Six dead following plane collision at Wings over Dallas air show | USA TODAY


    1. It’s my understanding that the big plane was not supposed to be there. There were several other smaller planes out of frame doing the same thing that small plane was doing so I believe it was the big plane that wasn’t in the right spot. I’m assuming we will learn more soon.

  1. This is the second loss of a B-17 over a populated area in 3 years. It brings into question as to whether it is wise to continue operating the remaining 8 that are still airworthy. It is also worth noting that the P-63 was never accepted by the U.S. military because of the difficult flight characteristics it had. The B-17 that crashed in Oct. 2019 at Hartford was attributed to pilot error. The pilot was aged 75 and the co-pilot 71. That aircraft is also difficult to fly and required a well trained flight crew to handle it. I had flown as a passenger on the B-17 that crashed in Hartford several year previous to the crash. It gave me a great appreciation for the skill required to fly one. When I went up it was known at the Nine-0-Nine on one side and Memphis Belle on the other. The pilots, also were considerably younger. It has been reported that the B-17 was being flown by retired airline pilots at the time. There are several reasons that the airlines have a mandatory retirement age of 65. Time to keep these aircraft on the ground or you won’t have them anymore.

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