South Carolina Votes To Add Firing Squad To Execution Options | MSNBC

South Carolina lawmakers have voted to add the firing squad as an option for state executions due to the shortage of drugs used for lethal injections.

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    1. @Censorship Is real death penalty for insurrectionists. Old school. That’s my point, TR45H.

    2. @Sarah F 4.0 oh so death penalty just for one party ?
      Very authoritarian Hitler of you.
      You only want justice when it’s the opposing political party.
      Very two faced of you.

    3. @Sarah F 4.0 so I guess it’s ok to burn loot and destroy innocent people’s businesses and innocent lives that had nothing to do with anything if you don’t get your way. Or the verdict you want ?
      That’s ok to destroy innocent people’s lives ?

    4. So all that equality you idiots scream. Isn’t what you really want. You want authoritarian fascism.
      Justice for thee but me. That’s what you are saying

    5. @Censorship Is real <--2 week old tRoll account doesn't know the difference of the people protesting police oppression VS overthrowing the Govt....apples to oranges.

    1. @PK P so your saying that this administration isn’t blaming Trump for the border crisis ?
      They aren’t blaming Trump for the economy ?
      Hahahaha. Yeah ok.

    2. @Censorship Is real Republicans are still crying about Hillary and Obama. Over a decade and counting. Remember when some moron said Mexico would pay!

    3. @V wow Obama been out of office for a decade ?
      It only seems like four years. Time fly’s

  1. They’d probably like to just line up all 32 at once and git ER dun!👀🤦‍♀️🤬

    1. @Nesquik -There’s a difference between justice and revenge and killing someone for killing someone has to be one of the dumbest mindsets I’ve seen in my life time. But besides that fact, have you ever looked up how many people were executed that were innocent simply because other people had that same mindset?

    2. @Rebellc -Man, I hope they start with the insurrectionists then. And televise it too!!!

    3. @August Blue innocent or not, if I was to spend life in jail, I’d want to be executed. Spare me your philosophy lessons cause by the time they’re proven innocent they’re already old and wont be able to make a living.

  2. Rather than putting Law Enforcement or other public servants in the position of having to shoot people, they should make the Governor and all the Lawmakers be in the firing squad and if they want people murdered then they should do it

    1. They claim Christian for political reasons but they are not Christians and their attitudes are just like the Pharisees.

  3. I’m from south carolina and Henry McMaster is a protocol for the trumpty.he doesn’t have a mind of his own.

  4. Judging by the level of the politicians they elect, the average IQ levels of voters in the southern states has to be below zero.

  5. I thought we were trying to get rid of the death penalty? Guess they gotta take advantage of the fact they can legally use guns.

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