Tree of Life Synagogue Rabbi On Rising Anti-Semitic Attacks | MSNBC 1

Tree of Life Synagogue Rabbi On Rising Anti-Semitic Attacks | MSNBC


Rabbi Hazzan Jeffrey Myers of the Tree of Life Synagogue — the site of a deadly 2018 mass shooting — joined Peter Alexander to discuss the surge in anti-Semitic violence across the country. He says that Jewish Americans can't cower to domestic terrorists. "When they do more evil, I do more Jewish."

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Tree of Life Synagogue Rabbi On Rising Anti-Semitic Attacks | MSNBC


    1. @andrew zgoda now you’re crying? Sweet G-d above. What a day you must be having. MMMMM. Delicious

  1. We fought for leaders instead of seeing we are all the same.
    I believe that all religions stems from one. Like a tree. Planted with a root that is firmly inbedded. Over time limbs spreading into branches, and futher with leaves. With mans own thoughts of what should be. Losing sight of what was meant.
    Core beliefs hidden. Replaced with emotions and fears.
    Taught by ones who were taught by the one before. Changing to match what is desired. 
    Never seeing only feeding .
    Feelings of guilt covering up with more.  Blinded by things as sight views objects.
    Bread crumbs left as messages to understand what true.
    Blaming and afraid of others taking what was given.
    Only solutions solve the problem being divided in our land meant for all.
    Blessed with a planet to take care of not to take from.
    In the end everything goes back. We have power of sight to move foward or backwards. Vision not coming from the eyes only within.

    I try following these guidelines for living
    1-help where you can
    2-share what you are able
    3-try not to harm.


    1. She’s not the only GOP politician that’s anti-Semitic. trump supporters are bigots so they love to vote in anti-Semites.

    2. @Viva La Raza! Remember when sleepy Joe Biden referred to black children as roaches? Look it up it’s right here on YouTube that certainly contradicts your opinion doesn’t it

    3. This video is not about MTG. It’s about the left attacking Jewish people in cities across the country.

  3. Im glad the regular news casters are allowing guys like Peter Alexander on T. V. Coverage, Great Wednesday news.

  4. The higher standard the rabbi refers to was lowered below acceptable levels by the Trump administration, someone he most likely voted for.

    1. Why do you presume he was a Trump voter? It is not across the board, but most Jews vote Democrat. I have some friends who do vote GOP, but they grew up with GOP voting parents.

  5. Marjorie Green’s rhetoric is definitely antisemitic and any one would be uncomfortable with that tone . With rage and anger on the rise we cannot condone that kind of behavior. The refute and rebuttal of her stupidity is a necessary thing. The leaders of her party should rebuke and chastise her for that kind of insensitivity against others.

  6. Cry me a river. People aren’t kicking you out of your house and moving in. You didn’t have to deal with checkpoints to get across town.

  7. Five years ago, we gave a bullhorn to a man who yelled hate, he saw it made him bigger, so he yelled it louder singling out immigrants, the disabled, the press, or anyone who was different, and the people bowed to him, they listened to his lies, and it gave him more power!! He took their money, and used it against the very thing that keeps us a democracy, splitting us against one another, loving himself more for the great job he did in causing division!! Using his followers to get his way, no matter the cost, even freedoms we have always taken for granted! His name is “Hate” !! He lives in a golden palace in Florida…why do some follow him? Because it’s easier to hate than to see the good in truth! It takes commitment to find the truth and to understand our fellow man!!! “Hate” gave us an easy out, he gave us a reason to stop loving ourselves but instead a reason to find fault in our neighbors!! He made people believe it was a popular thing to do, the right thing to do!! Trust no one but him and what he spewed!! His name was “Hate” ! So we voted for people just like him, white nationalism is the norm, anyone against us, hates us! Question our polls, and put doubt in the democratic process!! It doesn’t matter that it’s worked for over 200 years! We follow without knowledge and believe in conspiracy’s coming out of communist countries! Remember His name, it is “Hate”!! But, my name is “Truth” I can’t be bought, though others before it has tried, I’ll fight for it and die for it like so many others before me!! I’m white, brown, yellow, and red!! I’m all American, with different heritages and backgrounds, and different religions, a real Heinz 57, because my past relatives came here as immigrants, like most Americans!! I’m smart enough to know that the true Heritage of America are the Indians before me! But because of hate, we too took them over!! Let’s learn from our mistakes!! Oppression always leads to more oppression, and then we’ll find ourselves fighting for that one thing we took for granted, freedom and Democracy! So let’s stop giving “ Mr. Hate” a voice!! Let’s remember what we were taught as children, that losing is a part of winning, in any game! It teaches character, and love of the game, even if it’s an election!! Please, we all live in glass houses, and remember, it could be you the next time, that shows the biggest crack in that piece of glass, for all to see! Hate can only make that crack larger, but love can always mend it!

  8. You want to control social media ,only way is to stop the tracking algorithms which are there to target ppl for selling products.
    So they use your info to sell to ??? anyone they want to and feed you the propaganda that also has things to buy.
    I only use you tube for social media. I do not always click the like button bc it will change my open feed of info.
    We have had commercials since media started but not targeted. We can ignore what we do not like just like the tv commercials but stop choosing what we see for us.
    They have taken away choice and privacy.

  9. Why are ppl so pessimistic? In their world, nothing is possible. We might as well curl up and die already.

    It just never ends with these ppl. One negative energy after another. Give it a rest already. How do you survive with that mindset in this evil world?

  10. In the last two weeks there have been precisely zero reported incidents of anti-Palestinian hate crimes in the country. Zero.

    Also in the last two weeks there has been an ENORMOUS increase in the number of anti-Jewish hate crimes in the country.

    So, Democrats, don’t get your message wrong… Don’t condemn antisemitism AND Islamophobia because then you’re just saying ‘all lives matter’ And as we al now know … that is a sin. This is an anti-Jewish hate crime moment.

    Democrats had two weeks to address this and are only now FINALLY saying something because they’re seeing their support from the Jewish community slipping.

    All this violence and main stream media’s tone deaf, biased and unbalanced coverage of what is happening to Jewish Americans across the country right now only further underscores the need for a strong independent Jewish state.

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