Every institution has systemic racism built in: Vancouver’s mayor

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart explains why he has called for a comprehensive review into the conduct of police forces in B.C.

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  1. To imply that I support a system of racism as an individual, when you are the operators of nations, belies you inability to rule. You will be tested by a mob of your own creation.

    1. @Little Miss Sunshine Is there a chance that someone is unaware that they are supporting racism? Is there a chance that you don’t know as much as you believe you know?

    2. @Little Miss Sunshine I get that biases operate at a sub conclscious level, but racism is an act, covered by legislation, that I have rarely if ever participated in. It is not a point of pride or shame.

    1. Agreed. Systemic/institutionalised racism = a form of racism expressed in the practice of social and political institutions.

      If there was a process or rule that supported racism in this way, it would have been called out and removed a long time ago.

  2. If only those commenting knew what systemic racism was. If anything is systemic, it’s the programs proposed and enforced by the government. The Indian Act is the first that comes to mind.

    1. the other thing that comes to mind is the government job applications where they want to know whether the applicant is an indigenous nation or a visible minority. What does it matter?

  3. systemic racism is in all systems, medical, educational, everything… nothing/ no number of incidences is acceptable. no system is perfect. how will you solve an endless problem. one incidence compared to millions. the system is also in a population and culture of racism and problems. the outcome does not mean that the process is the main reason for it. this is a complex problem….
    it should be noted that the province and federal government were the ones that cut the budget of mental health services. Those patients who were in it have not over spilled and unfortunately became a problem the police had to take on to save the policy makers money!

  4. Honestly, the world needs a healthy Jordan Peterson, or someone like him, right now to contrast against all this insanity that’s being shoved down our throats

    1. Robert Bennett it’s actually a Comox First Nations artist Andy Everson . He does really amazing work.

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