says The Country Is Seeing ‘A Culture War That’s Been Inspired By The President’ | Deadline


President of the National Action Network says the president’s coronavirus response has created a crisis of “us against them, instead of us all against the pandemic”. Aired on 12/4/2020.
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Sharpton Says The Country Is Seeing ‘A Culture War That’s Been Inspired By The President’ | Deadline


    1. @snowflake killer 300.000 dead Americans, TAX evasion, fraud and plotting to destroy his own COUNTRY treason you fool.

    2. As much as I dislike the orange pig. This was America way before trump. All he did you aroused all the hate and evil that is America.

    3. Pretend President elect Creep Joe. In Real life when someone cheats you Automatically lose. Stop the charade Joe. Trump won. I Can’t wait to Watch the REAL election results come in over the next couple weeks. It will great to watch Mr Biden officially lose and Librals cry AGAIN TRUMP 2020

  1. I just got in a discussion with my boss who is angry about the California lockdown…I said would they rather have their business closed or is it better to be DEAD!


    1. No you’re wrong. You can’t reason with a Dem because they only believe in free speech as long as you agree with them. If you have a different opinion from them then we aren’t aloud to speak.

  3. Trump has two parts of a brain “left & right”

    In the “Left” there’s nothing right and
    In the “right” there’s nothing left

  4. These People really are Dangerous,and We The People Voted,No More to Maga ,This Is Why Biden/Harris Won.

  5. Social distancing measures and cancellation of events show a deeply divided country. Senate and House Trumpist Republicans should be ashamed of themselves or be irrelevant in the coming years.

  6. I really don’t mind if the Confederate States finally get their wish of leaving the Union; I know they were willing to die for it, they should get their wish.

    1. They are, and THEY need to start acting like it. They have bought into the Trump division. There us also the resentment that they need the states like California and New York to survive. They resent that. I frankly would like a more unified country. I have had Southern friends who were some of my best friends. I do not understand the single minded hatred l see in the political field. It is both tragic and destructive.

    2. @Nancy M. Ross Sure don’t need any help from the two shitholes of CA & NY…..the only reason for any money needed is to support part of the 17% population that can’t swim in my state. Their voting districts have destroyed once prosperous towns and cites. They stole all the stores out of business, so now there is no grocery stores with in 20 miles or pharmacies. All the city services gone, no water department, no fire or police department. Sheriff departments that use to have 40 & 50 deputies now struggle to keep 4 or 5 on the road. Whole counties with no hospitals or even medical doctors. There are no jobs, because there is no worker base, because they can’t pass basic academics.

  7. Sharpton is right! I love when he speaks because he always makes so much sense as to what is happening and what needs to happen!! Thank you!!

  8. “It’s us against the Pandemic, It’s not us against Each Other.” Al Sharpton.
    Why can’t people know: Love thy Neighbor, wear a mask.? Together we stand
    divided we fall- All Americans with Liberty and Justice for All. Peace Love Justice

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