Speaker Trump? What Could Happen If GOP Retakes The Majority 1

Speaker Trump? What Could Happen If GOP Retakes The Majority


Democrats are already concerned they could end up losing majorities in both the House and Senate in 2022 and 2024. A.B. Stoddard and Cornell Belcher join to discuss what what could mean for Capitol Hill.
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    1. @S Thread That’s YOU! I respect that. But when others call Biden other names, will you say the same? There are many who respect Biden, as well, so I expect the same, otherwise, all bets are off.

    2. @Darcus Taylor Thanks – I respect Biden in the same way I would respect anyone who achieves the highest office in our land, regardless of political party. I do not know him personally. That said, I am not a fan of the socialistic policies he continues to support which have clearly led (seriously, I don’t know anyone who isn’t feeling the financial pinch right now) to soaring gas, food, lumber, etc. prices/shortages/inflation, our poorest relations with China and Russia, the unprecedented migrant surge at the southern border, a 766% murder increase in Portland due to Defund protests, etc. and ALL within his first 150 days in office. I also think it’s fairly obvious the president is in serious cognitive decline. Respectfully (and I’m genuinely curious), what were your personal issues with Trump’s presidency?

    1. @Tacit Tern
      I’m currently a 46Q in the Army National Guard. What was your MOS?

      I think most people aren’t even capable, willing, or able to understand domestic politics. Let alone geopolitics. No need to start freaking out the civvies.

    2. @Jane Doe
      I was an FMF Corpsman 2nd Battalion 1st Marines. Did one and done, due to family necessities. But i’ve found there are many ways of continuing service in the civilian world as well. I didn’t engage in that rediculous sophie’s choice vote for either Trump or Biden.

      I believe the normalizing of abnormalities is placing the U.S. on a bad trajectory. Presidents are supposed to decide upon which policies we move forward with…. not design them. That is for the house of Congress, isn’t it?
      ….at least Congress gives our Representatives a chance to voice concerns and consult academia, and debate.

      But each president seems to be taking more and more executive actions, and that is just plain unAmerican; because it denies the American people their representation via the house and Senate.

      I know my take on it doesn’t matter; but i feel like I have a vested interest, having put some skin in the game while serving in the military. What happened at the Capitol Building was just plain unAmerican; those rioters weren’t patriots, and their behavior was definitely that of misguided individuals…. who are clearly of touch with reality.

      The same mentality that led to those who stormed the Capitol Building and those who tore apart our country for 4 years, comes from the same place; the childish mentality of justifying one’s own behavior by pointing at the behavior of another….
      And a genuine sense of passion, paired with ignorance.

      Impropriety is impropriety, regardless of who does it. Rational adults have to be objective and refuse to allow nepotism to be used as an excuse of wrongdoing.

      No groups which uses violence to achieve political goals could be considered patriotic; If they truly were, they’d be trying to build our country up….. not tear it down. Democracy is a very vulnerable thing; and i highly recommend the books “On Tyranny” by Timothy Snyder; its a nice pocket guide to defending democratic institutions. And “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer covers how they can collapse if great care isn’t taken.

      These two books paired together are quite poignant and empowering to even the most average person. And we need to get back to having conversations with people whom we disagree or feel we have nothing in common with.

      I highly recommend people taking the time to watch the livestream of our own government on C-SPAN; to see and hear for one’s self, what’s said and done, without the spin or biases of MSM.
      ….Not to mention the daily transcripts are made available on the Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court websites.

      America isn’t some static state, fixed product; but a dynamic and ever evolving democracy…. because that’s what our constitution outlines for our republic.

      But we need better candidates in general. And an intentional renaissance of some sort to modernize and preserve the constitution with some contemporary scaffolding.

      That’s why I voted for Admiral Bill McRaven for POTUS, and Nobel Laureate & professor of American Development Economics, Dr. Michael Kremer for VP.
      …..And as long as bad practices such as Citizens United exists, untraceable funds will continue to flood our politics; allowing politicians to be knowingly or unwittingly party to foreign influence operations.

      Ps. Why aren’t candidates required to go through a preliminary TS security clearance screening/background check, prior to being allowed to campaign? I know my opinion doesn’t matter but Trump/Biden, and the ridiculous degree of celebrities suggested for the presidency isn’t the direction our country needs to go…. that’s just plain idiocracy.

      And anyone who identifies as a “party member” or anything else as opposed to being an American first and foremost; is a severely broken individual, and part of the problem.

    1. That ship sailed when the founding fathers thought it would be funny to poke in the soft spot of baby US

    1. @kpokpojiji That is not happening here in America. This stuff you see on the news and media is not happening in everyday America. Majority of us get a long just fine. If everyone turned the TV off, you wouldn’t know any of this was even going on.

    2. No, their world is broken and we the real American people are about to fix it… stay ARMED VIGILANT and PREPARED AMERICANS !!!! it’s coming faster than you think

    3. @Wayne Rogers DFW America can’t even get its infrastructure out of the19th and 20th century, and Republicans in general would be failing 6th grade earth science. America can hardly save itself.

  1. Payback is a bee-otch. Mslsd still trippin’. She said that he said she said, you know, the thing.
    Come on, man!

    1. Exactly and they have ZERO CLUE. Then we are going to see it REALLY get crazy. Ol’jimmy boy (the soyboy acosta) will lose his s**t as well the rest of the legacy media. You’re right – WHEN. But (and I wanna watch) WHO is going to tell o’biden?

    2. Alright boys…that’s the same attitude we had preceding the election…and somehow they came up with 80M votes.
      So get involved, check/clean the voter roles, find out who’s running the pole and who’s doing the counting…become an observer.
      Bottom line, it’s not in the bag.

    1. @Remington Baker Trump has no honor and was/is a national security risk. Clear and present danger.
      …. and he had nothing to do with the gas prices. Covid did most of that. What he did do was put tariffs on imported lumber, driving the costs of housing up. Tax cuts mainly for millionaires and corporations while the middle class is stuck with the exploding debt? Not very fiscally conservative, eh?
      Get educated, not deluded.

    2. @TheGhung Fu
      lol, diversion? You basically came back with an “I’m rubber you’re glue” defense. I say you’re sheep so you call Trump supporters cattle… are you 12?? And all the millions who died from the Corona virus because Trump was trying to expose the lab leak while Fauci is STILL trying to cover it up are directly responsible for their deaths just as much as the sick man of Asia, China. And just because I know you’re too stupid to figure it out I’m talking about you

  2. Jesus when are we going to start watching the news on these boomers dying from old age. Jesus christ can you finally start doing your job?

  3. Democrats change the rules, move the goal posts and just move on. You know why? Because America is full of cowards and will do nothing. McConnell is 100% proof.

  4. If Joe Biden shouldn’t change the size of the Supreme court, Mitch McConnell shouldn’t either.

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