Some Republicans Liken Biden's Vaccine Push To Nazi Tactics 1

Some Republicans Liken Biden’s Vaccine Push To Nazi Tactics


Some ultra conservative Republicans like Lauren Boebert are trying to compare the Biden administration's tactics to get Americans vaccinated to those used in Nazi Germany. We discuss that with Eugene Robinson and Matthew Dowd.

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    1. @Mike Johnson you believe every number you see on tv that it’s solely the cv that killed those people .or did they have other underlining conditions ? ..I ask you this ..don’t you question government ?

    2. Would Nazi Germany allow the Jews to get back home after being marked and work from home until the ending of the war?

      The government is protecting you as much as they are protecting themselves. This is global and doesn’t respect ranks. Everyone gets it.

    3. @Cid Sapient If you think it’s only unvaccinated people in nursing homes who’re contracting this virus, you’ll likely end up proving that theory wrong. If all the unvaccinated people would just hurry up and die, you all will be doing a great service to our country.

    4. @David S. The U.S. is not going to force Americans to take this vaccine against their will. However, it’s time for the government to begin penalizing those who refuse to get vaccinated by fining them, garnishing tax returns, revoking driver’s licenses, conditioning the receipt of public assistance on vaccination, refusing them admittance into all local, state and federal buildings that receive any sort of government financial assistance, etc.

    1. Donald was to chicken to get vaccinated in front of media cameras like all other world leaders.

    2. Of course the germophobe got vaccinated. But did he get a lollipop for being a good boy? /s

  1. The people who say that no one can tell them what to do with their bodies are the same people who tell women they can’t have an abortion.

    1. Nope I get it. You just obviously are so hung up on you being right that you dont comprehend sarcasm.

    2. @Ericke H people with Alzheimer’s are conscious

      Anyways if you don’t get it already I’m not going to waste more time

    3. @ML A Boom!! There it is and you numb nuts are also the same one’s saying a man can be a women and a women can be a man or a child van pick it’s own gender.

    1. Really when was the last time you checked and where did you check to find that information out or are you just running off at the mouth

    1. @Coco Crisp oh really is that what they are they just look like hard-working middle-class Americans to me so are the black ones neo-nazis also

    2. @Billy Pardew Republikkklans are lazy, Republikkklans are the largest recipients of welfare. Fact Bro

    3. @Billy Pardew Only if they are lazy Republikkklan white supremacist nazi’s who attack the Capitol or support the attacks.

    1. So true, that’s why GOP members will not answer when asked in interviews if they got the vaccine. They took the the shots for their own safety, but let’s tell our supporters if you get the vaccine your following the left’s agenda.

    2. @Dbo83 I’m not a Republican or a Democrat, with that being said I haven’t heard one Republican speak against getting vaccinated rather to have a choice to get vaccinated or not.

  2. instead of incentives like lotteries… just give Trump a commission on each new jab and then watch the turnaround on messaging

    1. Give him $1 per jab in the arm in the USA. He won’t quite become a billionaire – but maybe he can get enough to pay off his debts to Deutchebank – who in turn can pay off Vlad’s boys.

    1. @J lock An uneducated far-right QAnon believer talking about coherence ? Bwahahahaha that’s rich!

  3. It is hard to know what to say about anything anymore. UNREAL TIMES FULL OF CORRUPT, INSANE PEOPLE!!!! WHEW!!!!!

    1. Close your eyes calm your mind open your heart to your inner self. You know what is right what is wrong. What is good what is bad

  4. Remind me again, who was it that was carrying tiki torches, chanting “Jews will not replace us”, and running down women in the streets?….Oh yeah, the republicans…

    1. Well not all Republicans marched with those deplorables.

      But chances are…all those bearing tiki torches voted Republican.

  5. As I used to say, ignorance is not bliss. So sad that I live in such a selfish country . But I will not give up

    1. ​@TruthSeeker08 “Thousands of people that died and horrible side-effects”? What tf are you talking about? Or do you mean numbers that Sen. johnson is using to spread fear? The numbers from VAERS are unverified and there is a disclaimer that these numbers shouldn’t be used to draw inferences about the risks of vaccination. The vaccines were first concentrated among vulnerable groups such as nursing-home residents with prior illnesses. And the CDC says it has no evidence to establish coronavirus vaccination as the cause of any death. So, Sen. Johnson is misleading and conflating facts with the agenda of scaring off people from being vaccinated. You need to ask yourself, what’s his reason for doing this? It’s to please the Trump base, but Trump has had the vaccine, so is he a hypocrite, and does he have your best interests at heart?
      I also need to add, you call yourself truth seeker, why tf don’t you look at what sources are being used, listen to what the experts are saying, and stop listening to kooks that have no idea what they are on about?

    2. @Utha lol u made an assumption of a random stranger and then ranted about it.. a long rant
      at this point u need to ask urself if u need to step out for a min for a joint

  6. Oh come on. Americans have never cared about anyone except themselves. Just look at the medical system or the complete lack of action against mass shootings over the last 70 years.

  7. Those Republicans are so twisted in their minds, so infantile, ignorant and that’s who they appeal to. The haters.

    1. @sam rut fine, do nothing, I’m sure you’ll feel much better about not taking the vaccine when you get sick with the delta variant….

    2. You’re really calling someone ignorant when you watch and believe everything your television MSM reports to you. You are beyond ignorant woman

    3. @Mike Kelley the delta variant is no worse that the flu…maybe not even that bad..and i suppose u all for giving children the vaccine for no reason other than virtue signaling

  8. The GOP stands for a viralent individualism that has completely forgotten about the essential virtue of civic duty.

    1. @Sleep Smart Smash Stress

    2. @Liv Free
      The only threat to our country is from crazy neo-NAZII
      Repukes….and their failed Nazi leader.

    3. @Robert Hylton neo-Nazis right now are the Democrats & their cultural communist revolution here in the USA. They are the divisive movement trying to install tribalism for civil unrest in our country.

    4. @Robert Hylton Trump did win in a landslide. The USA experienced firsthand what candidates Biden referred to as the most expansive systemic voting fraud. This is why there is a grassroots movement to conduct forensic audits across the states. That’s not going away. The conundrum for Biden handlers — how do you govern when you lost? We shall see how this turns out.

  9. An insult to those who suffered at the hands of Hitler. Vaccinations save lives like seat belts and gun control.

    1. @sam rut I hope you get it so many people have said that and then gotten Covid and died

  10. Yeah Boebert’s people are smart enough… they elected her so forgive me if I question their intelligence…

    1. She did get her GED right before she went to Washington so she is as smart as a high school graduate, which today means you are qualified for a great career at McDonalds.

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