1. Wifey, why you did not tell your story before? 😲 Not leaving a toxic relationship means the woman does not have anymore self-esteem, that she’s worthless, that she still thinks the partner will change? 😲

  2. Survived hiding under a tree much longer than another victims brother who was dressed for the weather. She must be poor deer and victim.

  3. She should rot is jail . She is no victim , all those who lost their lives are the victims .

  4. The lawyers should be allowed to compile a list of questions to be asked by a third party, she is a victim and the protection of her is warranted.

    1. She and her brother supplied the ammunition used in the killings.Her brother has plead guilty.She is no victim.

  5. so sad only if she had a Weapon that she could have fought back with then so many more lives could have been saved

  6. She didn’t know her husband had weapons and never knew he was prone to vileness? And she’s the victim? 😔

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