Shooting Spree in Mobay Jamaica | TVJ News - June 28 2021 1

Shooting Spree in Mobay Jamaica | TVJ News – June 28 2021


A manhunt is on for four men who shot and injured seven persons in John's Hall in Saint James, Jamaica on Saturday as we hear in this report from Codi-Ann Barrett the gunman went on a shooting spree while evading authorities.

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  1. I Lioke This DoctorToo Much Idle Shooting & Others Been In Line Before Them & Ah Nuh Crime RelatedSo& Dem Ah Run& Down With Dem Fi Have Dem Own Nurse & Doctors In Ah Dem Gang

    1. @Zicon News as we can see they ate still doing it in the daytime so a curfew nah help much. The entire country shouldn’t be punished because of ignorance. The court just need to not play with them when all criminals are found and give them the max sentence so they can slow down and come up with a buy gun back program where the government purchase all guns that’s from the streets

    2. Curfew only spread crime all over the country, because when curfew started the criminal move to other areas, curfew doesn’t fight crime it only protects communities from criminal by chasing them into other communities

  2. Mi a tell u bout dem young bwoy yah weh deh kill off other ppl pickney dem nuh no mercy at all

  3. The government need to implement jobs ,new skills,,so the young people’s can find works are trade to do ,,the devil find work fi for people’s who have too much time on them hands.

    1. What are you talking about??? many of these criminals don’t need jobs or work. they are just barbaric killers and there is one solution to deal with these individuals, PUT THEM TO SLEEP… They are demonic possessed. I am sure that before the week is done, they will be brought to justice.

  4. Can some body tell wat these people are fighting for why can’t they stop the shooting and let us live in peace

    1. I still can’t see what is really going on in Jamaica too much shooting for what… the MOSS he needs to do something too much ppl been kill innocently… plz God we need help

  5. R these gunmen living under a stone? They live in a house with someone who is enjoying the loots. Mothers, girlfriends, grandparents, community members know who they are. The government need an anonymous number to call and report them so the cops can get them. Those who harbor them needs to be charged too. Those patents who are crying once they are arrested about how good their children are let them tell us where they work. If u have an adult child not working but can buy expensive goods u should be reporting them to the police. Things don’t fall from the sky just for them.. It’s not about not having jobs. I see Tania on her channel where some tradesmen are seeking help to do buildings and can’t find help. The parents need to get help for their kids when they c them straying. They can’t live by fear. If their children and their gangs don’t kill them another group and their gangs will or might take them out. There r other Caribbean countries that do not have 1/10 of the crime in Jamaica . Jamaicans for some unknown reason have a pride in criminality which is crazy. Some countries e.g. NZ is proud to boast low crime rate. We can b like them. People need to live in peace. Tourists and foreign residents are fearful to come to Jamaica.

  6. This man is a talk like the public is out here saying shot me shot me, me want to get shot… wat he should be said is police need to kill the gun men or fla need to give hand out gun license so ppl can protect them self from gun men

  7. Manise to socity..get rid of them. .the goverment cant.handel them. Call for outside help. Before the Election things has calm down. What happen now

  8. But innocent people is caught up in the carelessness..u cant say genuine people need the blood Doc!! Every life is important

  9. Everybody has an opinion but I guarantee you nobody goes out of their way to do anything people are selfish creatures only concerned on self preservation

  10. Jamaica,is always in the negative spotlight,its sooo depressing to watch their news. Im an outsider,sorry for the people who live there.

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