1. @TRUMP JR you’re mixing two different arguments. You have to be athletic to play tennis. How do you know what I make?

  1. Thumbs up for this family member and his courage to stand up for Truth and Justice. DJT continues to deceive others for his own gains. His selfishness is outrageous.

    1. @Dorota Zapolnik – *It’ll take them awhile to type out the incredible string of half-truths, suppositions, flights of fancy and wild-guesses-presented-as-facts that this particular Crazy Q Conspiracy is composed of. Let’s go get a meal while we wait.*

    2. @Henry McCoy
      Got one for you.
      LV shooting was a cover up.
      of an attempt on MBS’s life, the next in line to be SA’s king.

    3. @Dorota Zapolnik bush. bush is. and I can question any event as I please. hell even the families don’t believe the government narrative.

  2. Trump has always been about money first and everyone else (including family) second. Why are you guys surprised….

    1. @David Eby – He had plenty of grift coming in already, like making the Secret Service pay for rooms and golf carts at his Scottish course…

    1. @magooda5599 Thank you!!!! BUT…sadly like most I’m OUTRAGED by this!!!!!!! AND…what happened with SO MANY GOP MEMBERS of CONGRESS this week, for NOT passing the “PACT ACT”, for VETS who are dying. BUT hearing that quote just a few weeks ago just DEEPLY resonated with me.

    1. @Corrssia Perry like leading a leftist towards accountability and truth… the are repelled from it like a vampire from light

    2. @Reaper It’s weird, Gas prices are also up in Europe and Canada……but surely it’s Joe Biden’s fault. I’ll try and take the time to answer the rest of your message lalter.

    3. @Lanwarder First gas prices are ALWAYS high in Europe. Why do you suppose that you don’t see full size trucks and SUV’s on the roads in the UK and France?
      So you explain why gas prices nearly doubled in the first 6 months Biden was in Office. I’m sure that him signing Executive Orders THE DAY HE TOOK OFFICE that shut down drilling in The Gulf Of Mexico and Prudhoe Bay had absolutely nothing to do with it—-Right?
      As far as answering the rest latter, I’m not holding my breath, because you have no answers. The truth is that Joe Biden and the Democratic Parties policies have put us where we are and apparently you are the only one who can’t see it.
      And as far as Biden doing a Great Job, why are MULTIPLE Democrats looking at running against him in two years already? Even his own party can see the writing on the wall.
      But in a few more months we will find out what the American People think of the job your Hero Dems have done so far. I guess we will see if they hold onto the Senate or The House. It isn’t looking good for them right now.

    1. @Sparky’s Malarkey Of course you make a fair enough point, for the most part, but of course (I’m sure you’d agree) it’s also a bit more complicated than just that as well.

      It is indeed possible to correct someone without making them feel inferior or stupid, at least in a lot of cases, sure. Although it also depends quite heavily on the individual and circumstances, naturally. But in my experience most of the time it rarely ever matters what approach you take; because Either 1) They were already willing to accept the possibility of being wrong (on some level) in the face of enough evidence (or the proper kind), in which case they’re a much more reasonable person & likely to overlook a few minor little slights or a bit of ‘shade’ that would otherwise often seem to cause a ‘backfire’ in others. OR 2) They were not at all willing to accept the possibility of being wrong (on any level) no matter the amount or type of evidence presented, in which case [usually] the only possible thing that ever seems to have even a chance of working somewhat effectively seems to generally be Strong Emotional Appeals that Somehow Simultaneously assuage their fears & allay their insecurities ~ quite a tall-order, if you ask me ~ (but this can also possibly include Guilting & Shaming as well, if done carefully enough & subtly enough, because [Often], despite their Seeming Total Lack of Conscience, guilting & shaming are usually a fairly large part of what made them into the person they are now who holds to such views as they do).

      The problem, however, is that their own fears & insecurities (which often drive them to support such falsehoods, incorrect conclusions, and/or immoral figureheads), are seldom part of the personal concerns or knowledge of anyone else. Whether or not those fears & insecurities are even partly reasonable, whether or not said-individual will double-down from some backfire-effect, and whether or not they’re even capable of admitting or accepting so much as even the very possibility of being wrong… are also not part of the concern or knowledge of [most] everyone else (beyond Mere Suspicions regarding stereotypes, generalizations, & classifications). Much the same goes for their inability to Understand, Unwillingness to Accept, and/or selective incapability to Learn… how and/or why they are wrong. Should it be right for someone to burden everyone else with their own ignorance? To make it everyone else’s problem?! Isn’t that what our minds, friends, families, teachers, and educators are [supposed] to be for, to help with such things?!? Yeah, Some don’t have any of those, but that’s not exactly even close to being the case for the majority of them. Ignorance is seldom a reasonable excuse, despite its relatively broad prevalence & pervasiveness.

      People have been, for the longest time, controlled and manipulated by societal leaders & figureheads of all kinds, indeed; and that still occurs regardless.
      Bread & Circuses. Via religion & dogma in particular, especially now that they’ve begun more fervently encroaching on geopolitical landscapes once again.
      In my view the best medicine for this is keeping an anti-dogmatic mindset, while supporting education, intellectual ideals, and [proverbial] social-warfare.

