Should The Covid Vaccine Be Mandatory? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Should The Covid Vaccine Be Mandatory? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Who should be required to take a Covid-19 vaccine once it's approved and available? Can employers or the governments mandate that? Outbreak response expert Dr. W. Ian Lipkin of Columbia University's School of Public Health joins to discuss. Aired on 12/2/2020.
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Should The Covid Vaccine Be Mandatory? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Don’t forget the liberal dilemma:
      Take The Trump vaccine and you have Trump pumping through your veins 4ever.
      Reject THE TRUMP vaccine and risk dying from TDS.
      Who will be first?

    2. @2380Shaw It wouldn’t matter if they graduated in college, it’s still merely indoctrination. Let a college teach how to build and engineer while inserting liberal beliefs. It won’t happen.

    3. @David M Yeh I can imagine them pushing something like “architecture gender studies” for an architectural engineering degree or an “non racist building design methods” course. Heavon help us if all our buildings get built by these morons.

    4. @David M I wouldn’t put it past liberals to make architectural engineers take something like a “non racist building methods class”. They did find a big bolder at a college in Wisconsin “racist” so forced them to remove it off campus. Apparently a black student walked by that bolder and yelled the “n word”.

    1. @The Crazy Celt biden supporters promote 4 kinds of voter fraud:

      1. they stop counting to produce more ballots to drag him to finish line
      2. they stop counting to rig machine for produce ratios to help biden win
      3. they defend illegal immigration to abuse welfare to allocate the amount of house reprsentives allowed per county=they no longer have to pander to middle class
      4. these dems and rep play good bad cop games destroy iraq to syria but still blame russia, they want to migrant crisis usa=

    2. @christina alfonse Wow theyve got you completely brainwashed. I actually feel sorry for you. I honestly do and thats saying a lot because i usually trash people like you.

  1. “Safe as possible” doesn’t inspire much confidence in a rushed to market vaccine. No thanks.

    1. It’s a choice to wear a mask. A $1,000 fine or 20 hours of community service involving carrying corpses or nurses aids for awareness to a national threat. God knows eventually we’ll have nurse burnouts. Choices have consequences. We gave freedom’s of cellular privacy after 911 because of terrorism threats. It’s the price we pay for freedom. For the good of the whole. It sucks, but our forefathers gave more as patriots than we’ll ever understand.

  2. Given that timeline for admissions, I am remembering how Tramp was running around the country having around 5 or 6 rallies per day.
    Coincidence much???

    1. He, his staff and his maskless minions being in and out of Michigan for the past two months has certainly sent our covid-19 case-load clear out of sight.

  3. I have decided that I will have the vaccine but that is my choice. However I do not think you could make some thing like this mandatory. My personal concern is that if a lot of people dont have it we will not see a way out of the situation we are all in. Still it has to be down to individual choice.

    1. @On Point Dogs The gun stores love it when you guys make this stuff up. They sold tons of guns and ammo just before President Obama got into office.
      He was in office for 8 years and nobody came for your precious guns.

    2. @Primalxbeast The problem with your argument is that they have no clue if this vaccine prevents infection or transmission. They are only testing for symptoms and serious disease. So these vaccines may protect you from getting sick but essentially make you an asymptomatic carrier. We know it will not be as effective as they state when distributed to the general public. They are currently only testing on healthy people and vulnerable people tend to have different immune responses to vaccines that make them less effective. So this vaccine may be a complete bust and not a solution at all. Long term effects are unknown at this point. And short term effects on anyone with a pre existing condition are also unknown.

    3. @Primalxbeast Have you been listening to the campaign promises of Biden/Harris? I don’t see the point of going back to Obama, since Obama never said he was going to outlaw/confiscate any category of guns. Biden has spoken on the subject numerous times.

    4. @FirstName LastName It’s not an argument, it’s just an explanation of how vaccines work to protect a population of people.
      I’m not overly comfortable with this particular vaccine myself, but hundreds of thousands of people dieing isn’t a good thing either. And even if you don’t die, there can be long-term damage.
      It will be months before the vaccine will be available to the general population anyway, and by that time, they’ll have more data on the vaccine.

