Shooting at Alabama birthday party leaves several dead, many injured | USA TODAY

The shooting occurred at a birthday party for a 16-year-old in Dadeville, Alabama, according to police and local residents at the scene.

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Police on Sunday were investigating a shooting that left at least four people dead and multiple others injured in Dadeville, about 50 miles northeast of Montgomery.

The shooting happened at a birthday party around 10:30 p.m., Sgt. Jeremy Burkett of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said. There was no initial confirmation about what led to the shooting, and it was not immediately known whether a suspect was in custody.

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  1. This Defines Exactly who we are in this Nation..! Doesn’t happen in any other Civilized Country on this Planet..! DISGUSTING..!

  2. soooo upsetting. there was literally just a shooting not even a week ago. my heart hurts ☹️☹️☹️

  3. The usual suspects no doubt.
    How pathetic that people can’t even celebrate a birthday without some malcontent taking their lives.
    My heart hurts for the dead , injured , and their families and friends.
    I also feel for the people who have to live around these criminals who terrorize their neighborhoods.
    I live outside of Memphis , Memphis like much of the South is a shithole.

  4. sadly after living in this region of Alabama.. the first word i would use to describe it is.. VIOLENCE

  5. I find it extremely bizarre that this man asks us to keep police in their prayers. That’s stupid. No. There’s no reason to idolize police.

    Second, why are they repeating the line that they don’t want this event to “define” the town? What kind of nonsense is that? This is a moment for introspection and to fault guns and gun culture. There’s no excuse anymore. None.

    1. No gun shot 28 people here. It was a single person committing the act. Blaming the inanimate object is nonsense.

    2. Guns don’t kill people. People do. I doubt this guy had a legally possessed firearm. 50% of all murders are committed by the protected species. Put it on the community that celebrates thug life in almost every aspect of their culture. Don’t put this on legal gun owners. Furthermore, the cities with the toughest gun laws are the ones with the most homicides, they are also most likely Democrat run.

  6. DJ said everyone knew there was a guy with a gun at the party. The party was stopped and he was asked to leave. But nobody left. An hour later the shooting started.

  7. I was born and raised in Alexander City and it’s said that people can’t feel safe at a birthday party. Police show your presence and put the word out that you will not rest until the people responsible are found. Reassure the victims family that this will not be tolerated in the city. Stand on something and get in them streets and find these MF’s before sone upset parents go on a rampage.

  8. 13 Crowns band must have their reactions. Tell Congress we are in a dangerous ground we need to stop gun violence. Now.

  9. A community that is about half white and half black, that right there tells you what kind of community it is.

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