1. The lunatic could have done that in Times Square and it would not make any difference to his base.

    1. @Kermit T. Frog you’re being Hoodwinked Bamboozled lied to by the Democrats CNN and the establishment wake up

    2. @DOUGLAS HOTCHKISS he called it off, liberal. That’s your ideology. Either that, or your a GOP necon war hawk scumbag.

    3. @Robert Clawson she didn’t go to the police for the simple reason this is all horseshit. These liberal tools are imbeciles.

  2. trump do have a history of sexually assaulting women.  Do Billy Bush and Access Hollywood audio tape ring a bell.

    1. Jake MacHine
      They haven’t been caught with fake news because they haven’t reported any fake news. You sir are fake news 😂

    2. Hahahahaha you morons still crying over trump 😂😂 make up accusations to make you fools feel better

  3. Trump had to double check to make sure they didn’t have any video footage, definitely something an innocent person would do.

    1. @flor wast You don’t know me nor do you know what I’d do.
      I wouldn’t take one chance encounter a decade before an alleged incident occurred as proof positive that the said incident did indeed occur, nor would I take one party’s, or the others, inability to recall said chance encounter as proof of wrong-doing.

    2. @John Patrick Welllll, I do know that you discounted the woman’s story with no evidence that she’s lying… so, I pretty much know what you’re made of, pup.

    1. @snoop alert You really should let your brain take a break from the propaganda Fox News feeds you. There are 11 counts of obstruction in the Mueller report, but because the republicans put forth a stupid “rule” in the DOJ Mueller couldn’t formally charge Trump with anything. Imagine having the DA veiw a tape of a bank robbery, but because the mayor put forth a rule 40 years ago, he couldn’t charge the criminal with a crime. That’s what happened with the Mueller report. Your “glorious leader sent by God” will be in handcuffs roughly 10 seconds after the newly elected Democrat President finishes up, “so help me God” and he’ll never see the outside of a prison cell again. Unless he resigns and gets a full pardon from Pence.

    1. Really? So if you were accused of committing a crime you wouldn’t check to see if there were security tapes that might possibly exonerate you? You are such a fucking liar.

    2. I wonder why she didn’t wait until next year to make her evidence-free, unverifiable allegations like the left usually does? The Russian collusion hoax didn’t work, 25th amendment didn’t work, Obstruction of Justice didn’t work, so time to re-activate the weaponized women. Sorry this won’t work either. LOL

  4. I haven’t pressed play yet, but I already know this is going to be filled with absolutely hateful, vile comments.

    As is the case every time one of these stories comes out.


    Here we go……

    1. @Ursus Americanus

      The answer to that is irrelevant.

      If this turns out to be fake, I’ll be the first one advocating for her to be jailed. Like with the Jussie Smollett situation.

      But I want you to objectively ask yourself this?

      If undeniable, undisputable, titanium-solid evidence came out that this DID happen, could you ever admit that to yourself?

      I believe the answer is no, due to the tribal nature of Republican politics.

      You all only care about YOUR team, as your previous comment shows.

    2. @Robert Blackford

      Mind getting one for Trump too?

      He needs the standard version though.

      Don’t dare insult my intelligence when YOUR President can’t spell “hamburger” or “origins”.

      But a blessed Covfefe to you, sir.

    3. @Fabio Fox Music
      lol I’m not a Republican. I just hate jacobin throwbacks and subversive media scum. 🤷‍♂️

    4. Manuela Costa Lima you read it wrong. He or she is on your side and is waiting for the deluded trump followers who don’t believe CNN’s every word like we do to comment. Obviously CNN is the truth, who needs evidence when you can pay people for their allegations to take a man down after several similar attempts?^^

      and it works for them too, they get money, much better than going to the police directly and you know… getting sum real evidence.

  5. Dont even know her: picture of you and her exists
    Rape didn’t happen: but called to make sure there was no video evidence… you know, for the assault that didn’t occur

    1. @Danny v Isn’t your president the one who’s bragging how he’s a stable genius and has a memory like a steel trap?

    2. @Allen Joan go watch Google and the Democratic establishment being exposed by project Veritas and a Google whistleblower

    3. @Miao Li go watch Google big Tech being exposed by project Veritas and James O’Keefe new video new Google tech whistleblower exposing everything

  6. He called to verify there was no video footage🤔🤔🤔🤔lets ponder on this for a second. And thanks the dept. Store guy (for not having the video)🤔🤔🤔🤔. Someone just dished out another $130K to do another coverup!

    1. If you’re being accused of a crime, the first thing you say is you didn’t do it and is there any evidence? Obviously there won’t be because it never happened. You people are morons.

    2. ROFL. You are such a fucking moron. First off, I think anyone accused of committing a crime would immediately check to see if there was any kind of video surveillance in the area. You know, to *HELP CLEAR THEIR NAME.* I guess you’re too stupid to think of that, right? And great job with your defaming the “Dept Store Guy (why is it a guy and not a gal?). It’s amazing the conspiracies you libturds live with. I’ll bet you still think Clinton is innocent and that it’s all a vast, right-wing conspiracy.

  7. Another deep state hit job attempt.. news has forgotten Stormy, and the Dr. With GoFundMe and books.. who’s next??

    1. But he still confirmed with Bergdorf that there was no video… of the crime he didn’t commit…


  8. Ok, cool. So, basically there’s no evidence provided by the obvious feminist anti-Trumper who most certainly has a political agenda… Not convincing… Moving on…

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