“Something is not right”: Winnipeg’s police chief on systemic racism in Canada

Winnipeg Police Chief Danny Smyth says he sees the opportunity to create meaningful partnerships that can lead to positive police reform.

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    1. @Jon Tron you dont even have a right to self defence without a weapon in canada.. i would know.. got charged with a prohibited weapons charge (i had a knife i used as a box cutter at work and i pulled it out to get a guy much bigger than me to back off when he was threatening me at work.. he called the cops.. and basically lied and said he still worked there when he had just been fired for starting the whole incident)

      lawyer told me there is no self defence laws on the books right now.. and we have harper to thank for that apparently..

  1. They went to Winnipeg to find a Trudeau shill. A return of focus on the individual instead of comparisons of different groups would go a long way, perhaps even save the country. Perhaps.

  2. How does having a prison population that is %60 indigenous prove police racism? Are they all innocent? There are serious issues with the treatment of indigenous ppl but putting it at the feet of the police is dishonest and stupid.

    1. You’d think that it would be 60% police being detained in there. They’re criminals too !!!

  3. Something is definitely not right with Indian incarceration rates and children in care. A far as what the answers are – its not a simple as saying there is systematic racism and moving on.

  4. There’s no way there could be a disproportionate number of prisoners who belong to a certain group because that group disproportionately commits more crimes…could there?

  5. It’s systemic abuse of power. That’s why police butality is normal police behavior.

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