Smerconish: Is the American work ethic dying?

Employers say they can't lure back workers. Governors are ending unemployment benefits. Is the work ethic dying, or is it because a living wage is hard to find?
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  1. Let me honest you wouldn’t take those crap jobs and most of the people telling people to get back to work wouldn’t take those jobs. Only job I could get I was picking blood clots out of my hair at the end of the day.

    1. @Peter Stoops look at Salgado photos of the mines and ask yourself where’s our strength gone as a people.

    2. @Kim Little your taste in guitars is mediocre at best…own a white Gretsch Falcon 59 hollow body. That’s a guitar.

    3. @Rich Rockefeller Just as usual for the Republicans, they deal the next president a bum hand (Clinton, Obama, Biden, etc) and expect them to play it with a smile on their face while you all stand around like morons obstructing positive change with your mediocre failed philosophies.
      Get a life and read some history before pissing in public with your pants down.

  2. More like the American worker is sick of busting their humps to not even make a living wage.

    1. Under President Trump the Middle East was contained, just as our border was contained. There were no spiking gas prices, no fuel shortages, no inflation to be found,
      Trumps ‘ America First’ policies gave us the best economic numbers in 70 years with his tax cuts, and by getting rid of Obama and Biden‘s business killing & oppressive job killing regulations.

      Trump also opened up Federal land drilling, fracking and offshore oil drilling which made us energy independent for the first time in 65 years not dependent on foreign oil from nations that chant ‘ death to America’

      A staggering 500,000+ ILLEGAL migrants have entered the United States illegally, since China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden’s presidency. It’s increasing daily and he does nothing.

      1000,s of rockets 🚀 from the terrorist group Hamas is being launched into Israel 🇮🇱. Is this a coincidence? They did not do any of this when Trump was in office for four years. But they’re doing it now.

      This is not a ‘pro – Trump ‘ analysis, these are just simple FACTS !

      In just over 100 days China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden has completely destroyed all of this.

      As a former registered Democrat of 15 years myself, I walked away from the party because of China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden’s America last’ policies

    2. Fuel shortages, cyber attacks on our infrastructure, hundreds of thousands of high paying gas and oil jobs gone, war in the Middle East & Biden silent, horrible declining job reports,
      Massive crisis and invasion at our southern border, drugs pouring in, Inflation spiking to the highest level since 2008, gas prices skyrocketing, groceries spiking, crime rising & off the charts in all the Democrat run cities, etc ….

      China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden is a monumental failure.

      If Trump had been
      re-elected, none of this stuff would be happening right now.

      And it’s all happening in just over 100 days.

      ONLY 100 days!

      Buckle up America , it’s going to continue to get far worse.

      A serious economic crisis is coming –

      Like China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden said with his own mouth, “no more America first”

    3. @Reason Not bowing on your knees to the great god of Capitalism doesn’t mean you hate it.

  3. Smerconish fails to mention that America’s biggest companies like WalMart and Amazon flourished during the pandemic and put thousands of people out of work.

    1. @Reason My point is…these are the kinds of jobs that are available all over the place & apparently a bunch of Governors think that people should have their unemployment benefits yanked away from them if they don’t accept these kinds of jobs, even though the good paying job that let them go due to the pandemic may never come back! There will be a lot of adults taking these jobs & honestly I can’t remember the last time I saw a high schooler working at a fast food place! I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove or get me to prove but just come on out & ask it cause it seems like you’re fishing for something. I’m just not sure what it is.

    2. @Kevin Offutt: Those are fair points though I do see high school kids working fast food quite often. My position is that I’m against automatically paying people a “living wage”. I think people should be paid what they are worth.

  4. No, our work ethic isn’t dying. The requirements to work are continually increasing and have been for decades now, and to put it bluntly, the output doesn’t justify the input any longer, by a magnitude

    1. @Fabio Fox Music Sorry, I guess you wanna see sone dudes flexing. Cool, enjoy the prolapses brah

    2. 1975 minimum wage had the equivalent of $23 dollars today. Inflation has skyrocketed and wages have stagnated as a “greed is good” mentality has taken over since Reaganomics.

