Siblings pull prank on unsuspecting grandparents | Humankind 1

Siblings pull prank on unsuspecting grandparents | Humankind


"It was just beyond my dream." Grandparents find the sweetest surprise hiding in their bedroom.
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After not seeing their grandparents for more than 200 days, Christine and Kevin Modica decided to go over and beyond to make their reunion special.

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    1. Thank you, no permission to access my key though or american computers , so it’ll be considered terrorism

  1. Everyone is the same why are they so different get someone
    diverse all we see is a happy white privileged family
    No offence

    1. Instead of bashing us white people we need more people such as yourself to do something kind and get it publicized! Sky is the limit bud!

    2. Seriously? Something as wholesome, sweet, and innocent as this and somebody’s gotta chuck the race card? Check y’self, buddy.

    1. What are you smoking? Can I get some must be amazing to actually feel a hug thru video, lol

    2. It was the best hug i ever had, you have a big heart… on like some people that ask what your smoking.. he needs more hugs lol

  2. Beautiful family. Lots of love and careing. May GOD bless them n give them many special times/days together.

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