Speaker Nancy Pelosi: ‘What We’re Talking About Here Is Our Democracy’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi reflects on the life of Congressman John Lewis and discusses negotiating with the White House and Senate Republicans over the next round of coronavirus economic relief. Aired on 7/27/2020.
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Speaker Nancy Pelosi: ‘What We’re Talking About Here Is Our Democracy’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. How about helping out disabled people? Disability is not even poverty level help to begin with. Imagine living with disability on $875/month. They got no extra help…

    1. @ Maloy

      How so? You wanna pretend Hitler didn’t learn and twist what the Democrats did? That’s fine, but enjoy your tears when Trump wins

    2. @Selah Can you imagine if we spend as much $ as we spend on unnecessary wars as we spend on helping the poor, the hungry and our homeless?

    3. @T A I am disable too. I feel your pain. I worked 40 years of my life to contribute to this nation’s economy, and how they pay me? I am about to lose my house while CEOs millionaires enjoy the fruits of my hard labor.

    4. @ Zelda

      So would you want BIDEN to win??with his track record, it’ll be a wonder he even remembers his job at the White House. Like it or not, it’s between Joe or Trump

    1. The ‘chosen one’ isnt going away. He will declare the election was rigged, demand a recount and Barr will back him up.Then the courts will have to decide if foreign interference requires another election.The cycle will keep repeating itself until the ‘chosen one’ gets the election results he likes. sad but true.

  2. I’m with you Pelosi..!!Trump can put money in the pocket of people don’t need the help but to invest in stocks. Invest in the American people they are the ones that carry this economic.

    1. Dash rebuilt the military, – cut taxes – created the greatest economy pre-Covid. – cut Regulations
      -installed VA choice
      -creative space force
      -created the biggest drilling site in the world.
      -Brought together Russia and Saudi Arabia to cut back where it’s roughly $40 a barrel saving millions of jobs in the energy sector.

    2. Yes We do and the unemployment thing how dare they dangle a decent wage like cheese in front if a rat . OmG

  3. When you take that $1200.00 over 4 months that is only $300.00 per month which equals only $60.00 per week. Lets see how their families live on only $60.00 per week.

    1. With the cost of everything soaring, many of us on fixed incomes are making the hard choice between medicine and food. I can’t imagine the unemployed.

    2. Solution: everyone put on a mask and let’s go to work. Wash your hands. Earn your normal paychecks. The virus isn’t going anywhere. Fed up with it. Fed up completely. And who amongst us would like to be the experiment for a vaccine!? Not I. No intention of going anywhere near it for a few years to see how many of you grow a third eye from it. You really want to be begging the government for money and crying online because it isn’t enough. WAKE UP. They want you on the dole.

    3. @Anonymous one I would volunteer. after all, i’m low risk for the virus, and especially since vaccines are so safe.

  4. But it’s so much easier to just screw the working class! If we die off, whether it’s by the virus or by starvation, what’s the difference, mission accomplished!

    1. Then go and offer your services to citizens. Or do so from home — tutoring; music lessons; repairs; gardens; painting; car washes; window cleaning; dog walking; cooking. Don’t be a dependant victim. The data shows, this is officially a normal flu season, in my opinion, especially after the extra, invalid numbers are removed.

    2. Colleen,
      150,000 Americans do not die in a normal flu season. And numerous hospitals in Florida are running out of ICU beds. Many public health professionals believe another shutdown is the only way we will get control. Underestimating the virus got us into a horrible mess, it needs to be taken seriously.

    1. I think Pelosi is acting along. Good for her. In her mind, it might be “enjoy your elected president and your elected Republicans reps and Senate’s”. It’s hilarious!!!!


    1. @Rory Cannon, well, I was just to ask Genius A Krenwinkle why we even bother to have funerals, memorial services. It apparently doesn’t realize kind words are for those still here.

    2. And Trump said he won’t attend the funeral. No surprise there. At least he realizes that he’s also not welcomed there.

    3. A life well lived. Always fighting the good fight. then joining congress to continue to be a champion for all people. Thank you for everything you have done for American’s. You will always be remembered for the honourabl man you are. Thank you for your service.
      I’m sure. Jesus was there to welcomed you home.

    4. @Christine King Addressing the dead as if they were alive and hear you is beyond idiotic. If you want to address mourners, that’s different. It’s a photo finish between you and Rory who is dumber, but your explanation gives you the edge.

  6. Who is considered essential? Not the CEOs. Understanding the need to spend money on the essential people is beyond them.

    1. Edgeworld Pictures so you believe the 1% are somehow contributing less for the economy during a crisis than the average joe? Or is it that they are more comfortable during a crisis? If it’s the second then I’m with T.Clements😂

    2. L Nur, I don’t know who is considered essential workers for a lot of people, but I do know both my son’s are essential workers, one works at King Soopers with food and the other is an electrician putting in new electrical wiring in old buildings so new and old businesses can open. He also works at DIA updating the food courts, gift shops, and bathrooms etc. so the airport is ready to open. I imagine infrastructure is also an essential worker job. However, these CEO’s and politicians (Republicans) haven’t done anything for the people in so long, they’ve forgotten they work for us, and that we pay their salaries with our money we work hard for, and are taxed on. They are literally out of touch with needs of the people or just don’t care about representing us.

    3. Edgeworld Pictures – I don’t think so. The top is not only cleaning their yachts they are buying two more. The booming market is not benefiting the average American but it’s crazy good for the privileged few.

    1. If it does work, the Americans that need it would see it now. Don’t expect any GOP to pay it forward. Their stocks are hitting record highs.

    2. How is the heroes act any better, when the money goes to state and local government, teachers and government workers. Why not give the money directly to the people. This is literally the same exact thing as trickle down.

    3. The Republican politician and their wealthy counterparts are treating the poor and middle class work forse like a toilet and trickle down on us.

    4. ​@mike yeghiayan bruh. Not only will the funding to the government/teachers/workers be all put to use for services (delayed in the case of teachers), that money spent by the recipients then goes to the most productive areas of the economy. its best to have both tbh.

  7. I hope the Dems dont let up on that 600 plus up and find away to get more money for the people! and front line workers

  8. quiet frankly : I am in shock about neo-Gestapo -methods in merica Regards and good health from Europe.

    1. Almost all economists have said the same thing since Reagan admin when they started pushing that false idea.

  9. We will use his energy and embrace each other as there is nothing more important.
    Everyone needs faith now more than ever..

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