    3. And they want people who work for them to be available, “on call” 24/7 like doctors are/used to be.

  5. These multi-million dollar companies complain about paying higher wages yet make million dollar donations to politicians, needless commercials with already rich athletes and sporting teams, while their materials and products are made in sweatshops at low costs.

    1. @Charlie Brown also I really enjoyed that you deleted your previous comment after I proved you completely idiotic. Makes sense why you’re trying to lash out in that superior than tho tone. Cute ☺️

    2. @Phoenix Star I knew my opinion meant so much to you. Once again you’ve proven you have no shame. Thanks for the laughs

    3. @Phoenix Star as for my post When I close the computer they automatically are erased. But I will keep it open for the rest of the night just to hear from you

    4. @Charlie Brown lol what?? You’re logic is smooth brain at best. If I have no shame like you say, I then by definition of not having shame I wouldn’t care what you thought……

      Or do you not know the definition of shame, and then can you not understand the lack thereof?

      Shame is a tool of indoctrination from religion. I pity you for having to live in such intolerable circumstances.

    5. @Charlie Brown lol what? That’s not how YouTube works you loser. You post it and it’s here until either you delete it or it gets auto modded. Which lol it didn’t. You deleted it because you made a fool out of yourself

    1. @Alfred Stetter i knew that once I started agreeing with you, you’d respect me more. Let’s smoke a fat joint together

    2. @Belly Dancer Em if you’re not worth more than $15.00 an hour. I don’t need you. Unless if course you want to clean my toilets.

  6. If all it takes is 600 bucks to disincentivize work, it speaks volumes about low wages being failed policy.

    1. @MAGA 2020 sure. When you stop defending trump like he’s your almighty God that can do no wrong

    2. @colonel 100 don’t forget it was in the middle of a pandemic, before they reached a vaccine at record time (which Biden for some reason takes the credit for)

    3. @NivKotz don’t forget trumps base thinks the vaccine is poison to destroy Americans and refuse to take it.

  7. I will never ever give my loyalty or my all to my job. No company deserves or values it. I exchange my time for money, nothing more. The rest belongs to family and some friends.

    1. My bf comes home angry and hopeless every day. Stays only for loyalty to his dad, whom also slaves for the company. I watch it ruin our relationship. But he still goes every day.

    2. 1 year after you complained that Trump won, you were driving to work. Now, after 6 months of Joe Biden you are waiting on line for gas, collecting a government check, while on food stamps. We told you this would happen, but no, you got to vote Democrat.

    3. @Rich Rockefeller alot of people are doing better now then they were in 2017. And you act as if the pipeline is some crisis.

    4. @Lez C if they pay there employees more they’ll pass the cost of doing business on to the rest of us.

      A Big Mac costs $3.99 now but if wages go up from $11 to $15 that Big Mac will now cost the consumer $5.43

      That will be the same with everything. But hey, who cares right

  8. The real name for American “work ethics” is “desperation”. If you work for $7.50/hour, you must be really desperate.

    1. I got a minimum wage job at 16, at 16 and 4 months I quit and started working somewhere that paid 50% more. anyone working min for long is a bad employee, lazy, worthless

    2. @Peter Stoops Your EQ and IQ will make sure, that you will stay in the salary range for the uneducated.

    1. @William Diaz Hope and opportunity is a campaign slogan used by Barry Obama.

      He failed miserably.

      President Trump’s policies made these slogans a reality as the unemployment rate for blacks, Hispanics, Asian-Americans and whites all reached historic lows before the world was hit by the coronavirus.

      At the same time, Trump policies achieved the largest wage gains for the lowest-paid workers.

      On top of this, Trump replaced the failed North American Free Trade Agreement with his much-improved U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, confronted China’s unfair trade practices, placed 200 conservative judges on the federal bench, and taken actions to protect religious liberty against the left-wing mob – to name just a few of his other achievements.

      I can list so much more great things that President Trump did!

      China Joe Biden is reversing all of this.

      After all he did say with his own mouth “no more America first.”

      And after his disastrous start in his first 60 days destroying hundreds of thousands of jobs with a stroke of a pen, ending our energy independence for the first time in 65 years under President Trump, waging war on gas and energy, & the absolute complete invasion and breakdown of our southern border with millions of illegal migrants invading America, and higher taxes on the horizon?

