1. The purpose is to sway Canadian opinion polls to support Biden – that way that can be used as a talking point later on down the road in elections in regard to foreign relations.

    1. If by “two-faced”, you mean he did his job correctly by having an opinion but being diplomatic, then sure.

    2. @- he hasnt done anything but hurt Canada’s image on the world stage and has broken ethics laws three times now. He is more corrupt than Harper was

  1. Biden said some nice things, I guess that excuses his “hand on policy” with women and children.. The purpose of a leader is to worry about the nation they are leading … not other nations.

    1. Heck, Joe Biden has been in politics for 40 years, Donald Trump was a billionaire business tycoon and reality tv star, yet neither of them were stupid to show up to an event in blackface like Turdeau. Not once.. but twice!.

    2. @Biddy Dib Dab Trudeau is the epitome of incompetence. Hopefully this time, his followers open their eyes and see what a disgrace he is.

  2. I actually don’t believing anything that the MSM says about Trump.
    November will be the telling.

    1. Thumbs down a few of their videos so youtube knows not to give you ads for them. It will be easy to find videos you want to thumbs down.

    1. “Hello . . . . . my names Joe Biden and I’m running for president . . . of . . . . what’s it . . . Mississauga!

  3. Canadian news is becoming very much the majority of American news – very left leaning and political.

    1. Well everything is canada is American. Like 98% of everything even “Canadian” educations

  4. Biden thinks he’s running for the senate. It’s my belief his goal is to become emperor palpatine

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