      I submit that the world at-large should not be required to Have to kneel, scrape, kowtow, and apologize profusely (Simpering, as it were, in the name of kindness & civility; Blunting & Softening the Truth by Refusing to Ever Be Blunt just to save someone their own feelings), for Someone Else Being Wrong about something, Solely Just for the sake of rendering that stubborn-minded individual (who likely has difficulty influencing their own emotional-states in positive, less-deluding, & less-biasing ways) More Understanding & More Accepting of the reality, with little chance of a significant or noticeable pay-off (least of all anytime soon). Whether or not it’s fully, partially, or even only-barely their own fault… I think what matters more is the end-result, irrelevant of who is or isn’t to blame. To me it’s better to have the ire & loathing of someone I brought to my ‘side of the fence’, than it is to stifle bluntness or honesty & simultaneously Look Weak just to have someone else’s gratitude that I don’t necessarily even want or need.

      And whether we want to classify them as Mentally-ill or not, is also a whole other bucket of potential worms on its own. I suppose I’ll avoid that rabbit-hole for now.

      A lot of these folks support (in their mind) a “Noble Lie” (which could be many possible things), irrespective of the truth, simply because promoting that lie still works to support & defend the rest of their ideals & beliefs; That is willful dishonesty and willful ignorance, things that Cannot merely be talked out of someone if they don’t already heavily respect you in all sincerity (the kind of respect that tends to take Years of a relation to build up). Even the most-effective methods of patient & kindhearted convincing that I’m aware of, like Street Epistemology, can only ever do so little with the average person in the first place… and can still fail pretty miserably in the face of the willful.

  3. It’s nice that already wealthy people are taking terrorist money. Shows how truly they love America. 🙄

    1. Have you ever been curious about what the mass arrests of Saudi princes in Saudi Arabia was about? I wonder what “terrorists” were arrested for corruption during the mass arrests…

    1. @Lorraine Kopp wow you really hurt my feelings. (Sarcasm… you’re welcome☺️)

    2. @C B “your mother” 😂🥳🕺 I made you that angry with basic facts… you are way too sensitive. Put your dad on the keyboard🤣

  4. Referring to one of his properties: “Forty Wall Street actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan…now it’s the tallest” Donald J Trump September 11 2001

    1. I remember when Trump had his construction crews go down to the site and help out with the clean up and recovery. I don’t recall any of you lying Democraps doing that.

  5. Part of the Saudi Kushner 2 billion dollar loan deal. “Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia” Eric Trump 2014

    1. @Debby Smith You’re right. Why should we have a president who’s son may have committed some crimes when we could have a president who we know for sure would sell the country down river for a dollar and think he made a great business deal. Better yet why can’t we just vote for neither dem. or republican party and just vote for a smart and honest president.

    2. Considering Trump and his kids were private citizens in 2014… I think it is safe to say it’s completely legal to do business where you so choose. Doesn’t mean anything nefarious.

  6. The PGA has a lifetime ban on any player playing in a LIV golf tourney. Now the PGA needs to give ALL tRump golf courses a permanent ban for hosting any PGA tournaments.

    1. @Kitty Katz the LIV Tour is a new professional golf tour in its first season that has been very controversial.

    2. @Kitty Katz LIV Golf is a professional golf tour financed by the Public Investment Fund, the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. The name LIV is a reference to the Roman numeral for 54, the score if every hole on a par-72 course were birdied and the number of holes to be played at LIV events.

    1. @In the name of Jesus Christ Anthony 1:10: Behold, Alas, Tony the Tiger told god “Tastes Great!” Thouest Frosted Flakes are henceforth divinely inspired and represent the ultimate universal truth for mankind and felines.

    2. @In the name of Jesus Christ quote Matthew 25:31-46. It’s my favorite one and it says people supporting Trump’s wall with suffer eternal punishment.

      Check it out.

  7. They should have the same type of friendly “protest” that Trump organised on Jan 6th at Trump’s golf course… Hopefully lots of hugs and kisses….

    1. 20,000 people show up at Mar a Lago on Jan 6 2023 to break in, pee and poop all over, beat his security guards in the head with fire extinguishers etc? No way! Who do you think we are? Republicans?

    2. @James Sadly, that wouldn’t hurt Trump. He would just sue and collect insurance $$. His business deals need to be boycotted.

    3. @James I think you are mistaking the 20,000 number for the NG troops he placed on alert prior to January 6th that was then left up to DC to request assistance from. But failed to do so until the damage was already done.

    1. I remember when Trump had his construction crews go down to the site and help out with the clean up and recovery. I don’t recall any of you lying Democraps doing that.

  8. What?! Trump choosing money over justice/people/principles? Who could’ve ever imagined!

  9. “We cant understand what hes doing..”
    Hes doing what hes been doing his whole life, only worrying about himself and NOONE else.
    Im not even american and its as clear as it can be.
    Im shocked you even voted him as president and after all what hes done to your coutry he somehow still has this HUGE support. As an outsider I have to question the mental sanity of the american people.
    I can guarantee you Im not the only one doing that, especially since 2016!

  10. These people…the “former guy”, etc., have sold their souls to the devil.
    Anyone, who values wealth and power, over integrity, is soulless.

  11. Wow! This young man could improve the political pool if he were to run for office. As it is with this very important issue, he is so very clear, concise and concrete in his communication of the truth in a completely non partisan manner; very easy to understand and support.

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