Scheer dodges repeated questions, won’t say if systemic racism exists in the RCMP

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer wouldn't answer a question from Evan Solomon on if he believed there was systematic racism in the RCMP.

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    1. Why coud’t he just say that? Was it so hard for him to say. Don’t you want your conservative leader to be confident and proud to represent your views?

  1. His second answer was fair. He said I can’t go against the commissioner. If there is tell me and let’s do something about it. Treido hasn’t said one single thing.

  2. Whether he answers the question with a yes or no it’s irrelevant to the situation. The opposition leader has no control over the RCMP.

    1. Not right now, but they might. The opposition party wants to form government. We should know what they believe, and what they would do.

    2. @nowfocus Andrew Scheer won’t be the leader of the party. Probably better to ask the candidates running for the leadership.

    3. Scheer should answer yes, it exists. And then demand that Trudeau fix it immediately…then sit back and watch that little worm Trudeau umm and ahhhhh hes way thru it

    4. @nowfocus I watched a video put out by Peter McKay, and he wants to get our economy booming again, and he is pro pipeline! He,s got my vote!

    1. 100% Agree ! You get it! How can Sheer answer a question that needs to be investigated to see if there is any truth to this !

    2. @Adeline Tyler I didn’t see him calling for an investigation. I’d say this needs a full, independent judicial inquiry. I think Scheer wants the status quo.

  3. Well everyone in the every party are just as racist as anyone else. They made their mistakes in the past which makes them no better than anyone else. Just because they hide behind a woman’s skirt with the their corrupted government system.

  4. Trudeau dodges every single question he is asked. Why is this never reported as “dodging”. Stupid reporter. Stupid question. Stupid headline

    1. For sure….Trudeau hasnt answered ANY questions in the last 4 years during question period…its always ” we are working to improve the lives of ALL canadians.”…uh huh…bs

  5. Scheer did not dodge the question, he simply made the poiint that we can’t simply cry out and accuse of “systemic racism” without any clear explanation and evidence of it.

  6. Oh my favourite woke reporter doing another hatchet piece on conservatives. How is Scheer to know if racism exists or doesn’t in the RCMP. Terrible reporting. More an indictment of Trudeau saying there is without any evidence.

  7. Blackface has talked alot about knowing about it but as always has done absolutely nothing. Scheer should just say ask Blackface, because blackface knows all!

    1. Yes! I Agree! Evan has become too aggressive these day,s. I liked his journalism from years ago!

  8. You have a story here about Scheer dodging question. How about the ENTIRE Liberal party dodging questions on a daily basis!!! crickets from the MSM!!!

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