Shot Down? Evidence Suggests Iran Struck Ukrainian Plane By Mistake – Day That Was | MSNBC


  1. If they stand behind the mechanical failure option then why won’t Iran turn over the black box? Bottom line, these deaths are TRUMPS fault and his administration’s fault

    1. Nope. It all goes back to Iran killing over 600 plus US soldiers in Iraq during Bush and Obama’s administration. Obama called Iran out then for their butchery.

    2. Ukraine added more charges against Quid Pro Joe’s Mafia Buddies from Burisma, about a month ago, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats had something to do with it.

  2. I notice the gent standing behind Trudeau is wearing a Sikh turban. Cool. Sikhs rock. To the tune of the ditty from “My Fair Lady:” 🎶 Why can’t the Muslims be more like the Sikhs? The Sikhs are so friendly, so easy to please.” 🎶

    1. That “gent” is our Minister of National Defense, the Honourable Harjit Sajjan, retired Canadian army Lieutenant Colonel. Definitely cool, as is the Sikh leader of our New Democratic Party, Jagmeet Singh.

  3. Lol duh. Wtf do you think would happen when Iran is ready to get bombed? They are also too stupid to disarm their air defense systems while civilian air liners are taking off and landing

  4. I think the fact that this piece aired by using definitive words like ‘Mistake’ when there is no direct evidence to prove that it wasn’t intentional is a ‘Mistake’ in itself.

    1. I would think is was a mistake the same as a US warship shooting down Iran Air Flight 655. Wars and the lead up to war has consequences and innocent people die. We must never take war lightly. It should always be a last resort.

    2. Jerry,
      Since there was no logic in shooting this plane down, and considering the circumstances, and in the absence of any evidence of a deliberate conspiracy, this should be considered a mistake.

    1. @Crystal Giddens who cares what fat boy says. his death toll keeps rising. no remorse, no compassion. he is a mass killer by proxy. he probably gets sexually aroused with every death he causes. sick m f’er.

    2. @crocusflower I do not believe Trump revels in the death of innocent people. He simply doesn’t accept responsibility for it. He has spent his entire life excusing himself for everything he does, and getting away with it. This is probably why he is so impulsive and never considers consequences. He knows he will be able to wash his hands — usually by blaming someone else — of any bad consequence of his actions or words.
      Trump could drop a piano on someone’s head from a 10th floor balcony and claim, “If it was a decent piano, I wouldn’t have thrown it away,” or, “It was _his_ fault for being there at that time.” He could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and claim, “Pelosi made me so mad I didn’t know what I was doing. It’s _her_ fault.”

  5. Iran showed how accurate their guided missile systems were with the strike on Iraq. Then they shot down a passenger plane, during assent from their largest airport, on a known and frequently used path.

    1. @Jefryt 67 They were trying to show off that they could, just flexing on the US. We were supposed to ” be warned of the Iranian might” and such. Then someone gave the new guy the AA button.

    2. there missile systems are ok they arent that great and all of their home built missile systems are dogshit

  6. Why was the airport even open at that time? Why would a passenger plane even be allowed to be in the air in that area? RIP my fellow Canadians.

    1. Trump never informed any Allies of his intent to assassinate the leader of another country
      all Allies were left under the bus and wide open to be attacked.

    2. @hv ac Plus, there’s the time difference. This happened at 6 a.m. their time Tuesday morning. From the video, you can see how dark it is there. And Canada only found out about it later that night into the very early hours of Wednesday morning our time. So how can you know when Iran will retaliate? Trump didn’t even tell the U S. Congress that he killed Soleimani. Only well after the fact did he tell them.

  7. No matter if it’s a mistake (misfire) or accident that’s still a lot of people that will never make it home, I feel sorry for their family’s.

    1. @Megatron Megatron And Iraq. Twice. “They will greet us as liberators.” That was another war loving neocon lie.

  8. Either by mistake or because they found out there was an intelligence asset on board. I bet the people you meet on a flight between two war zones are very interesting.

  9. It’s sad that we’re getting more credible information from Canada and other countries than from our own. Shameful. Thank you to our allies who try to keep us as informed as possible.

    1. If you’re American, then we’re hearing the same thing in our news. So not sure what you’re talking about.

  10. This deadly mistake wouldn’t have happened if Trump had not taken his reckless takeout of Soleimani! The deranged madman must be removed permanently!!

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