Situation in Afghanistan is “unravelling,” warns retired general | Taliban seize more territory

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  1. We all new this was going to happen…as it always does…and has for hundreds of years. Let them fight their own battle!

    1. It’s not just taliban. It’s the culture. After years helping them they should have been in a better situation.

    1. Yes. Just like the Soviet Union and Britian before that. The Taliban are more patient than any foreign military. That’s all that was required of them to succeed (by their standard of success). It’s not a career for them. They can be patient. There is no home they need to get back to. They just sit tight and wait.

  2. Finally someone saying the pullout has been KNOWN FOR YEARS! The Afghan leadership incompetense is shown in their claim this was “sudden”…. it seems they were unable to prepare anything for the withdraeal.

  3. Oh no. I guess that means the warmongers – oops, Americans – will have to stay there forever, eh! smh

  4. Canada should take all our brothers needing help. Just look at all the space Canada has – our brothers need help. -Justin will help our islamic ummah.

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