SOE Debate Rage on in Parliament | TVJ News – Nov 23 2021

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  1. Now we clearly see why Jamaica is a mess. These are supposedly the best and the brightest and they cannot even effectively engage in a discourse.

  2. It seem like Madam speaker has choose a side and is definately not the side of the jamaican people…we are doom

  3. That is the damn problem in parliment when ppl speak the truth Dem want you apologize or take back u talk.. if the damn commissioner not doing nothing remove him from that office simple… only wasting tax payers money 🙄🙄🙄 all a unuh needs to go big an useless only argument u have nothing more

  4. Commissioner of police should come from the rank and file up who has the long years of experience dealing with crimes over the years.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what will that do? Don’t you realize that crime will never go away, focus should be on deterrence and reduction

  5. Why should he withdraw his statement. He has rights just like anyone else. State of emergency not doing anything positive for Jamaica. Crime is still happening.

    1. Where did you get this idea that political parties have the most intelligent people. What is true is that they have corrupters and inept people in them.

  6. For once Peter Phillips is right on his comments, the other man was right also about the police commissioner he his a big baby him don’t worth one penny.

  7. No truth for poor, no one to stand for the people of Jamaica, what the hell happens to the Jamaica labor party , what a power they have only them alone to talk 🙄lord have mercy upon us

  8. You do have a ride to talk me freedom of speech that’s the problem in this country and nobody can I get a chance to stand up for what’s right

  9. And what Mr. Cousins said none of it was in poor taste he was very truthful and the truth hurts for those who don’t like it.

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