"So weak and uninspiring" | Tom Mulcair reacts to Justin Trudeau's speech from the throne 1

“So weak and uninspiring” | Tom Mulcair reacts to Justin Trudeau’s speech from the throne


Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair reacted to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's speech from the throne, saying it was 'just a shopping list.'

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  1. Strong and inspiring are never words used to describe Trudeau or Freeland. Corrupt and incompetent would be better suited.

    1. Lack of leadership, lack of accountability, not doing what’s in Canadians best interest, being a part of the entire problem, this government is useless!

  2. Truedummy should be discussing what he’s going to be doing with the countries inflation problem!! Qiuet spending money!!! 🧐

  3. We need a national pool on how many months go by before Justin has a walk in the snow and bails just before SHTF.

  4. Your GG should have dressed formerly and more appropriately such as wearing a long dress at the opening of parliament.

  5. Whatever Mr. Trudeau said makes no difference as long as he’s got a hate on for Canada’s 2nd biggest GNP. Alberta has the cleanest & most ethnically sourced oil in the WORLD!

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