      You communist Democrats voted for China Joe’s ‘America last’ policies.

      And we are now watching the death of America much quicker than anyone thought.

    2. @William Diaz FACTS – Last year we had the LOWEST illegal Migrant immigration in 45 years under President Trump’s stay in Mexico Policies –
      No more catch and release policies under the Obama administration

      This year, under China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden we now have the HIGHEST illegal migrant immigration in 25 years.

      Let that fact sink in

      Like China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden said with his own mouth, “no more America first”

    3. @Carnell Mosley BLOOMBERG NEWS – “Growing inflation is Joe Biden‘s hidden ‘new tax’ on ALL Americans.”

      Remember when China 🇨🇳Joe Biden said only those making $400,000 per year would see tax increases?

      He lied.

      Few Examples – Lumber up 70%. Corn up 50%, gas up 35%
      Groceries up 28% etc….
      It’s going to get much worse. Buckle up folks, these are just a preview of China 🇨🇳 Joe Bidens ‘America last’ policies.

    4. @FACTS ONLY oh, goofy Republican. Joe Biden has not passed any policies that would affect inflation. He hasn’t raised minimum wage, hasn’t passed any big policies besides Covid-relief which hasn’t paid but like a third of its money, and again, Biden has nothing to do with prices having gone up which are about supply & demand.

  9. It amazing how we focus on individual behavior and not corporations that get billions in corporate welfare that winds its way only into the pockets of their executives at the expense of decent wages to their employees..what you say Mike? ..😳

    1. @Reason I think we need some sort of fusion between capitalism and socialism, with the right amount of regulation, to keep greed in check while giving enough freedom to make sure red tape doesn’t strangle the system, and put in enough flexibility in the system to adjust for changing conditions.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em: Isn’t that what we do? We’re constantly working to find the best balance of free market capitalism (with the proper tax rates that won’t strangle the economy) to pay for necessary social programs.

  10. Remember when companies that couldn’t find workers, would give better benefits and higher wages?

    Now they just cry no one will work for slave wages, no health benefits, and only part time hours

  11. If by “work ethic” you mean “working yourself to death and still not making it”, yep.

    1. @ghostsintheforum So what should those adults do? Quit their jobs, hand the job to teenagers and sit on the street homeless? Not every adult who works for fast food is a “software engineer”.

    2. @Alfred Stetter And no employers is interested in training anyone for a living wage. It didn’t used to be this way.

    3. @E.T. Ethics . Every aspect of every job has training. You would know that if you ever had one. Go to bed little girl. It’s past your bed time.

    4. @DriveInFreak you’ve been married to CNN for a long time little girl. You should probably talk to someone that is down to your level. I suggest joe Biden. The eggplant.

    5. You need to go on welfare. You’re not going to make it in the real world. Don’t even try.

  12. Stagnant wages combined with government’s unwillingness to address said wages equals workers who don’t really give a F about their job, a job that also doesn’t give a F about them.

    1. @Four Monkeys Cafe The comic effect has worn off of the humor you feebly try to project. You may go now. Adults are talking.

    2. @robert moore pretty sure we already covered this. Unless you deleted your posts, it’s all right there for people to read. This isn’t rocket science and you’re a Biden follower. Convincing someone you’re not a high school dropout collecting government benefits is a very tall task.

    3. @Four Monkeys Cafe Yes we have covered how you are a total failure. It’s ok. You’ve only been on four months. Maybe your next troll account will last longer. Lol

  13. Keep in mind a lot of these businesses had no problem taking government bailouts during the pandemic 😷.

    1. @J W me specifically I didn’t take any covid relief because I don’t qualify. Don’t assume everyone in the country took covid relief.

    2. The govt forces you to close, then gives you a tiny percentage of what you need, yes you take it. Remember it was the govt who forced business to close, some went to jail for not closing, and the govt bailout is used to keep paying employees who are not working while your closed

  14. It’s not just a “reckoning for low wages,” it’s also a response to employers just not caring about their employees… they’re just cogs in the machine. Doesn’t inspire loyalty or a desire to work.

  15. There is a law in Japan with the highest paid employee cannot be paid more than 20 times more than the lowest. They are flourishing in this regard.

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