‘She’s just not that into you’: Swalwell’s message to Greene about beef with AOC

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) talks with CNN's Jim Acosta about his tense encounter with an aide for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) who told him to take off his mask after the CDC released new guidance for fully vaccinated individuals. Swalwell also addressed Greene's pattern of aggressive behavior toward Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). #CNN #News


    1. W• H• A •T •S •A• P• P
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      I• N •V •E• S• T><•I•N•><•C •R• Y• P •T•O B• T •C>< A• N• D>< E• T• H...

    1. @lynda medley his involvement with fang fang is not false. She did help him meet people and raise campaign funds. But as far as I can tell researching online… it’s not definitive he slept with her. Is espionage not news worthy?

    2. Lol. Follow “Crossroads with Joshua Philipp” on YT he explains in depth how everything started for anyone interested and does live shows answering questions

  1. “Never have an argument with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

    1. @Refund Replay Not if it’s going to make you curl up in the fetal position in your safe space.

    2. @John Blackwell tsk tsk tsk. So triggered by obvious sarcasm, you’d attack a potential ally. Take it easy, Frosty, you might have a meltdown.

    3. @Refund Replay There’s no Biden supporters that are my allies unless they’re family, then I cut them some slack but I still look at them as idiots.

  2. Marauding: going about in search of things to steal or people to attack.

    Perfectly describes Greene !!

    1. @Rich Rockefeller 😂😂😂😂. Sorry mate ! It’s ‘ waiting in line’ and I’m not American , never been on food stamps and the majority of people in my country ain’t queuing for petrol , don’t drive because we have excellent infrastructure as well as public transport 😁…

      What’s , more , the vast majority of the globe understands that there is a world wide pandemic ( if you didn’t know a disease called COVID) which has almost decimated the world’s economies and the world’s population including the US is being looked after by the government’s they’ve paid taxes to for decades 🙄…Oh , Biden has only been in office since 20/06/21 which is nearly 4 months not 6 .And the Cyber attack happened under Donnie’s watch and when he left office the US was in more debt than it had been before he was elected…Oh , oh , Donnie actually inherited a good economy from Obama ..I hope that’s helped you get a clearer picture . Take care !!!

    2. What was that saying if you’re a conservative and under 20 you have no heart, but if you’re 30 and a liberal you have no brain.

  3. You are correct. The House of Representatives is not High School. MTG is acting like some of the mean preppies in high school and then can’t own up to her actions or see how repellent her voice, actions and words are.

    1. W• H• A •T •S •A• P• P
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      I• N •V •E• S• T><•I•N•><•C •R• Y• P •T•O B• T •C>< A• N• D>< E• T• H...

    2. Elaine Berg, let alone MTG is making tons of money off of her bullying and harassing other congress people!!??. What kind of people would donate to her for her doing this to others? Guess they are all hateful nasty immature bullies like her also. I mean seriously! To benefit off of being hateful and harassing and bullying others????

    1. She’s got a “Mean Girls” affect about her. He’s got a wannabe too cool for school frat boy affect about him. They’re banging on the regular, I’d say. Probably got a high school jock/cheerleader thing going on.

    2. W• H• A •T •S •A• P• P
      +•1•* 3 •* 2 •* 3 •* 3 •* 2 •* 0 •* 6 •* 1 •* 2 •* 6
      I• N •V •E• S• T><•I•N•><•C •R• Y• P •T•O B• T •C>< A• N• D>< E• T• H...

  4. This is what Green does and she taught her staff well….they just keep poking until they get a reaction and then run away to complain about it to who ever will listen.

    1. @Very proud AMERICAN think about what you just said and then say it outloud to yourself and see if you can figure out why people think youre an idiot when you start talking… in what world do courts not accept documented evidence of crimes committed?… judges THREW OUT every case that was brought. EVERY. SINGLE. CASE. if a single piece of evidence existed to back up your claims why is trump not in court right now fighting it? why are him and his “campaign” not releasing these troves of information and evidence publicly themselves under their own names and reputations instead of crying about how no one wants to take these cases?… none of your story makes any logical sense.