    1. Can all the demoncrats and big tech and media actors all take it first!!!??? Oh yeah and Hollywood and Trump haters.

    2. Noway let the liberals go nuts deciding between The Trump vaccine literally pumping through their veins or risking death by covid due to their TDS.

    3. Yeh we want you liberals to take that “Dr.” Bill World depopulation Gates” “final solution vaccine” . But instead of being made from the tissue of murdered babies it should be made from the tissues of executed death row murderers.

  4. I have questions about the vaccine. What are the side effects (short term AND long term), how long does it confer immunity, this is new technology so how will it affect the human body, how much money is Big Pharma making off of this vaccine & using us as potential guinea pigs. I’m not an anti-Vaxer by any means, by there are questions not being answered.

    1. We don’t know the long term effects of the Vaccine, supposedly long term effects show up 2 months after they’re injected instead of years after. We can say the same thing about Covid-19. We don’t know the long term side effects of this Virus, short term, yes you don’t die, highly unlikely you die, but we’ll see what happens in the long term, for both the Vaccine and those who are and have been infected. Its kind of like picking your poison at this point.

    1. When will a society calling ITSELF a CHRISTIAN majority lose it’s fear of DEATH? CHRIST says very clearly, “My Father is a GOD OF LIFE, NOT of death!!” The real question facing the world today is whether we believe in a POWER that gives us LIFE, or do we CHOOSE to put GREATER FAITH in death? Remember the RESURRECTION? What do you suppose we are meant to learn from it? And how about the words, “AS YOU BELIEVE, SO IT IS DONE UNTO YOU!!

    2. @Lucy Arias God has no religion.. God is bigger than 4 walls of a “church” ..God is bigger than you think or will ever know

    3. This is the problem, you have an opinion and everyone calls you a Karen. It’s crazy how many sheep there are, why is it that people free thought are made to look dumb?

    4. @Jaime Rodriguez I agree. The word religion in its semantic roots simply means to UNIFY, TO BIND TOGETHER, TO HEAL AND MAKE WHOLE. In other words, it’s about UNIVERSAL INTEGRATION and has NOTHING to do with SECTS talking about my god is better than yours and if you don’t agree I’ll bash your head in until you do.

  5. No simply create a ‘vaccine-free’ safe space for the anti-vaxxers, say on the sandy shores of the beautiful Beaufort Sea. That seems equitable.

  6. Do we care about the people that refuse to take it?

    We spend a lot of time trying to be right and arguing with people. It is their life to forfeit

    1. Right? Someone once said “Freedom isn’t free” sometimes you gotta listen to reason regardless of politics

    1. @TheHopetown defo for dirty tramp supporters. But they must remove their diapers first. It is law. And don’t use long words like mandatory they won’t understand the question.

  7. They’ve done everything they could and left no stone unturned. Really? Have you taken out the mercury, formaldehyde , and aluminum? GTFOH! If the vaccine is so great, there would be no need to make it mandatory. As for persuading people to wear masks, stop the BS. We can’t go shopping without wearing a mask, so who’s not wearing them? This is pure propaganda.

    1. Mask wearing is not universal. I live in a place where people refuse to wear them, and the store owners won’t enforce them. Anti-maskers are affecting my rights. Allowing anti-vaxxers to affect my rights, same problem.

    2. @Jo S. I’m surprised. Are you in the U.S? If so, I need to move there. LOL. I’m not anti-vax; I’m pro health. Do your research on that. The info is not hard to find. Go to the CDC website.

  8. I don’t think so. Our government doesn’t get to be so incompetent and dishonest…and THEN FORCE me to let them to inject something my body.

    Not gonna happen.

  9. Even if it was mandatory, the anti-maskers, believers in the hoax theory, herd immunity advocates and just rebellious individuals would not do it.

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