Shot Over a Simple Mistake

On April 13, 16-year-old Ralph Yarl was shot when he went to the wrong address to pick up his siblings. Days later, 20-year-old Kaylin Gillis was shot and killed in upstate New York after her and a group of friends turned into the wrong driveway. We explore what these types of incidents say about gun culture in America, and how police across the country are preparing for the worst as gun reform remains stalled in Washington.

Guest: Josh Campbell, CNN Correspondent

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    1. @Jay Mass I carry daily. Never shot anyone. I’ve shot tons of snakes and coyotes though.

  1. It’s beyond crazy that a simple mistake that lots of people every day make all over the world results in death for some people.

    1. @Blake The great one well of course there’s other ways to kill people BUT it’s a lot harder to kill someone from a distance whilst they are in a car 🙄

    2. @Sarah Barrett not really. There are plenty of weapons that can kill someone from a distance and through a car window. A crossbow is a good example ,and they are pretty common. Depending on the distance you could kill them with a couple of rocks.

    3. @Blake The great one oh yeah a crossbow. Of course. Everyone has access to those. And of course rocks. You seem to have plenty rolling around your vacant cranium.

    4. @Sarah Barrett lmao. You can buy them at any sporting goods store,and most Wal marts. So, yes, everyone has access to them. A rock can break the windshield and then you hit the person in the head hard enough With another rock and they die. You not understanding this concept is utterly hilarious. Lmao

  2. “Absent a firearm, what would or could you have done in the situation?” should be asked and/or assessed in each of these cases by the prosecution.
    There is a huge conflict between “Imminent threat” and “duty to retreat”. Exercising the latter mitigates the former. The law has to define “imminent” more carefully. I define it thusly: If there were no OTHER options, with or without a firearm, only then may a situation be considered imminent.
    “Imminent threat”, “I feared for my life” when no such imminent threat exists is used far too often and, unfortunately far too successfully..
    Shooting at a retreating car is, by its nature, no longer an imminent threat.
    If I open a door to a stranger, I could just as easily immediately close and lock it. “He shut the door in my face” is a fairly common expression. Now, if after shutting the door the person attempts FORCED entry, then some kind of defensive action would be justified.

    1. If someone forced your door open, you wouldn’t have the duty to retreat into your house is what you’re saying?

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  3. It’s heartbreaking to hear about these tragic incidents of gun violence, especially when innocent people are shot simply for going to the wrong address. I’m curious to hear what others think about the legal implications of using deadly force in these situations.

    1. If it is not a justified shooting , then the shooter has to face consequences. Some sort of reckless homicide, manslaughter, something to that nature I would assume.

    2. The only solution to this gun violence problem is to outlaw all firearms, and the maximum penalty should be life in prison without parole for being in possession of those firearms. Of course after this law passes there will be a 24 hour grace period to turn in all of their guns or face life without parole. That’s the only solution to me that makes perfect sense. It’s time to get rid of the second amendment and outlaw all firearms. Wedont need to keep enduring this day after day, year after year.

  4. Imagine the number of sociopaths out there, eagerly waiting for the moment when they think they have an excuse to shoot.

    1. Exactly why before getting a position of authority they need to have psych evaluations. Police are a good place to start.

  5. A group of five men break into a house in the middle of the night. How can you stop them because the police officers have all quit.

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  6. At this point US News Channels could easily have a “daily shot count” segment with the daily death count related to guns.
    Imagine HOW FKN FAST people would wake up.
    I don’t even understand how anyone could raise children in this country, when every day at school could be their last.

    1. Because there are 70k defensive shootings and 300k-500k brandishings a year. For reference that is 2x as many people saved by guns.

    2. @Blake The great one I was just reading about a male turned female in a home invasion in Memphis last night. Home owner shot him in the groin.

    3. @Blake The great one I hear he’s getting a Bud light commercial, Real men of genius. We salute you mister picked the wrong house to rob!

