Civil Rights Leaders Warn Against GOP-Led Voter Suppression 1

Civil Rights Leaders Warn Against GOP-Led Voter Suppression

Civil Rights leaders met with Pres. Biden and Vice Pres. Harris pushing the White House to react as Republicans continue to push laws aimed at voter suppression. Ashley Parker, Jonathan Lemire, and Melissa Murray all join to discuss.
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  1. Article 4 Section 4 of the US Constitution adresses the threat against our democracy. Its time the constitution be upheld.

    1. @Study to show thyself approve

      Lol, careful dude or your going to need to create another account

    2. @Sue Zbell you should read article 4 section 4 just for a fun refresher. It seems you aren’t familiar with it

    1. I agree, if you have a car, or truck, or van, loaded up with people, to vote. We must fight for our lives, the rebulicans wants to make America, Russia, with a dictator. God help us, fight these demons.

    2. @Crimdor They found some fraud last time, but very little. Fraud was from Trump voters though – like the guy who killed his wife and then used her to vote for Trump. MAGA people are very fine people.. like the nazis. Very fine people indeed.

    3. @Crimdor yes it’s easy, but they are closing polling sites which will cause long lines and then it’s against the law to provides water

    4. @R Smith you can be fired by an employer for being gone longer then a lunch break. It happens quite often.

  2. How are we reliving the Civil rights movement in 2021 it’s shameful and Mitch McConnell has to go.

    1. Comparing anything in 2021 to the 60’s is sensationalism, keep push the propaganda kids

    2. You’d of thunk he’d of died of old age by now? or at the very most obvious – bekause he is an most hateful, kruel, greedy – filthy exkuse 4 a human being!

  3. If we continue to allow this voter suppression bs to happen, then before too long the only people with any rights will be, just old white guys writing all the laws!!!

    1. Show up with ID, it’s 16$ in my state. Not having 24 hr voting and drive thrus is NOT voter suppression lol, gtfo

    2. And u will obey because ” laws is laws”, the scum republicans will hide behind their fascist laws and claim noble divine, scratch that, its on us to not recognize these laws and defy, they will jail us under the bs ” law is law” mantra, the whole world will watch and will aid us, evety secular country will provide us and troops if need be just like world war 2

    3. @Dom Caffanae

      Not one country in the world would step into America with troops to fight junior, not ONE lol

    4. Kryptonarie 63-“If we continue to allow this voter suppression bs to happen, then before too long the only people with any rights will be, just old white guys writing all the laws!!!”

      It’s called, “RACIST-FASCIST-AUTOCRACY”. Many governments in Europe had governments like that… (Hitler, Mussolini)

  4. If they are successful it won’t be long before they strike down the emancipation proclamation and this is exactly how that’ atrocity can become a reality start by attacking their rights to vote

  5. History will tell that Manchin and Sinema were the grave diggers for democracy. GOP and Trump could not have done that without their help!!!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC

  6. Republicans are all sick! If you read this and it said it’s in Afghanistan you would belive it, America this is serious

    1. Correct. Republicans are sick and without even being aware of it, they’ve become FASCISTS. This is serious.

  7. We need to get democrats out to vote in all elections from now on to keep the republicans and Trump out of office. The more we vote the more we can take back our voting rights in each state.

    1. I agree and I’m a Republican the only difference is this time you’ll have to actually get the voters to the voting booth LOL that’s going to be fun to watch

    2. @Billy Pardew Well it won’t be the insurrectionists because most of them did not choose to vote. And if you think any of this is ‘fun to watch’….SMH.

    3. @Sunny Ways those insurrectionist will probably be busy anyway getting their award from Donald Trump that day after he put back in the White House

  8. This is the new civil rights movement. History will record those who are trying to disenfranchise Americans.

  9. Of course the GOP is fully behind the voter suppression legislation – it is vital for the GOP that only the “right” sort of people get the vote, and for all too many in the GOP the difference between the “right” and “wrong” sort of people are defined by the colour of their skin

    1. they are also trying to get into positions of authority, like the AG to have control of the outcome of elections. They could actually overturn the will of the voters.
      We Americans need to stand against that.

  10. They believe there was voter fraud because its what their dear leader told them to believe. Trump is practicing the advice of Goebbels.

  11. “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of G*d that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:37, 38, 39

  12. GOP are really trying to reinstate “black people cannot vote” aren’t they? They might as well change their designation from the “right” to the “white”. I mean… that’s what it’s all about correct?

  13. Someone needs to start a nonprofit organization that can collect donations and then use that money to pay for IDs and make sure people have transportation to vote

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