    2. @Noreb I keep hearing this talking point, that the courts wouldn’t hear the evidence when the truth is the cases were dismissed because there wasn’t any evidence. The one case that was dismissed for lack of standing was the one brought by Texas against four other states, because somehow they thought they had the right to tell other states how to conduct their elections.

  5. Lol even her version of the events isn’t even that bad. She realizes she’s the crazy lady who runs behind people harassing them for several minutes right?

  6. “The problem with people like this is that they are so stupid that they have no idea how stupid they are.” -John Cleese

    1. @Jamey Techsan You literally just plucked every thought I had in my head about what’s transpired over the last few yrs. Great minds think alike and truth prevails! 🇺🇲

    2. @Rich Rockefeller yeah dont ye just love telling her kids that we can’t afford anything more than the basics. and now I’ve got $3 gas

  7. “You don’t have to wear a mask anymore!”
    “And you don’t have to mind other people’s business, and yet here we are.”

    1. @Barbara Ferrara Thanks for lecturing someone who actually lived through it. To be exact, the ultimate goal of socialism is communism as Lenin stated, so they are in the same basket and ideology. Perhaps you confuse Democratic Socialism (which has failed EVERY single time in history and is supported by AOC and gang) with Social Democracy which is what you see in Europe.

    2. @Janus Kaminsky; I already explained to you that dictators/fascists/autocrats can call their country anything they choose. It means nothing if they openly exhibit their murderous fascism for all to see. At least those who are intelligent enough to see the truth in front of their own eyes. At least TRY to keep up.

      And what are you babbling about “the left” championing so-called cancel culture? It was the wannabe autocrat tRUMP’s sycophants who just canceled Liz Cheney because she stepped over the very low bar of proclaiming the obvious truth about the 2020 election. She did the correct thing for probably the first time in her life.
      You racist, credulous Q-rubes and January 6th seditionists are just too much for decent citizens to tolerate.

    1. Does Greene have a teenaged daughter? If so, that’s probably why Matt Gaetz is hanging out with her then.

  8. The woman appears to be in her 40’s or 50’s,but the way she behaves seems to have the emotional intelligence of a teenager.Anyhow all the best from Oz.

    1. What was that saying if you’re a conservative and under 20 you have no heart, but if you’re 30 and a liberal you have no brain.

  9. Mtg was literally screaming through the letter slot of a door to a likely unoccupied office. I think her conflict is an inner one.

  10. As crazy as she is it would not surprise me in the least bit if she started running around the capitol yelling: give me a straight jacket give me a straight jacket. It’s the only thing that will protect me from those space lasers 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  11. Yeah that’s sounds like what really happened😞 I wonder if those are the stories Greene tells her drug counselors!

    1. Of listenintg to the fascistic corporate establishment that Eric Swalwell, who was busted for having a relationship with a Chinese Communist spy (and let her leg him)? Tired of wearing a mask for a virus that is in the history of pandemics, literally the least deadly? Tired of being placated yo and subjugated and lied to?

      Or are you really trying to say that you’re tired of people telling you to take off your mask…you wouldn’t be that fucking stupid would you?

    2. @SkaterStan he was never implicated in any crime or wrongdoing and broke contract with Fang when US intelligence briefed him. This story was leaked by the White House due to Swalwell’s criticism of the Trump administration.

    3. @J V wow you literally just watch CNN huh😂 keep drinking the koolaid there fella…the guy, the party, they’re all in bed with the ChiComms. The Chinese cant fight America head to head (yet) they’re (as Lenin suggested) “taking America without firing a single bullet”. It’s called Psycho-Politics and your idiotic ignorance is getting in the way of the people stopping corruption. If you defend these people, we have no choice but to see you as the enemy too. So do some real research that doesn’t come from Leftist state media, or accept that we don’t hear you.

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