Simone Biles is owning her G.O.A.T. status heading into the Tokyo Olympics | USA TODAY 1

Simone Biles is owning her G.O.A.T. status heading into the Tokyo Olympics | USA TODAY


Simone Biles is constantly learning and upgrading her gymnastics. With four elements named after her, the sky is the limit for Biles.


She also wants more women to own and recognize their greatness, which she says is something women are often criticized for more than men.

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  1. I don’t think anyone has a reason to be cocky. However, with athletes like Simone or Serena, they are the greatest of all time in their sport, and when you are the greatest, simply saying that you are is not being cocky, it is simply acknowledging facts, and they have worked so hard they should own it.

  2. Be all that The Lord God has created you to be! Be Bold, you are an amazing young woman and athelet! I pray you Continue to do great things that this America and all over will stand up and take notice!! With much that is given much is required! You are amazing The goat goat !!! God Bless you young sister!!

  3. shes the best female gymnast of all time and shes bounds and leaps ahead of her competition, and she doesnt get nearly enough credit for the almost impossible skills she does. she has every right in the world to be cocky and proud of herself. nobody can ever compare to her or ever will

    1. And the thing is, she isn’t cocky about it, she really is very humble and down to earth. But, the best is the best. I loved what she said about medals are just mettle, what’s important is how you behave and what kind of person you are while being an athlete.

  4. Music – Michael Jackson
    Basketball – Michael Jordan
    Golf – Tiger Woods
    Tennis – Serena Williams
    Gymnastics – Simone Biles
    Sprinting – Usain Bolt
    Boxing – Floyd Mayweather

    Let’s hold this W together!

    1. Don’t put Michael Jackson and simone biles in the same paragraph. one is an abuser, one has gone through the horrific ordeal of being abused

    1. @Russell Smith she’s an unbelievable talent on those bars. So graceful. It’s like butter. There’s a very dancerish/Nastia quality to Suni’s bars. Just more power. She’s very talented

    2. @EmpireOnEighteenth like there is no lie in what your saying is what I am saying. She is representing the color girls too

    3. @Russell Smith YES!! We love that for her!! It’s so cool to see such a diverse team! I’m loving it. I’ll be excited to see a Hispanic girl (I mean I know Jordan is half Hispanic) but I just love that this sport is showing little girls it doesn’t matter your background, this can be for you. You can be an Olympian!

    4. If she focuses on this, she could. But it is not possible in this current field of expertise. Maybe if she lays off her feet, she could work on challenging herself on bars.

  5. She has truly matured so much. People take for granted that age and experience brings maturity and that’s not always true. There are some older gymnasts speaking as brand reps for sports drinks/mattresses and it’s a stressful event listening to them struggle to answer questions about their own sport (present or past).

  6. I love the new Simone. The one who isn’t afraid to own her talent. She’s still humble and is supportive of others. If another woman of her caliber comes along in her lifetime I believe she would be the biggest cheerleader.

  7. she is 100% correct, there is an incredible bias towards female athletes, and even more correct when it comes to how different men and women are treated when they claim their abilities.

  8. i just pray she and the rest of her team mates stay well and can compete to the best of their abilities. so many athletes are coming down with covid, despite all the restrictions and care taken. Some of the new variants are so incredibly contagious. There is a documented case of the Delta variant being passed on from simply walking past someone in the mall … they weren’t even that close, and took less than 3 seconds. That they have been vaccinated provides some protection, but even then, the vaccines ar eless effective with the newer variants, with only 80% or so working to protect people from the virus

  9. Absolutely phenomenal, isn’t she. God, i have respect for this Spring, Texan magical lady, Simone Biles…

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