1. @Deborah Freedman Republicans have been claiming all Democrats are marxists for over half a century and it is well played out. That fearmongering hasn’t worked for decades and you people think it’s gonna work now? Boomers…

    2. @Deborah Freedman Trump isn’t Putin’s puppet that is all BS. I agree on the fact Obama is more moderate than communist Bernie Sanders. But I think that Obama and Bernie are horrible when it comes to the economy.

    1. If the DNC ‘appoints’ a candidate over the popular candidate – most likely Bernie – who needs Russian interference? Trump will get reelected because voter turnout will be abysmal.

  1. After Super Tuesday, CNN will run a piece, “Democracy: Is it over-rated?” The corporate media is getting worried, too! Hilarious to see how money corrupts absolutely everything.

    1. @88Gibson LesPaul so trumps worse than democrats literally tossing your votes away…… I’m sure the Bernie Bros will just get over it lmao

    2. 88Gibson LesPaul if the death of democracy is what it takes then no thank you, dems need another wake up call with 4 more years of trump if they think they can ignore the will of the people. I absolutely guarantee a trump victory if super delegates steal this election from Bernie, the Democratic Party might never recover.

  2. The rules aren’t the rules when it comes to the DNC. They already bent them by allowing Bloomberg on that debate stage.

    1. Stay loyal beta. Your party will frame judges has sex offenders. Lie their asses off about collusion. And you keep supporting those scumbags.
      Im gonna be in here trolling and laughing when the sabotage bernie.
      you soyflakes think trump is evil?

    2. I hate it when the Dem’s argument is so stupid a Trump voter can see the problem. Thought we were supposed to be smarter than them?

  3. ‘Are superdelegates really undemocratic?’

    Short answer: YES.
    YOU FOOLS, complain about the electoral college one day, turn around and defend superdelegates the other day…..

    If the DNC takes this from Bernie: you will loose against Trump 100%
    None of the young voters will turn out.

    1. @Stephanie Young people show up when a candidate gives them something to show up for. Hillary gave them nothing. Obama promised something and they showed out but fell short.

    2. @Jeff Valcarcel Go vote in the Dominican Republic, with that last name you Idiot! 25 year olds are smart enough to realize when they are being fucked by this money hungry machine. Vote for the candidate you want no one is stopping you. I’ll Vote For #Bernie2020! That’s the candidate I believe In. I have no interest in any other candidate. #Bernie2020! Real Change Is Coming.

    3. @Edward Mercedes 25 year olds are snot-nosed little brats who should shut up and let the adults make the decisions.

    1. @Tiffany Lang Funny how you morons claim Trump has lied 17,000 times yet you can’t provide one example

    2. @William H Music 2020 The wall, taxes, healthcare plan, his crowd sizes, his contacts, his extra marital relationships, his reasoning for firing people, claiming obama wire tapped him, that he wouldn’t take aggressive action against syria, that he didn’t make a policy to lock kids in cages, that he was the most Pro LGBTQ president in history, that he’s a stable genius, his wealth, etc. etc. etc. etc.

    We fought the cold war to make sure that our leaders are chosen by our people not by party officials!

    1. @Roger Wilco no you can’t cause party officials rigged the system in a way that third party and independent candidacies are practically impossible, which is why third parties or independent’s barely exist

    2. @Andrew YT The DNC and RNC are both basically private clubs.. If they wanted to, they could draw straws, pull numbers out of a hat, or nominate the candidate by who has the best beard..
      If you don’t like it run as an independent.

  5. This is simple, taking away and changing the will of the people would be undemocratic and if and it’s even worse if someonecan pay people to get support from these delegates.

    1. The party has a right to select a candidate that fits its ideals. It never was meant to be a democratic process.

    2. Deborah Freedman Bernie Sanders is a champion for working people. If the democratic party can’t be a chanpion for working people, then people won’t vote the moderate candidate.

  6. DNC: “Super Delegates are good because popular vote doesn’t effect results”

    Also DNC: “Electoral College is bad because popular vote doesn’t effect results”

  7. It makes perfect sense.
    The purpose of the superdelegates is to plug all the drains and keep the swamp fully topped up.

  8. “A society grows great when old men plant trees under which shade they know they shall never sit.”

    1. ​@jerrold gales Indeed, it is a beautiful quote. Here is the analogue according to Marxist/Homofascist Commiecrats:
      _A society grows weak when weird people attempt to sit under shade trees which they know they will never plant._

    2. David Williams “The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.”

  9. So he’s leading with young voters, blue collar whites, and Latinos, and this is the guy they desperately want to stop?

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