Washington Post Journalist Reports On Doctors And Nurses Pleading For Help | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Washington Post Journalist Reports On Doctors And Nurses Pleading For Help | Deadline | MSNBC


Lenny Bernstein, health and medicine reporter at the Washington Post, discusses his new reporting that ICU doctors are nurses have reached their breaking points and are begging elected officials to do something to stem the amount of people coming into the hospitals. Aired on 12/4/2020.
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Washington Post Journalist Reports On Doctors And Nurses Pleading For Help | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Trump has two parts of a brain “left & right”

    In the “Left” there’s nothing right and
    In the “right” there’s nothing left

  2. Tell me again WHY WE are Paying these Republican’t Senators ??? This is NOT the fault of the Virus, this is the DIRECT fault of the Republicans to ALLOW even a VOTE on Stimulus and PPC, Etc… These SENATORS MUST be voted out and Never be allowed to control anything, ever again.

    1. How did the snakes get re elected this past 11 3
      mitch graham Collins & that other female .
      Blue has to Come in
      Hey dumpster’s stay home don’t vote ,your vote don’t count, Remember what the
      whining orange boy &
      oozing rudy are swearing by & conning you FOOLS for money .

  3. In my travels around the world I have found that homeless street people in Canada, Cuba, Western Europe & Australia & New Zealand have better Health Care than the average American who is not being served by the gov’t.

    1. Yeah but how about those corporate death panels and their record profits, quarter after quarter…Am I right…

  4. After decades of claiming to the be “true patriots” it turns out that republicans couldn’t be bothered enough to wear masks to help save the lives of fellow Americans, from a pandemic that has killed more Americans in 9 months than every war since WWII.

    1. @Kris Keene I don’t believe you’ve ever met a Mexican.

      But hey, you gotta blame someone else for doing what you do.

      Any evil is okay as long as you can claim someone else is doing it too.

      That is a really low moral bar.

      I wonder if you have the capacity to feel shame.

    2. @Kris Keene Nope. Never. And I looked for a decent Republican I could vote for.

      That never happened. Since Reagan the Republican party has been religion, racism and bigotry.

      Republicans live on hate and fear. Hate your neighbor and fear the government.

    3. This is why America is in such trouble with Covid19 it doesn’t care whether you are republican or democrat stop getting side tracked by such puerile debates wear a mask, wash your hands ,social distance, stay home unless it is absolutely necessary to go out and listen to the experts. In other countries where both sides of government have come together they have inspired, for the most part, the population to work together and this virus has been brought under control or almost eliminated and the citizens are back leading almost normal lives.

    4. @Kris Keene You’re wrong of course. No group is a monolith when it comes to voting or anything else.
      Trump had many Latinx supporters, unfortunately.

    1. He only cares about himself.
      He is a psychopath. He is incapable of caring about others.
      It is really quite sad.

  5. This right here is music to Trump’s ears. His continuing efforts to make the situation as bad as possible are paying off.

  6. This is what happens when too much of the population is scientifically illiterate, and so are too many leaders, from federal to local.

    1. I think our divided society is partially due to health, welfare and education funding having been low priorities of most Congressional members for decades. (Especially in certain states.) Healthy, cared-for, valued children of our past could’ve joined the majority of 2016 and 2020 voters who recognize propaganda when exposed to it.

    2. It’s a ‘side effect’ of … ‘Freedom of Speech’ (say anything) and ‘Freedom of Religion’ (believe in anything).

  7. As a nurse whose been on the front lines, I gotta say I’m getting tired and all my colleagues in ICU’s are at breaking point around the country. We still NEED PPE, new stuff every time, the way it was before this pandemic hit. Single use.

    1. I wish I new how to help.

      I only leave the house to walk the dog. And groceries every 3 weeks.

      Trying my best not to be a statistic.

      Hug. Deep respect and honor.

    2. @A Writer stay safe, your doing the right thing. Wear your mask, wash your hands, and social distance. It’s really that simple….

  8. WE HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THIS VACCINE RELEASE: As many of you already know, a majority of AMERICANS are not going to take this vaccine no matter how many well-meaning politicians come out and vow to take it themselves; on camera or not! Why? Because the CDC and Donald Trump along with his crazy White House Officials have so lost the trust of the American People that we are not willing to do anything more to jeopardize our individual lives. Especially now that we’ve heard Europeans have clear Pfizer’s product. We’d rather wait and let Great Britain take it first. However, another sticking point, more to the trust issue, is how the CDC and our other health officials flip-flopped around on the transmission of Covid, and many times on just who is and isn’t most vulnerable. Currently officials are trying to spin the idea that “children” are not at high risk, as if they has some special anatomy that the virus doesn’t attach to; or they are now no-longer considered transmitters of the disease, somehow being resistant to transmission of Covid. Everyone who has ever raised a child and had that child go off to public interactions knows that this is a load of crap! So how are we to believe this vaccine is for-sure safe? We don’t! Another reluctancy to take the vaccine will come from the many Trump supporters who don’t even believe Covid-19 is real! LOL At this moment, no one has come forth with the final data promised by the vaccine makers. Officials and much of the media are all caught-up in distribution ideas. What good is is shipping a lot of vaccine, at tax payer cost, only to have it expire in the freezers. Will The People get their money back from the Pharma Makers? NO!!!! I say only ship enough, out to final destinations, for those who sign-up and volunteer to take the vaccine. Begin mass distribution from their. Think: If a few people have reactions to the vaccine in the field, NO ONE will take it from then on…

    1. They can’t do that. They treat EVERYONE who needs it. They follow a rule that too many others don’t: equal treatment for everyone.
      They need our help and the still absent help of the federal government. Come on January 20th!

  9. Stay home. Just do it. Staying home is the kindest thing you can do for these heroes. Stay home. Don’t get sick.

  10. Don’t travel. Wear masks. Don’t gather in large groups. Simple, right? “Those who won’t hear will surely feel.”

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