1. RESPECT to CNN for airing this. It’s truly powerful to be able to give another person a chance to air thier views. I think it’s the first step to being able to gradually chip into the frailities of those views and convince them of “sounder” points.

    1. @flamingo boot “the history of the AR-15 in the US”…….interesting that you dont know that history.. most popular sporting rifle with millions in circulation, yet only less than 4% involved in crimes, and that percentage includes “all” long guns. Not just AR-15s..

  2. So what he’s saying is that it was inconvenient that it happened just before the NRA event so he’s going to step away until the noise dies down . . . then go right on with his card carrying NRA Buddies. . .

    1. @Steven Herder yes, it penalizes the innocent making them jump through legal hoops to exercise a right. Turning it into a privilege which is illegal.

  3. Isn’t that refreshing to see a elderly white man USING HIS CHOICE not to attend… meanwhile also in Texas women are losing their choices

    1. Women are not losing their choices, condoms, pills, abstinence, keeping your legs together, and so on.

  4. You dont need weapons of war to “defend yourself”. He is not genuine in saying that removing assault weapons in any way infringes in his second amendment rights

    1. Weapons of war… that includes just about every gun in history… so yea, it infringes the 2A.

    2. @Mel Gillham 12 gage shotguns are widely used, and the Israeli army used 22 longs, maybe still do? These people arguing against guns just don’t get it, guns are not the problem. g
      Gun powder was invented in the 9th century, the first “firearm” in the 10th, yet mass shootings have only happened in recent decades and primarily in the US. I think the reason is due to the decline in 2 parent households, lack of quality education and the liberal beliefs that an individual can be or do whatever they want. Girls can be boys, boys can be girls, you can’t hurt someones feelings and so on. Some of these idiots think gun owners are giddy when a shooting happens, no one I know wants to see or hear about innocent people being shot.

    3. @JR Porter It is absolute legal for a civilian to purchase a fully automatic weapon, as long as it was manufactured in 1986 or earlier, you have payed your $200 NFA (National Firearm Act) tax stamp for an automatic weapon transfer, and have passed the standard background check. At the time these restrictions came into force, in 1986, there were about 176 000 machine guns registered in the US. All of those guns are still legal for civilians to purchase from one another, as long as the $200 transfer tax is paid.

  5. It’s very bad taste to have a big convention after such a tragedy, NRA. I’m saying this as a human, and a gun owner.

    1. @There’s gold in these comments I live in the South and hunting is a way of life here, so my problem is definitely not with guns in general. We have one side of our government wanting to remove all guns and the other who doesn’t want to consider gun control. It would be refreshing to have some discussion and compromise to solve this problem.

    2. But these tragedies are now monthly, or weekly events in the USA. What’s really in bad taste is allowing 18 year olds to own semi-automatic weapons, military weapons.

    3. @Cheryl Pomeroy Understand at 18, American men hold rifles in other people’s lands. The government has no place to restrict an 18 year old from having a rifle. Especially when you consider the government benefited greatly from 18 year old men dying in wars. Also, handguns are used more in shootings. Are you also suggesting an 18 year old shouldn’t have a handgun?

  6. So this musician is more concerned about career damage control than anything else. Let’s get real here.

  7. He lost me when he started making excuses
    What happened 2 answering a question without feeling it’s a gotcha or trap

    1. He’s afraid of the reaction of his fans so he has to put up a bunch of qualifiers. For a proud gun owner you’d think he would be more courageous than that…..

    2. And then referencing CNN as a Left news sight. I’m glad Pam corrected him! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  8. Quoting the Bible as a reason to have a weapon is certainly a new low. I don’t think Jesus carried an automatic machine gun. How did it get to be so nuts over there.

    1. @Mel Gillham might Makes Right with you people the only way you understand anything is to vote you out. Then try to ignore that.

    2. @David Brown says the guy using might makes right language.. you people… how precious..🤣

  9. After interrupting Texas governor’s press conference by confronting the state officials and there inability or willingness to deal with a problems of mass- murder in Texas Beto O’Rourke went to donate blood.
    Governor off Texas , Greg Abbott went to re-election campaign fundraiser…

    1. @Mel Gillham He was right.Whether it’s political or not.Abbott and his potbellied pals were being political too.

    2. @Barbara Woodward Them thoughts and prayers Abbott said are nothing but for show!

  10. So essentially he’s not going to perform because it would be bad publicity. So brave.

    1. No…you missed it …this man is saying he mourns for his state’s loss…he said it in English….

    2. @Chito Dominguez moments before saying he will continue to support the NRA. He spoke very carefully. He’d make a great crisis actor for the NRA.

    1. Must be all the partying he did back in his younger days – before he tripped over something his big feet couldn’t clear.

  11. If you ask those parents that lost their children what they would rather have happened, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been that the teacher had a gun, but rather that the 18-year-old kid that bought that gun would never have been able to buy a gun.

    1. Nope, considering the feds dropped the ball again on this. The signs were there before he bought it..

  12. CNN, don’t get this twisted – Although he may seem to have an ounce of compassion, this is about PUBLICITY for him. It’s not a good look for him. That is all. Period.

    1. I agree with you. I appreciate his strength to pull out of performing, but the rest of his talk is just hog wash.

  13. We may not agree on everything, but I am really thankful that this man took the time to speak with CNN. He does have integrity. If we could all do more of this, we would realize we can agree on some small steps.

  14. I’m appalled by Larry’s excuses. I wish he would embrace the “right to life” as much as he embraces his guns. He seems to be more concerned about his fans thinking he’s turned his back on guns and the 2nd Amendment. They are probably the people who buy tickets to his concerts so this is probably a financial decision for him but not a moral one.

  15. Let’s be honest with ourselves, did you know at these NRA conventions you’re not allowed to have a gun on the premises. No guns allowed on the premises, that tells you everything you need to know. No guns on the premises of the Republican Conventions.

    1. @Ah-Mazing Grace i did look it up and its true the NRA does allow guns in accordance with local, state and federal laws and the guns were banned by the secret service not the NRA. trump probably told secret service to ban them lol along with pence probably did the same when he spoke too.

  16. You did the RIGHT thing Larry. There are other times you can perform but a TRAGEDY days ago , with RESPECT to these children & their family, I applaud you for NOT performing.

  17. To all the organizers and attendees of the NRA conference, thank you for mandating that civilian participants forfeit their 2nd Amendment rights in order to attend. This demonstrates that you understand, at a fundamental and existential level, that banning guns does indeed save lives and prevent gun violence. So thank you, for acknowledging with your deeds what you are unable to admit with your words.

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