Diplomats Urge State Dept To Provide Care For 'Havana Syndrome' Sufferers 1

Diplomats Urge State Dept To Provide Care For ‘Havana Syndrome’ Sufferers


NBC's Josh Lederman reports as U.S. diplomats sent a letter to State Department officials urging for better care to be provided to those who have been suffering from brain injury symptoms from "Havana Syndrome."

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Diplomats Urge State Dept To Provide Care For 'Havana Syndrome' Sufferers


  1. Our state department really needs to get to the bottom of this. Also these workers that have been affected need to taken care of immediately and permanently it’s not that hard. They were serving our country in line with their duties..

    1. @Di&Ce yeah. Anyone can buy one for about 400 bucks or you could make one yourself for 100 bucks.

      Also, there are over a hundred defunct commercial microwave towers throughout the US that was used for at&t communications network from 1951 until they were eventually replaced with fiber optics.

    1. @meaniee20202 i know. Thats what I’m saying. He’s barely starting. And yet everyone blaming him for Everyone of trumps mess ups and all the things he did and didn’t do..

  2. “But as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the coming of the Son of Man: for as in the days before the flood they ate, and drank, and married, and were married, until the day Noah entered the ark, and did not think until the flood came and destroyed them all, so will be the coming of the Son of Man; then there will be two in the field: one is taken, and the other is left; two grinding in the millstones: one is taken, and the other is left. Watch therefore, for you do not know at what hour your Lord will come”(Matthew 24: 32)

    1. When the rapture comes and the cultists are left behind, they’ll say space aliens came and abducted all the missing.

  3. So our country and the world came to a standstill on US agendas for 4 yrs and people upset that the first 4 months of an administration hasn’t gotten to them yet?? Like literally we’ve been in a reality show for the past 4 yrs on purpose. No deals with allies upheld, only love notes with dictators. And I’m sure some of these diplomats voted for the guy that stalled them for the previous 4 yrs.. what about me-ism at its finest.

  4. Why did they not come out publicly with this when Trump was President?…”4 years of challenges….”out of the news…now that Biden is President now they decide to put it out in the news…were they all that scared of Trump and his goons?…

  5. So it’s racist to call covid the chinavirus but its not racist against Cubans to call it Havana syndrome? Logic.

  6. The American consulate in Hong Kong has over 2,000 staffers and they were instrumental in the chaos and riots in Hong Kong. If I were China I would put the Havana syndrome to the American consulate staffs in Hong Kong rather than in the mainland.

  7. Reminder:

    For all intents and purposes; Drumpf was perfectly fine with doing nothing at all re this issue.

  8. State dept don’t want people asking questions about the dirty tricks that they are all up to… I asked Putin…he said “ wasn’t me “. And I believe him….

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