Some Oregon GOP state senators flee state rather than vote on climate bill

All Oregon Republican state senators have walked out of the Capitol to avoid voting on a climate bill that would put a hard cap on greenhouse gas emissions. Brooke Baldwin discusses with CNN's Chris Cillizza and Democratic presidential candidate Gov. Jay Inslee.

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  1. Even if they vote against the bill I still can’t believe people are defending these legislators walking off the job. Any legislator who pulls this stunt should be kicked out of office.

    1. So Kate Brown, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Camila Harris, AOC, any NEO-con… please this is nothing new.

  2. cowardice snowflakes…
    that is modern day Republicans…
    lie, cheat, steal…
    that is their M.O…

    1. @Walter Boswell – it’s a bit disturbing…
      you with butt fucking on your mind all the time…
      not surprised in the least…

  3. So Republicans walk out claiming “this raises taxes” and also walked out on tax cut bills…truly the do-nothing party.

    1. FordClit TourAss I have zero respect for anybody that votes republican. There is too much easily accessible information out there for morons like yourself to still be so uninformed. There is only one reason to still vote republican.(hint: it’s about race). Republican policies have failed for years and yet you morons still keep putting them in office. Talk about a lack of common sense, that would be you dumbass.

    1. So what was the reason for the Oregon Republicans to stage a mass exodus? A bill to be voted on concerning Climate Change in the state of Oregon.
      Florida is already dealing with rising sea levels, tax payers will foot the bill for federal aid this century for bigger disasters in every state. Good luck everyone.

    2. @Kylem So the media didn’t run interference for Obama and Hillary?
      They didn’t call anyone and everyone who disagreed with Obama a racist?
      The Left, especially the MSM branch of the Left, only calls each other out when they’re given no other choice.

    3. People do it all the time, it’s called a strike! These Senators are actually looking out for their constituents, unlike the idiots people like you vote for!

  4. The salary of a state senator should be deducted according to how many voting the senator skipped.

    1. That just ENABLES them – remember, GOP POLITICIANS DO NOT GET THEIR MONEY FROM THEIR SALARIES. They get it from lobbyists and corporate take-overs.

    2. David Kempton oh just GOP you’re a fool DEMs do exactly the same thing hypocrite…’s all of them

    3. That actually wouldn’t do all that much. A state senator actually does not make as much as you think.

      It’s all public info online. Most State Senators have other jobs or streams of revenue from where they get their wealth. Loosing a small chunk from a supplemental income stream won’t effect them too much.

      State senators certainly are not in it for the small salary. I wonder why they do it…… hmmmm

    1. @chase janes You didn’t elect the Republicans. You elected Democrats who’re turning your state to a shithole.

  5. So this let’s the people of oregon know how the Republicans in Oregon feel about climate change vs the wrath of their corporate donors

  6. Mike Pence: We’ll follow the science…right up to the point where the energy industry tells us to stop.

    1. @Richard Christie 😂😂😂😂keep dreaming!!!
      Do you want links two to rounds of emails saying how they are rigging the data?
      Or here
      Search: the greening earth

      Earth is 33% greener than it was 30 years ago. Because of increased carbon and temprrature.
      Pence did not lie. They lied from the beginning about it all!!!

    2. @Richard Christie rock solid global science consensus ????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      Go to and find the seized asset list from trumps executive order. It’s up to 1300 pages. And first on the list of seized assets is the second acadamy on natural science. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂You want us to listen to pedophiles????

    3. @bob Bunni Name a single credible scientific organisation that denies the international scientific consensus on man made climate change or stop being a butt-head. And here is a (very) short list of many of those organisations that do support it,
      Additionally the IPCC reports are the most comprehensive summaries of the current understanding of climate science.

      The scientific consensus is as good as absolute. The only way around it is by denial and/or conspiracy theory.

  7. No more special treatment for gov workers! If any of us walked out of our job we’ld be fired!

    1. @Jessica Thompson They just dont have to show up for work….
      Try that as a govt employee as opposed to a “public servant”…

    2. People walk out all the time, it’s called a strike! Stop being a bootlicker and see the good these Senators are doing for their constituents!

  8. Seems the entire GOP has fled….from defending American democracy to aiding & abetting Despot Don.

  9. Politics is the complete opposite of what a normal job should be..
    A literal position based on untouchable nature.
    This is gross and something has got to change..

    1. “A literal position based on untouchable nature”, a quote to make the gods bow, lol. The room temp IQ here is quite low.

    2. Start shooting EVERY GOP in office. it wi8ll only need a couple dozen before they get the message.
      And if we DON’T ,then we ALL will lose – everything (defined as – AIR…)

    3. Are you kidding me? You clearly know nothing about politics because the democrats did this years back! They were the 1st to do it. Do your own research. O and the “farmers” they seem to care so much about. That bill they are trying to pass will seriously hurt them thats why they are protesting the bill? Delusional people

  10. Remember this behavior when these fools come asking for YOUR vote so they can get back into office.

  11. They learned that from Wisconsin Democrats who left state to not vote for collective bargaining reform for unions.

  12. Resignations should be called for. And paychecks should be held. Dereliction of duty should have to apply to any person holding a government position

  13. Wow fled the state? They must of been heavily bribed by someone to run that far away. I smell corruption

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