  7. CNN, where’s your report on the 6yr old girl and her parents shot by a neighbor when their basketball rolled into his yard?

    1. Seems like there is something about that story that outrages you significantly more than these stories?

    2. @umbraemilitos
      They are all outrageous. Why not cover them all equally? How about the black on black violence in urban cities everyday?

  8. Don’t blame the guns blame the fear that the media has caused. We have 80 million gun owners in this country, if just a 10th of them were crazy we’d be having deaths from guns totaling 800,000. Gun owners are the most demonized group on the planet. Imagine if we treated people that drink alcohol like that, Every time a drunk driving accident happened that killed a child, Or domestic abuse Or the many other heinous things people do drinking, We’re made to feel Because they have alcohol or drink it they should feel responsible? Or how about people that use drugs do you make them feel personally responsible for the 100,000 overdose deaths, No in those cases you blame the individual. You seen what happened when the Goverment tried to ban alcohol, it gave rise to gangsters, you’ve seen what happened when you tried to ban drugs, You fueled the Cartel. They literally just sent a kid to prison for selling business cards that had a drawing on a gun part. The Columbine school shooting happened under a assault weapon ban.

  9. Driver in afternoon shot by black teen twice who leaned in shot white Tim Reynolds 4 more times by Oriole’s Stadium. Crickets.

  10. 24 hours 7 days a week. You will be born into that. I will try to be sensible for once. I am NOT JOKING.

  11. It also gets more immune and WORST as time goes by. Something i want YOU to EXPERIENCE too. Because i truly care for you.

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  12. Of course, you in the media are leaving a lot of key details out of these stories.
    The young black man who was shot was inside the home he walked into.

    1. @X x yes he was..when it was first reported the media said he entered the home , but quickly changed it to ringing the door bell kiddo.

  13. The biggest problem with these people is that they all see themselves as
    Keanu Reeves in a John Wick movie. When in reality, they are all afraid of their own shadows. They all live in a life of abject fear.If you snuck up behind them and whispered “boo” they would have an immediate bowel evacuation.

  14. This would not happen in any other first world country. If it did, the shooter had better have had a very good reason for shooting someone.

    I am a Canadian. I worry about what is happening in the USA.

  15. Proper perspective considers other points of view. Is the glass half full or half empty? Anyone with a weapon has the responsibility of discernment, period. Guns have become a fad. You mentioned Missouri. Missouri has a rep that wants machine guns legalized and the ATF abolished. Yeah right, that’ll help.

    1. Well stated. 👍

      Uvalde: AR-15
      Buffalo: AR-15
      Boulder: AR-15
      Orlando: AR-15
      Parkland: AR-15
      Nashville: AR-15
      Louisville: AR-15
      Las Vegas: AR-15
      Aurora, CO: AR-15
      Dayton, OH: AR-15
      Sandy Hook: AR-15
      Waffle House: AR-15
      FBI Office, OH: AR-15
      San Bernardino: AR-15
      Midland/Odessa: AR-15
      Poway synagogue: AR-15
      Sutherland Springs: AR-15
      Tree of Life Synagogue: AR-15

      This is universally known as a pattern.

      When a country with less than five percent of the world’s population, has nearly half of the world’s privately owned guns and makes up nearly a third of the world’s MassShootings, it’s time to stop saying guns make us safer.

      Marine veteran and gun owner.

  16. Here in Australia we don’t have a 2nd amendment but we love our great freedom and our peace. The last mass shooting of any consequence in this country was on April 28 1996. As a result of that shooting, the Australian government banned assault weapons and required registration of all firearms and licensing of all firearm owners. There have been just a few minor shootings in Australia in the 27 years since. The USA should consider the same changes to its law.

  17. We can only shoot someone who breaks into your home at night. First, there must be a warning shot. If they put on a light then you can only use enough force necessary to remove them from the premises. Shooting someone outside your house is a one-way trip to gaol. Having a gun handy for such a case is deemed to be premedicated murder.

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