Sheriff Says Active Shooter In San Jose Is No Longer A Threat | MSNBC 1

Sheriff Says Active Shooter In San Jose Is No Longer A Threat | MSNBC


The Santa Clara County Sherriff's office has announced that the active shooter involved in an incident near light rail facility in San Jose, Calif. is no longer a threat.

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Sheriff Says Active Shooter In San Jose Is No Longer A Threat | MSNBC


    1. @Fandalorian ! I don’t fear people…but I do know people can have questionable judgement. I don’t fear guns, we’ve always had guns in my household and my father taught us to be responsible. I do however fear people with questionable judgement and guns. That’s something I will actively discourage and I think most responsible people would do the same.

    2. @xzro Defunding Marxist Teachers might help make education better as well. You never know. Giving billions and billions and billions and billions more hasn’t worked in the past.

      For what its worth I think you honestly believe what you are saying and thank you for stating what you believe.

    1. @G G .. please provide a video proving your statement is true, thank you for your time.

  1. Good job to our hard working officers, please dont leave your current careers and protect and serve

    1. @ALBERT WASHINGTON JR He is a deranged psycho Democrat bot. I’m sure if a UFO landed in his yard, he would blame Trump as well. That’s what these people are programmed to do.

    2. @Terry Williams and you don’t think we have a major problem since Biden and Harris ! You are the one who is deceived

    3. @A proud White man don’t forget to ban the hacksaws, hand drills, files and hammers used to manufacture arms, maybe make it illegal to own a vise. I guess we should also ban the production of charcoal and sulphur.

  2. A sad day & times for America where the right to carry a gun is more important than gun control to help prevent these REGULAR shootings & loss of life…

    Scenes like this are NO LONGER shocking any more, because it has become the USUAL thing now….

  3. I’m so glad the Sherriff’s office was able to handle this considering they pretty much share a parking lot with this yard.

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