Should You Wear A Mask To Protect From Covid Delta Variant? 1

Should You Wear A Mask To Protect From Covid Delta Variant?


With concerns growing over the Delta variant of Covid-19, here's what you need to know about whether you need to start wearing a facemask in public again. MSNBC's Brian Williams talks with Dr. Nahid Bhadelia.
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    1. @yourmomsboyfrend Buddy, I suggest you reread my origional comment! You seem to be a little lost! I’m a Republican! I’m saying these people contradict themselves! Even after the 2nd comment, you STILL don’t understand! The n95 mask doesn’t cover your eyes, now does it! And YES! It causes just as many problems! Reread the comments! I suggest you look questions as well. I didn’t insult anything, because you don’t seem to have any! I also said, PEOPLE WEARING MASKS STILL GET SICK!

    2. @Censored User ok see you used they’re as in they are experts so I should inform myself thats why it seemed so confusing and instead of correcting yourself you decided to act like the lefties do and eat your own. And you doubled down on insulting my intelligence again after i said i was confused by what yoy say just makes it worse. The way you conduct yourself during debates is making the rest of us look bad and makes it easy for others to mistake you as a lefty. Now if you would have said their experts i would have understood better and i would have added to your comment as well. The last part of your comment was definitely uncalled for.

    3. @PES TOULKORK stop living in fear cases r at all time low and r plummeting they’re just fear mongering all of us

  1. One thing I find disturbing, almost insidious, is that I’ve never heard one mention of official WHO/CDC guidance talking about improving our overall health, getting good quality sleep, drinking lots of water and any other measure that’s easily taken to give your immune system the best chance to do it’s thing, quite apart from measures to improve your immune system directly. Surely, that can’t be the only approach, but it’s such a basic consideration that every human on the planet could set about without any help from medical experts or drug companies. Moreover, it is something we could all unite around, lock arms, and move forward.

    1. @A then why like 98% survived this garbage if your immune system can’t handle it most people that get sick of this mess was immune compromised from beginning why not tell people to lose weight eat better exercise plenty of water and vitamins why they not saying that

    2. @Michael Mayo everyone already knows that. They dont say it explicitly regarding COVID because vaccination has been shown to be very effective. The most effective. If you dont think “healthy” people get sick and die you are not paying attention. AND, LIKE I SAID BEFORE: This is a NEW virus and we dont have immunity for it! Please read up on that part.

    3. @Michael Mayo And I must say your attitude seems very very uncomapssionate. There are all kinds of people in theis world with all kinds of conditions due to no fault of thier own. You sound like a NAzi, frankly. And guess what? Someday you will be old. You might not be ready to die of a preventable virus. Just get vaccinated. I really havent heard any good reason not to, and plenty of reason to do it.

    4. @A nope I’m apart of the control group would never put that poison inside me and I’m 55 brother probably older than you and nazi I don’t think so I’m black your health is not part of my concern eat better exercise get plenty of sunlight and this monkey stuff won’t be able to bother you but keep getting those nanobots shots will see in longterm what will happen peace

  2. only tyrants don’t follow their own orders pritzker not wearing one this is going to go on forever

    1. @Flusha Art liberal men are equal level to conservative children, they will never be at the level of a conservative MAN.

    2. Another “expert” we’ve never seen lecturing us on what to do. If Fauci is now unreachable, why should we trust his replacements?

    3. She was providing the best known facts not spouting her “opinion”. Most do not understand how to take the information and apply to their own condition. Wear a mask! Get the vaccines! Quit second guessing doctors..

    4. @Duramax Dad lost of vaccines are mandatory. if you go abroad, you need to have certain vaccinations. if you go to Public school, same thin. This is not new. yall are crazy.

  3. If you like the feel of the mask on your face, and think it makes you look good, then go right ahead. That’s about the only thing that it’s good for. I see the madness is starting up again.

    1. Go look at the chart on Google of new cases in the US. It’s at lows not seen since last March. When they say, “A massive percentage of new cases are Delta” What they mean is… “We wiped out the other version, so of the few new cases, most of them are this version.” But the real question isn’t if you have antibodies, or if you’re vaccinated… it’s whether you should wear 5 masks or 100 masks when you raid your local store for the last of their toilet paper?

    2. @Thorman Agreed. We should use something neutral that doesn’t offend any real person to label these viruses.. Like Disney cartoon characters. We’ll start with Christopher Robin.

    3. Gamma variant is already here. It’s the strain from Brazil detected earlier this year.

    4. New Lambda Lambda Lambda Variant will require all covid nerds to keep a mask on their faces indefinitely, and will be closed (to new oxygen) until further notice, just like all of the nations’ water fountains!!!

  4. I’m not anti masker, I wore mine respectfully but this is tiring. I got vaccinated for covid and feel like it was for nothing because now they are telling us fully vaccinated people we should wear them. Like what. I’m tired of going through this.

    1. @Lefty BStubeI am enjoying the covid deaths of Republicans who could have prevented their own demise had they been more intelligent. Make stupid choices. Get stupid results.

    1. Yes and No! How knowledgeable your “personal judgment” is determines if the decisions made are correct. I like the fact that our family had no colds or illnesses within the year of quarantine. So some distancing from people helps in many ways besides the virus. Good luck!

    1. @Karen will expose you that people need to get over covid and these variants also that we all need to push back on this fear mongering from the media its simply a control mechanism. We have also gotten over way worse than covid we will be fine in the big picture.

    2. @TITAN productions You
      ‘re joking right? Let me just give you one example of about 100. Even if you’re on welfare and never pay any taxes the dollar has been so diluted with that so called free money you will pay more for everything as you can see that happening now. Now that you got your FREE money you can buy less with it than before you got it .Works that way with just about everything, the more that is available of something the less it’s worth.

    3. @Karen will expose you bro I don’t think you live in America. But our economy is very powerful with a GDP of 22trillion and growing, I think the feds can give us couple of billion.

    4. @Bidencrimefamily  @Karen will expose you  bro I don’t think you live in America. But our economy is very powerful with a GDP of 22trillion and growing, I think the feds can give us couple of billion, living expenses will go up on expensive places like Cali or Seattle but who cares, those places were always expensive due to democratic control.

  5. Not enough time was allowed to study all of the side effects of the vaccines…… I guess we will have to wait and see what happens to the ones that received their full regimen…..

  6. I wish I could name the one religious country “our ally” that has been able to destroy cultures in the occupied countries while non-descendant can’t even get married in thiers. Will this edit post?

  7. Why is so hard to understand the masks are not to prevent infection but reduce spread from people who are infected.

    1. Point me to the data that shows masks stopped any spread. All of the blue states that had the most stringent mask and lock down policies in place didn’t do any better (and some worse) than the ones that didn’t

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