SpaceX rocket explodes minutes after successful landing 1

SpaceX rocket explodes minutes after successful landing


A prototype rocket developed by SpaceX exploded minutes after successfully landing.

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  1. I wouldn’t exactly call it a ‘successful’ landing.
    It looks like something came loose due to metal fatigue or heat, you could see it trembling and coming apart at the bottom,
    can we say ‘ Oop’s’ ? I know we can!

    1. SpaceX would be in serious trouble if these things started failing to “metal fatigue” while still practically new and needs to fly dozens of missions to break even with the per-mission cost of the space shuttle program before it got retired.

    2. I was just spit balling Dan (taking a guess) but it sure looked flimsy, either way they’ll try to figure it out.

    3. Check out the YouTuber Scott Manley for the best breakdown on this test. I have no affiliation, but he goes very in-depth if you’re interested.

    1. Yes luck!
      Successful experiment. The next set of Elon victims are ready to be launched soon and even higher.

    1. Not if the entire purpose of the flight is to see if you can hit the ground at the right spot, at a slow enough speed. That’s how experiments work

    2. @Scarecro I was refering to the youtube title more so than the engineering test objectives. That said, I’m certain their objective didn’t include an explosion even if it wasn’t explicitly written.

    3. @Michelle de Vries I think the landing itself was successful for what the test was trying to accomplish.

    4. @Justin Assing that was more than successful. They only gave it a 60% chance of landing i think. It was more about controlling it in the air than anything else. The actual landing system wasn’t even installed on that version.

  2. It was a fire at the end of the flight .I don’t think the fire will be a problem in Mars .

    1. Actually, it was done by the same crew that did the moon landing. This was a test run for when they do the Mars landing in 10 yrs time.

    1. The video title skipped the fact that it was only an experiment. They’ve now proven that the idea works. Now it’s time to learn and improve until they can do it rapidly, and repeatedly like Falcon 9.

  3. Explosions are a necessary step in spaceflight development. That’s why “rocket science” is the gold standard for “difficult”.

    1. @mdo686 Agreed. It’s a start though. While travel within space is a whole different conversation, we don’t currently have many other options for achieving escape velocity and leaving Earth’s gravity.

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