Sohi promises TMX pipeline will go ahead: ‘This is in the public interest’

Minister of Natural Resources Amarjeet Sohi discusses when construction on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will begin.


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  1. If the liberals win the election this pipeline will never be built! This is only part of their pork chop dangle to buy votes. The Trudeau government wouldn’t know truth if they tripped over it.

    Justin Trudeau never wanted the pipeline. He wants to destroy the economy of Alberta. This is nothing but lip service.

    1. The CPC had a majority government, and had triple digit oil prices, yet did not help get a pipeline built, that went to tidewater. Oil prices went downhill 5 years ago. The federal government, no matter who they are, can’t make oil prices climb. Building a new pipeline will not make oil prices go up. Regardless, this pipeline should have been dealt with years ago. If the Liberals are not effectively dealing with this, how would the CPC, if they also never helped with this, when they were in power?

    2. @Dwayne Wladyka I think if you would care to recall, the pipeline, which is a twin to the one currently in place, had all the paperwork ready to roll and when Trudeau won the leadership he made sure everything was cancelled. The NDP in BC also dug their heels in and supported Trudeau to block it through BC.

      Justin Trudeau has always wanted to destroy the economy of Alberta because his father wanted to get control of the Energy Industry of Alberta and the Heritage fund but failed to do so.

      You must be a True Liberal Faithful to even consider voting for Trudeau…or you are just a troll. Have you ever worked in the oil patch?

  2. Today’s situation and altitudes there would no Canadian Pacific Railway or TransCanada highway built across this country. All living in caves and riding horses. Really no point for Alberta and Saskatchewan to stay in this screwed up confederation!! Let Quebec start living in the real world with no more equalization payments.

  3. This is all theater, the Liberals will never build this or any other pipe line. If Trudeau wins the election in October Canada will cease to exist.

  4. Amarjeet…when will you pay back the $850,000 of taxpayer money you used to renovate your office in 2015?

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