1. @TyrannyWatch I think before you are allowed to purchase a gun you should have to watch the videos of this massacre💔

  1. I actually agree with the 11 year old. Why can’t the police officers risk their own lives in these situations to save the children? They can’t help anyone effectively from a parking lot.

    1. @alex stewart Sweetheart you don’t know what the duties of a police officer is but you need to read before you speak. Police officers take an oath to protect that is why when you read about a policeman getting killed it is always stated that they were killed in the line of duty!!! Honey before you open your mouth I suggest you read up on the oath that policeman take and understand what it means before you make the statement that protecting those children was not their job!!!

    2. Duh.
      Because no osy is good enuff to comoensate fir a lifetime.of lawsuits and.ppl.BLAMING COPS.
      Go afyer the ppl who set this wheel in motion.
      Leave the hod blessed cops alone

  2. I’m not even American and I feel ashamed of the police. For people saying “it’s protocol” the cops should’ve thought selflessly and gone in to save as many children’s lives as possible, that’s what the police are for. I can only imagine how many of the 21 lives that could’ve been saved if they would’ve gone in sooner. Instead, they stood outside like cowards and did nothing, absolutely nothing while those poor kids were inside, getting slaughtered or seeing their friends getting murdered right before their eyes while the gunman roams around freely, doing whatever he wants.

    1. @Gato 008 I see you like to just spew stuff without thinking. If you read my original statement I said it’s protocol to go in and stop the assailant. We don’t know what was holding them back and I won’t automatically assume what happened until I hear the entire facts come out.

    2. @Joe isawesome its not protocol in Texas if its active shooter, they said whoever ordered that was wrong

    3. @H In the two decades since Columbine, first responder protocol has drastically improved.

      Now, most police departments have rapid response officers who carry heavier assault weapons and are trained to enter immediately and “follow the firepower,” said Garrett. “If they hear shots, they’re going to keep moving closer and closer to it until they confront the shooter.”

      Youtube won’t let me post the link to source for some reason

    1. @Jen Vicinity We’ve all seen Lethal Weapon, and Chuck Norris, along with Dirty Harry, but the mis communication in these tragedies and protocols, combined with the small nature of the town and these officers were overwhelmed. I also see your point, those kids needed a hero. Truly heartbreaking.

    2. Yes. Me too.
      Brave. Courage under fire. Good mind on this one. I only wish her peace – what any true warrior wants.

    3. @H Unfortunately, this tragedy will fade quickly as the news cycle is voracious for human suffering and the inability, or unwillingness of elected officials to act responsibly.

  3. The police fail these kids I am so heart broken to here her recount this nightmare. My condolences to all the families affected by this tragedy.

  4. Imagine being 10 years old, covering yourself in classmates blood and playing dead, and knowing others are dead all around you.

  5. Disgust. Heartbreak. She was smearing herself in her friend’s blood, ON THE PHONE with the dispatch, and the USELESS “POLICE” were outside too afraid to go in there and help them??? FIRE EVERY POLICE OFFICER who would not go in without any pension. UNACCEPTABLE!! COWARDS. LIARS.

    1. @Chris Smith I agree. People find it so easy to judge without reason or experience. I hope the officers also get treatment. The only person to blame here is the shooter.

  6. What these kids have gone through because of that “man” is heartbreaking. Those kids will have to live with the memories of this day for a long time, and I hope that one day they will recover from this trauma.

  7. You know what’s really repulsive? The state will cover the costs for therapy and treatment for the officers because of the trauma they were exposed to but it won’t do the same for the familys or staff or other students.

    1. Her gofund is almost at a half of million dollars, what about the other kids and parents 😢

    2. @kimberly brooks Did they make GoFundMe accounts?

      Those ppl suffered. Watching their pockets is weird.

  8. Poor girl, I can’t imagine the trauma. The horrific things she was made to see and experience. Her childhood ended there, it’s gone. I hope she is able to move forward from this. It’s so sad.

    1. Nope.
      Shes a survivor. No different from a rape victim choosing to try to do something to survive. Us females understand survival.
      She exhibited courage under fire. Gid bless her for making it thru.

    2. Bullshit.
      Kids? See and know a lot more than what we think.
      Thyre tough. In other counyries? All over tge world? Kids join army at her age. Quit the pity party.

    3. Her childhood is not gone. She needs to heal, please don’t say things like this. It will be hard enough for her in the coming days, but she has not lost her childhood.

  9. I’m so sorry, kid. You should never have had to endure this. May God bless you and heal you body and mind.

    1. @Kotex Connection Yes, it would, as God can’t make humans behave “the way they should.” It’s up to each individual.

      The shooter’s soul will pay for his behavior and I’m glad that I’m not him.

    2. @Kotex Connection well of course. The same god who is all powerful, created the whole universe and everything in between can’t stop a human. Pretty astounding huh.

  10. That poor darling girl. This is horrific for her. I have a 11 year old girl like Mia, and I can’t begin to imagine her in trauma. I’m her protector and yet I feel like I’m letting my daughter down because adults will do nothing to stop weapons of war in our suburbs.

    1. @Jaslene Love I know MAGAs are mostly illiterate, so I hope this helps.

      Suburb: A suburb is an area outside of a principal city of a metropolitan area, which may include commercial and mixed-use, but is primarily a residential area. A suburb can exist either as part of a larger city/urban area or as a separate political entity.

  11. This rips my gut out, the scars just not physically but both physically and mentally this child will carry.

  12. This interview has broken my heart to shreds. No human, talk less of a child, deserves this experience.

  13. Sweet little girl is so intelligent, it’s heartbreaking that she had to do that. How horrifying but so smart. This is just too tragic for words really.

    1. Good mind on her. Wish her well for life. She did just exactky right. That alone is a burden to carry.
      Plus the 2 cops who rushed in and were shot? Stood up to it and kept shooter at bay until more cops came?
      Theres a few stories of many heroes.
      Im sure her parents will explain that cops were coming to their aid.

  14. Amazing how the child put a plan together.Hiding as dead has saved people in wars.AND BRAVE ! Making a call was very very dangerous.Thank God she lived ” to speak for them”.

  15. This little girl’s story just crushed my soul to its deepest core…the police should be ashamed….19 against 1 and it took an hour unacceptable 😢

    1. And it wasn’t even police that engaged the assailant it was a Border Patrol tactical team that disobeyed the incident commander

  16. This 11 year old is a great person on calling 911 for help. Thats impressive.

    God bless you and your family

  17. That little girl is a miracle. I can’t even fathom what she went through but I hope she knows nothing but unconditional love and happiness for her entire life after this incredibly dark trauma

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