Voter restriction laws: Why Republican states are changing them | Just the FAQs 1

Voter restriction laws: Why Republican states are changing them | Just the FAQs


Republican states are passing several voter restriction laws in response to Trump’s 2020 loss. Here’s how it could impact midterms and 2024 elections. RELATED:

WASHINGTON – Senate Democrats are taking the fight over voting rights to the states as the issue becomes a hot topic.

With Georgia on their minds, Democrats on the Senate Rules Committee held a rare field hearing Monday in the Peach State, where lawmakers recently passed new election laws. Democrats say the new restrictions could disproportionately affect turnout among Black voters.

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    1. VERY RESTRICTIVE. If you are DEAD you CANNOT vote. You can ONLY vote once, If you are ALIVE. And you MUST provide ID so you can be caught is voting more than once.

    2. @Brian H In other words, it prevents Republicans from using the voting fraud tactics they have always used.

    1. @Story Gordon you try to rationalize everything, but you seem to forget that honesty and integrity are pretty much nonexistent in this country anymore. People aren’t going to admit anything, and as long as we have a corrupt administration that controls the DOJ and FBI, nothing is going to be done. There is no doubt in my mind that there has been cheating in nearly every election, but this last election has proved that corruption rules. Nice try Gordon, but it’s time to face reality.

    2. @1littlestunner – You may need to get out more. Volunteer at your county election office and learn how real Americans – Democrats, Republican and Independents – work to protect our elections. If fraud was rampant there wouldn’t be any Democrats elected in red states or Republicans elected in Blue states.

      Why would the Presidential election be the only one with massive fraud? If everyone in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin wouldn’t have a single Republican Representative or Senator elected.

      Do some research and think about it.

    3. @1littlestunner – P. S. I don’t know where you live, but very few here are dishonest or lack integrity.

    4. @Story Gordon did I state I didn’t think there wasn’t fraud in local elections as well??? No……I did not. I get out more than enough to know how the system works Gordon, so you can take your self centered, self absorbed, self serving attitude and shove it. Self absorbed know it all’s like yourself are just as bad as the corrupt politicians. Keep wearing those blinders though……..they like it that way. Good riddance.

    5. @Story Gordon originally from Ohio, traveled 23 years in the military and retired near Ft Knox. Obviously you are the one who doesn’t get out and see reality very often.

    1. @AGgie Moe – Good point. Active voter registration groups encourage voters to call to make sure they are eligible.

    2. @Tim White You Repubs seem hell-bent on proving how ignorant and uninformed you are, and you’re doing a great job of it. Congratulations! You are finally successful at something!

    3. @99.6% Survival Rate When you believe anything a crack addict tells you in a YouTube video………..

    4. @Renee Scigirl You obviously didn’t watch them. It’s not what the millionaire ex-addict says, it’s what the experts in the video say. Stay stupid.

  1. There is absolutely nothing restrictive about any of the new laws. Delaware still has more restrictions than any of the new laws

    1. Funny how y’all focus on none of it being restrictive. But not on WHY these laws are being passed. Can you explain to me the justifications for passing this?

    2. @hector hernandez did you show ID to buy beer? do you show ID when you get on a plane? did you show ID to get a bacnk account? yet you think voting for the ppl who could easily kill you doesnt need ID, is this correct? i had to show 3 forms of ID to vote and im as white as snow. do you have a prob with a man who is as white as snow showing ID to vote? lots of questions there for ya hector. i doubt youll answer even one

    3. @JasonScott Maybe read some of the laws, then get back to us. You clearly don’t have a clue.

  2. Red states: Minorities are just as intelligent and responsible as everyone else.
    Democrats: No one leaves the plantation.

    1. Red states: Minorities and Democrats have no right to vote.
      Democrats: It’s a constitutional right. You would know that if you could read.

    2. @Renee Scigirl You again. Explain to all of us why Delaware has stricter voting laws than Texas and Georgia. You know the state where Biden comes from. We’ll wait.

    1. @hector hernandez thanks. I use to be homeless in my early twenties. The foodstamp office told me they wouldn’t give me anything because I was a man and didn’t breed a kid I couldn’t feed. So I started walking to work. Then I started working overtime. Night,day,both. Didn’t matter. Then I got a car. Then land. Then a house. Now I’m 46. Let me know if you want to buy some land. I got 100 acres,$25000 an acre. Or a truck. I have 4. Or a boat. This could only happen in America, but it can happen to anyone, any race,from anywhere in the world. Thats why there’s a line to get in yet no line to leave.

    2. @hector hernandez wrong, there are alot more accounts of fraudulant activity i just don’t feel like typing them up for the next 2 hours. AZ under oath has proof that is in need of response right now that approximately 75,000 more mail in ballots came back then went out. That should be enough right there to make you scratch your head. Like i said thousands of sworn affedeivits hundreds of court cases refused to be seen. Im not buying the safe election b.s. sorry not taking advice from your sorry a$$. My vote meens more to me than your feelings.

    3. @Impreza13 thank you my friend. May god bless you, your family, and the United States of America.

    4. @John Roberts come on little johnny boy tell us all why you feel this election was so fraud free.

  3. Yet not one single example of the laws that are restricting voters because there isnt one. Just the words voter restricting over and over like it could magically be willed into being true. Voter ID is not restrictive it is legitimizing. You need ID for medical aid and not even a US ID so stop lying about stopping people from voting.

  4. What an absolute load of crap! There are lies, and there are damnable lies. Tell you what Dems, if you don’t think election “integrity” laws are fair…move to another state. How about Delaware, Biden’s home state, where they have no early voting what so ever.

    1. We already had a fair election, one that republicans cannot stop crying about, and now they want to change the laws to suit them. Not gonna happen.

    2. @John Roberts Wrong! It will happen, who’s going to stop the Texas House from passing these laws. Those covid infected Dems that flew to Washington to cry to “Clueless” Dementia addled Biden? I think not. They don’t have the votes to defeat the filibuster in their own party. You lose!

    3. @Tim White it will be irrelevant when the dems pass their voting bill. So sad for racist republicans!

    4. @John Roberts So, you’re all for federalizing elections? That’s positively un-American. States have the right to conduct elections the way they see fit. And please stop saying “racist”, that word is used so much by Dems, that it’s becoming irrelevant. These voter “integrity” laws are not racist by any stretch of the imagination. Give me an example.

    5. @Tim White Reduced polling places in minority neighborhoods, while leaving plenty of polling places open in white suburbs.

  5. It’s about improving the security of the election to prevent fraud.

    You need an ID to update your vehicle’s registration, why wouldn’t you need it for the single most important right that determines the result of our democracy?

    1. @Sebastian no, it’s not, you keep calling what he says lies and delusions and he continues to be right. Not the example you were hoping for.

    2. @John Roberts it was taken away for those who were told they had already voted in Arizona when they hadn’t

    3. @John Roberts I’m not sure if you’re aware. Evidence has surfaced showing that the NIH and Fauci funded gain of function research in the Wuhan lab. He’s now on the hot seat for the death of millions. Again, look at other non-liberal sources

    4. @John Roberts I might believe that if I didn’t know any better. The problem is if it’s true why are Democrats so afraid of states doing a full forensic audit? I’ve seen too much gov’t corruption from both the state and federal levels to just take their word for it.

    1. You Repubs seem hell-bent on proving how ignorant and uninformed you are, and you’re doing a great job of it. Congratulations! You are finally successful at something!

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