Scheer will put a price on carbon for large emitters but says ‘it’s not a tax’

Scheer will put a price on carbon for large emitters but says 'it's not a tax' 1


    1. try something innovated hahahaha like drive business out of Canada? And it’s Scheer not Sheer or as we refer to him Scheerdeau!

    2. Let’s used what QC govt does now copy it by federal govt cap and trade tax whenever the govt sucks in big monopolies against the poor citizens in the city of Montreal…

  1. Shut off all power, all gas, all coal all food source and we’ll all live in happiness! 🤪🤪🤪🤯🤯🤯🤬🤬🤬

  2. Why not put a levy on carbon-intensive imports from countries that ignore their global responsibility to the planet, like China and India? It won’t count as credit in meeting Canada’s targets, but if those countries get serious about “saving the planet” then the price attached to emissions in more “responsible” countries should decrease as a result, and quite substantially given the amount of pollution their over-populated nations produce.

  3. Sure it will be a price on what they are over for carbon, investing into technology will save them in the first 4 years for innovation. This will further the technologies that we need to move to meet proper guidelines which is far past the Paris agreement lol.

  4. The very fact that he doesn’t call out how big of a fraud the Paris Climate Accord really is. Says it all for me.

    1. luckystrike you can’t expect a spineless sheer to actually speak for what’s actually going on?? Can you?

    2. He’s trying to win over “all” of Canada from Justin Trudeau. That is going to be a challenge. Max voters are splitting the vote but I love them just the same.

  5. What happens if somebody invents Hydrogen fuel technology…. They sell it to a big oil company or die.

  6. Sounds to me a cap and trade tax sure no call it a carbon tax eh. Learn from QC whenever sucking up to it lol learn it now used in the federal govt .. Definity PPC is the only hope for Canadians..

    1. Greedy sociopaths, created the problem, and governments were voted in to do the right thing for people, not CORPORATE DONATIONS!
      Why are great Plocies, less important than MONEY?

    1. Canada doesn’t need a plan. No one seems to saying how insignificant Canada’s emissions output is in the grand scheme of things. It literally won’t matter one bit if Canada disappeared tomorrow, it would make no difference and furthermore, our meager output would be replaced by the increase in world emissions within 6 months. And if it’s a moral thing/ setting an example, hate to break it to you but no one pays attention to Canada.

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